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Open Letter to 1st Vice President of the Republic, Chairman and C-In-C of the SPLM/A-IO

The Incompetence of the SPLM-IO ‘Jonglei State Deputy Chairperson -Simon Hoth Duol Is Beyond Tolerant.

H.E. Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon (PhD)

Your Excellency;.

By Mak Banguot (MakJohnson),

Dr. Riek Machar Teny, First Vice President and the Chairman of the SPLM/A-IO during an IGAD submit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Photo Credit | Minasse Wondimu Hailu | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images.)
Dr. Riek Machar Teny, First Vice President and the Chairman of the SPLM/A-IO during an IGAD submit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Photo Credit | Minasse Wondimu Hailu | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images.)

July 14, 2021 — First of all, we the SPLM-IO movement ‘followers in Jonglei State would like to pass on our good wishes to you for the remarkable and diligent hard-work shown in the expedition of a workable peace to the people of South Sudan. We acknowledge that your comradeship is working tirelessly to attain the objective of SPLM-IO through any possible endeavour. Hopefully, all the pending outstanding phrases (Chapters of the R-ARCSS, 2018) which are still in negotiation, “Security Arrangements and Transitional Justice Arrangement” will be implemented as a matter of exigency.

Your Excellency! With this notice, we are hereby informing you that, Jonglei State ‘SPLM-IO political organization is in total leadership perplexity. Meanwhile, the SPLM-IO ‘Jonglei members would be relieved if your camaraderie considers an extra time to read and reflect on this particular call for a political action. The Movement (SPLM-IO) of the Jonglei State is in complete disarray due to ineffectiveness of the movement’s Deputy Chairperson, Cde Simon Hoth Duol Bol, who doubles as the Jonglei State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement. We need your action to save the movement from politically breaking up in Jonglei!

Your Excellency! How the SPLM-IO ‘political business in Jonglei is being politically messed up by such individuals have disheartened most of the concerns SPLM-IO ‘members in the area to the point that a new leadership restructuring is thought of to let the movement out of harm’s way. And, therefore, we resorted to taking in hand your comradeship so that, together with the SPLM-IO membership on the grounds, a solution that can spare the movement from politically subsiding in Jonglei is worked out. The greater Jonglei state which used to be the spinal column of SPLM-IO-Led revolution is to remain the movement’s stronghold if a proper political format is being devised. We the movement’s political supporters felt that it is uncalled for to politically vacate the moment’s throttle hold in this very crucial time. And, we agreed that, Jonglei state needs a leader who can use his/her political dexterity to successfully manage to meet the SPLM-IO movement’s organizational leadership challenges. There are men and women with political ability to improve the performance and efficiency of the SPLM-IO teams in the greater Jonglei area if Simon Hoth Duol is standing apart and replaced with any of the qualified members of the SPLM-IO. We the members of SPLM-IO movement in the greater Jonglei State have seen the lack of a sound political leadership and therefore impelled to write to your authority in an objective seek for a substitute. 

Your Excellency! Hence! For the SPLM-IO movement to politically triumph in Jonglei after the peace agreement, it needs your action now rather than later. And, the only means for vital remedy is by appointing an able man or a woman with political savoir-faire to take over the Jonglei State ‘SPLM-IO political affairs. We have well thought-out of the change that, it’s indispensable this time given the need for an urgent action to redeem the SPLM-IO’S greater Jonglei area ‘political leadership from complete relapse. Our reason for forwarding these compatriotic concerns to you about Comrade Simon Hoth political inability are as followed:

There is no communication within the SPLM-IO political leaderships on the State level, and with the grassroots populace. Lack of political communication from the SPLM-IO’s Jonglei ‘Deputy Chairperson is fatal and obviously frustrating the movement’s political acceptance amongst the people of Jonglei. The deficiency of a political mobility by Comrade Simon Hoth is averting him from an objective contact with the movement’s grassroots followers. Lack of purposeful political awareness rising amongst the greater Jonglei communities is partly because; the Deputy Chairman has obviously detached himself from the people and on the trot of only his own political conspiracy against the SPLM-IO.  

The SPLM-IO ‘Deputy chairperson’s political inefficiency led to a poor supporters ‘retention amongst the movement’s supporters on the ground.  It is causing the bulk of the young people  and elderly to be much less participants and productive than they would otherwise be toward the revolution. 

An absence of political contacts with the masses (Counties, Payams and Bumas) continues to deprive the revolutionary movement’s supporters from acquiring objective information about SPLM-IO’s political development. There is no information reaching masses through SPLM-IO ‘Jonglei political leadership. 

Nonexistence of the socio-political awareness (lack of political awareness) led to the populace standing apart in receipt of the news about what is really obtainable with the R-ARCSS ‘implementation processes in Juba.

Simon Hoth is lacking the sorts of classical political judgments, motivation and initiatives. This deficiency led him to frequently miscalculate out of a political negotiation the interests of the SPLM-IO movement. He doesn’t know who is an enemy or friends in the exercise of politics whilst representing the SPLM-IO political front in Jonglei. 

Lack of institutional means of communication is generally obliging most of the SPLM-IO ”supporters or of the movement’s followers from Jonglei State reducing their enthusiasm toward the mission of SPLM-IO movement and, we are losing many potential members of the movement. 

Your Excellency! We the SPLM-IO followers in Jonglei State are drained of this self-serve aspiring leader who only takes care of where his own breads are buttering. We are tired of a leader of ‘’my-way-or-the-highway mindset’’; a leader who only rationalizes poor or unethical conduct; a leader who has a meagre political communication. Here below are the major grievances that obliged us to call for an urgent substitution of Simon Hoth Duol. 

Contravened provisions of the SPLM-IO Basic Documents of 2015. Cde Simon Hoth Duol Bol indulged himself into activities which are inconsistent with the movement’s objective.

Lacks of political knowledge and dispensations to run a revolutionary political movement in such a complex environment and time.

He finds himself indoctrinated with toxic ideals detrimental to the SPLM/A-IO by rallying with enemies against the movement’s core mission. 

Simon Hoth does not have any regard for political opinions from his comrades in the movement even if those views are coming from senior members of the movement with extensive skills and experience then Hoth in the matter being discussed. 

Simon Hoth does not listen to any of his subordinates ‘opinion or valuing an input from whoever’s proactive within amongst his comrades in the movement. This is nakedly shown during his agitation of the Uror Community to endorse his own wife for the appointment to the Revitalize Transitional National Legislative Assembly which he (Hoth) forcefully robbed the public consent for his own wife (Hon. Nyanuba Chatiem) ‘‘appointment.

Simon Hoth whilst serving as minister in the state government through SPLM-IO ticket, he deviated from the movement’s objective and formed an alliance with three (3) senior members of SPLM-IG, who are also his colleagues in Jonglei State government, and colluded on plans to dismantle and impede the implementation of the R-ARCSS, 2018.

Simon Hoth held six (6) clandestine meetings with his allies on how to sabotage the Governor and subsequently the implementation of peace. For that very reason, he has been promised to be adequately rewarded after success of the scams; thus, he becomes the mouthpiece of the infamous group in all the meetings of the Council of Ministers.

Simon Hoth without consent of the SPLM-IO leadership members in Jonglei state, he banned the use of the SPLM IO political slogans such as, “VIVA”! Throughout Jonglei State, the use of the revolutionary slogans is being illegalized by this man’s decision. He disseminated the instruction to all over the state and regimented the county commissioners of the SPLM-IO controlled areas to execute the outlawing of the VIVA slogan at and during the public gathering or meeting including rallies in their counties. 

Smon Hoth disagreed with his comrades and, instead solved the problem within his leadership, he aloof and secluded himself from his comrades of SPLM-IO and went further sacked two (2) of the SPLM-IO officials working in his office and appointed an illiterate from his own nearest and dearest as Office Manager. 

Simon Hoth failed to form the SPLM-IO ‘Ministerial Caucus in Jonglei State despite all members proposing to him the need for its formation. Because he  possesses no SPLM-IO political agenda, instead, associates and colludes with senior members of SPLM-IG against advice of his colleagues; 

Simon Hoth has reduced himself to being a Bodyguard of Hon. Tuong Majok Deng, the Jonglei State Minister of Cabinet Affairs who is from SPLM-IG.  Fails to perform his duties as Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement. This is grave humiliation to SPLM-IO;

 Insubordinate Jonglei State Deputy SPLM-IO Chairperson and never heeds her call for meeting;

NOTE: In cognizant of the convenience of all that we have mentioned on this subject matter, we the SPLM-IO ‘Jonglei State political membership is proposing to your respective authority a coordinated action on the following steps to be taken:

Call for an extraordinary meeting with the greater Jonglei ‘SPLM-IO political leadership with consideration of those who are in the State capital-Bor.

The greater Jonglei ‘SPLM-IO youth groups from counties, state and central are to be consulted for the purpose of input on who to replace Simon Hoth.  

May God continue blessing you in abundances.

Viva Dr. Machar Viva!

Viva Splm/A-Io Viva!

Viva Jonglei State Viva!

The author, Mak Johnson, can be reached through email at  Makjohnson2005@yahoo.com/johnsonmak61@gmail.com,

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