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Condemnation of President Salva Kiir Violation of IGAD-plus Compromise Peace Agreement

Kir Riek Majiok,

Members of East African Community...
Members of East African Community…

Dec 27, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —- The office of the SPLM/A-IO in Perth Western Australia (‘WA’) with its members, supporters and friends are profoundly appalled and dismayed by the 24 December 2015 presidential degree that unconstitutionally ‘dissolved’ the constitutionally recognised 10 states of South Sudan, and sought to replaced them with 28 ‘new states’ and 28 state governors.

The implementation of the signed peace agreement is paramount to unilateral creation of more states at this time. The ‘Christmas eve’ degree by President Salva Kiir, seriously violates core provisions of the compromise peace agreement, particular the provision on power sharing ratio which is based on the current 10 states, instead of 28 as agreed and signed by both Cde Dr Riek Machar and president Salva Kiir in August 2015.

We hold President Salva Kiir and his regime responsible and accountable for unnecessarily delaying the implementation of the peace agreement by putting new obstacles aimed at frustrating implementation with intend to cause possible collapse and continued suffering of South Sudanese under the current regime.

The office of the opposition’s chapter in Western Australia and its members and supporters, learned in disbelieved the flagrant violation of the peace deal and urged Salva Kiir to immediately rescind his 26 December 2015 degree unconditionally, in the interests of peace to end the unbearable agony of our vulnerable women and children. We urged President Salva Kiir and his regime to faithfully follow the spirit of peace and compromise, for the interests of all our people and country, as demonstrated by the SPLM/A-IO leadership advanced delegation presentation in Juba.

We appeal to the peace loving people of South Sudan to urgently take a lead in condemning and rejecting any unilateral violation of their hard earned peace agreement and demand for its full, unreserved and immediate implementation; as negotiated, agreed and signed in August 2015. Demand for immediate formation of the transitional government of national unity that exclude anti-peace elements and spoilers within Salva Kiir regime. We also urged South Sudanese and their good friends to urgently institute a Constitutional Court action seeking appropriate legal remedy.

We call upon the IGAD-Plus members, AU, and United Nations Security Council to exercise powers and influence in their disposals to bear on Salva Kiir and anti-peace elements within his regime in Juba to unconditionally rescind his degree and abide by the peace agreement. We call the Chairman of the African Union Commission Hon. Festus Mogae to exercise his expressed and implied powers as mandated in the peace agreement by overruling any unilateral decision that violate the terms of the peace agreement such as the recent 26 December 2015 degree.


Signed: Kir Riek Majiok

Kir Riek Majiok is the SPLM-IO Chapter in Perth, Western Australia, and can be reached at denislugor@yahoo.com.

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Beek December 28, 2015 at 3:07 am

The so-called SPLM-IO are going to supporter the same,that’s how politics about.They confused everything,but they vote for after all.

AMEN December 28, 2015 at 9:51 am

You Nuer rebels of riek machar you are still yet talking of 28 states while Taban Deng said in SSTV this evening that the creation of 28 states will NOT affect the implementation of the peace agreement. because it is away of taking town to people Taban Said.

Tolio December 28, 2015 at 12:17 pm

Asking President Kiir to call off 28 states and their governors is not in the interest of majority South Sudanese who want those 28 states for federalism which they have been demanding many decades ago from the governments of Sudan but was never granted to them. Now that South Sudan is an independent country with a government, that demand is exactly what President Kiir has fulfilled by creating 28 federal states and appointed every governor of those states according who the local population has recommended should lead them in their own state after community’consultation.

South Sudan has its government,constitution and judiciary. Though it is not up to standards similar to those that are found in Western countries, the incumbents such as the president and members of his cabinet have a mandate to act in the interest of their constituents. In this case, President Kiir and his cabinet ministers have delivered 28 federal states and their federal governors of people’s choices to about 99 per cent of the entire population of South Sudan that wanted federalism.

The power sharing ratio which the entire membership of the SPLM-IO and other minor political parties argue is violated through creation of 28 states and appointment of 28 governors is a false argument,because the power sharing ratio which was initially based on ten states increased from that number to 28 States.

Under original ten states, the oppositions get less but have more in 28. It simply means the SPLM-IO gets more states,more governors and many other positions to employ the rest of its membership team that might have no roles in the army, ministries or governorships but significant to the movement. This is impossible under ten states but plausible in 28 states. With 28 states, even Dr Riek Machar and his decision making team won’t have to think much about who to include or leave out in the portfolios, since there are enough positions available for most of their membership compare to few positions they were given under ten states’ deal.

Clearly, this is the best deal few oppositions could get in any nation, considering the fact that they are not incumbent and don’t have the mandate like the government which is responsible for many South Sudanese citizens under its direct influence,including services those citizens want delivered to them.

The power sharing ratio,though important to the SPLM-IO, it has no the same significance as 28 states created for federalism which has been a popular demand from many South Sudanese.

Telling President Kiir to relinquish 28 States and governors of those states is a double standard since the SPLM-IO has formed 21 states and appointed 21 governors. There is not much difference (7 is not a big fuzz) between those created by Kiir and Machar. The SPLM-IO has not rescinded from holding onto those states and governors. There is no information that it has abandoned them and no one has been calling the same SPLM-IO to bin its 21 states and governors. If 28 states are not okay for the SPLM-IO,then its 21 states are not all right for the government and majority of its citizens that have welcomed 28 states.

The 28 states and 28 governors neither violated/derailed peace nor are the going to stop implementation of peace.

There are no people against peace on the government’s side. The president and all the people behind him are committed to implement the peace. Only those who criticize the created 28 states and think they are a violation of the peace are the ones that should be held responsible if the peace collapses,not the President who is now treating the SPLM-IO team in Juba very well under his jurisdictions.

Beek December 28, 2015 at 3:24 pm

They will support the same if Riek is allow in. Politic is politic who confuse everything.

Lualdit December 29, 2015 at 10:53 am

What? did Taban say that the creation of 28 states will not derail peace? really?
The boldness that the Jaang government has it root on a weak leadership of Gatmachar. Look at his reaction to the implementation of 28 states. Instead of giving IGAD and international community a clear warning to pull out of peace talk, he give a weak condemnation. IGAD and international community will not take him serious and he doesn’t draw a line here. He should immediately recalled his team from Juba if IGAD and international community will remain silent about the whole fiasco. I am shock about their silent, but then I can’t blame them if Gatmachar will not threaten to pull of the peace implementation. This issue need a strong reaction. Not statement that cause even more confusion.

David Gai December 29, 2015 at 11:38 am

No, big no to violation of peace accord. The cries of SPLM-IO is heard all over. Peace is a big asset of development. Nobody will drill it back as SPLM-IO think. Peace was signed on 10 states with SPLM-IO to occupying greater Upper Nile states. Now if Dr.Riek come to Juba in January, he will deploy his governors, and SPLM-IO officers in current 10 states of greater Upper Nile, don’t worry, and stop crying.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 30, 2015 at 11:03 am

stupid tolio,

you usually go beyond when comparing the government of arian jenge with the other governments in the world. you must not mention any govenment system in the first world to be near to the one you use for committing attocities. Which government in the Western world you talk about? Australia, Canada, USA, Europe/Scandanavia? Even Bosnia or Serbia can not be compared with your government full of NEPOTISM, CORRUPTION, RAPPING, LAND GRABBING and all evil of any kind. Just take Uganda which is our neighbor, it has a good governing system.

Coming to the 28 states, it is just a name but without any improvement of basic services. tolio, you must understand the difference between calling for reforms and calling for posts without meaning. The president has put it very clearly that there is no enough money to maintain full offices of these 28 governors. This means it is the present scarce budget of the present 10 states which is going to be divided into 28 states. Do you get me right? This means the suffering of our people is going to increase. See now here in Juba, the cost of 100 kg of maize flour is almost 1000 SSP which is 50 USD. And there are people who earn 1000.2000 SSP. How do you think these citizens can maintain their houses. For you the jenge, there is no worry for you are the looters of the public money, but yet I believe some of you suffer but still gives support to the jenge looting government in the name of tribe,

so poor tolio, your present agenda of 28 states is not going to silent us who want to full reforms, no and never. And do not claim that the jenge are the ones who allowed the strong SPLA/M-IO to set foot in Juba, it was not your wish my poor bro tolio, it is forced on you just the same way you were forced to sign the peace in August and with tears in your eyes. Thanks to the international community which keeps an eye on you. This makes you to shiver, Festus Mogae is watching very close here in Juba, so behave mr poor boy tolio, beek and amen. One thing you need to know is this, the accountability is on the way and it will be followed by a court which for sure will send some of your jenge leaders into prison. I know you are submitting in a very funny way because you know that there is no any way out. You must give up my bro, it is time to support us who call for changes and massive reforms.

I see these days you are giving in that you love peace, a very good sign but you must denounce committing another attrocity in Juba. Lado Gore is coming and you know very well what he wants. We have decided to work for reforms.

tolio, you once mentioned Nelson Mandela in the history of jenge rule. Which I advise you it is a very big mistake you are doing because the jenge are the worst enemy of peace in South Sudan just like the white rule of South Africa during the time of Nelson’s struggle for freedom. See how the jenge use to arrest the former govenor Bakasoro? Can you explain how poor thinking you have? You could have realised that arresting Bakasoro many times will produce more Mandelas in South Sudan. As Mandela did not give up to the whilte rule, we will never give up to the jenge rule, note my words and ask me when the reforms are on place. My name is DINGIT NA TUGGÖ which means only time will explain.


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