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Nyamilepedia is a gigantic online South Sudanese and regional news, media and analyses managed by South Sudanese intellectuals, journalists and scholars in and outside the country for the benefit of the South Sudanese people all over the world. The media was launched in December 2013 to bridge a big gap in media that was created by the resumption of the conflict in the world’s newest nation, South Sudan.

Originally initiated as an e-portfolio for the founder and the current executive director, Deng Elijah, Nyamilepedia was promptly transformed into a news outlet to serve the needs of the South Sudanese people after the government, composed of the ruling faction of the SPLM under Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, curtails the freedom of expression with intent to decipher the information to suit the interests of the ruling elites without necessarily conveying the tangible information as perceived by the intellectuals and the international community.

This was meditated to defend and market government accounts of information after series of crises that dissent government popularity, and to curb the growing criticism of government policies as the nation descends into its first civil war in December 2013. Given the huge gap created by this censorship, Nyamielepedia convenes a huge traffic of viewers from many parts of the world.

Despite the background that necessitated its formation, Nyamilepedia diversely commemorates, acknowledges and balances views of everyone who seeks its services within and outside the country.


Managed by South Sudanese, who live in abundant freedoms in diverse, developed and developing countries, Nyamilepedia values fundamental freedoms, human rights, equality, justice, tranquility and rule of law. Found on these principles, Nyamilepedia ultimately encourages freedom of expressions, unity and diversity to resolve the current and future crises within South Sudan and beyond its borders. The founders envisioned a united society where each and every individual can creatively contribute to developments of themselves, communities and the world through reliable media and communication.


As a converging forum for South Sudanese elites at home and in diaspora, Nyamilepedia is determined to unite and reconcile the South Sudanese communities and friends around the globe through media and documentation. The site is established on a foundation that believes in empowerment through information, and therefore, hopes to disseminate diverse and constructive perspectives that will re-unite and reconcile the South Sudanese communities with spirit of nationalism and hopes to develop a prospering nation, where each and child can have equal opportunities.


Based on the above principles, Nyamilepedia gives both the government and communities equal opportunities to convey their utmost dreams and aspirations. It gives both the young intellectuals and scholars conducive environment to present and persuade friends, communities and government on fundamental issues affecting the country, their lives and lives of others.

While acting as a function that transforms and translates data and information for public consumption, Nyamilepedia’s long term goal is to provide an enabling media infrastructure for young and old, rich and poor, men and women, without discrimination and segregation of any kind. It is our utmost hope to build a society where everyone has not just a voice but also equal chances of expressing such voices and dreams.

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