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Nyacut and the Son’s longest tongues must be trimmed

By Andrew Machar Clement
Juba, South Sudan,
Eastern Lakes Governor, Rin Tueny Mabor left and Western Lakes State Governor, Abraham Makoi Bol(Credit: Mabor Riak)
Eastern Lakes Governor, Rin Tueny Mabor left and Western Lakes State Governor, Abraham Makoi Bol(Credit: Mabor Riak)

July 14, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– It is a dawn of truth. The truth hurts, but it creates lasting understanding. This is true for this case in question. NYACUT and the SON have the longest tongues that must be trimmed. They must acknowledge the importance of the old adage that “people who lives in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”. They are throwing stones too much and worse so in many directions without considering the fact that they are a public nuisance with engraved social dislike.

However, with a lot of culpabilities, the dubious member of the National Legislative Assembly projects herself as one such a great woman. A wife to ex thieving governor of Eastern Lakes state is so pompous that many at times believe that she was such a holy woman. She is even made greater by the adept lies of the son. A woman with no moral ground has climbed to the heights she never deserved or expected. Sham or shame? God knows.

Had it not been mercy of the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement through her experimental Electoral College, who would have honoured the promiscuous woman of her kind? She is known amongst her peers as Thoonjuec, or Ajueec Thoon, her seasoned nickname. Thoon in Dinka means bulls, and Juec, literally means a lot. She is sarcastically referred to as a heifer that mates with many bulls. This in reality means promiscuity as she slept with many men. Lo! She is a known kitchen-sink, a woman with indiscriminate quest for men. She is so heterogeneous in getting a soul mate. Once a “thighs” vendor.

Before She could be accepted as wife by the ex governor Rin Tueny Mabor, she was impregnated with the current first born son, Ater Nyacut by late Awewau Maker Gum. It is only after she was rejected by Ayen the mother to late Awewau Maker, Madit Maker and many others that she opted to look for the second option and that was the advent of her U-turn to Rin Tueny Mabor who was then a co-boyfriend before she became pregnant. She must regurgitate this fact.

As a consequence, Rin rejected her with her son from 1980s until recently in 2001 or nearly so when Pan Deng Dak overpowered him. Courtesy of the humble Akur Arok and Arok Athieng, the bastard now the pompous Ater Nyacut was raised. That is a fact Nyacut in her sound mind cannot deny and she will never seek for any DNA test in order to settle the dust. Those who knew Awewau Maker Gum can attest to his physique in comparison to the physique of Ater.

Shamelessly, in the late 1980s, she gave birth to another bastard, who was then called Macuony Nyacut, but now renamed Deng Rin Tueny sired by Maduot Bol Parek from Tonj. The boy was hidden in Australia but is now in Yirol. In fact the list of her many other side dishes is so long and most of them are notably respectable and would be spared here for that matter and if need be, a hint would be made.

A proficient gossiper of Nyacut’s caliber is hard to beat. Having handled herself promisciously from young age, dropping a man for the other, her skills in hounding men cannot be beaten. Therefore, she must remain as the all times encyclopedia of promiscuity. Her enthusiasm in knowing men, especially the loaded ones by those days standard is astronomical.

As a matter of fact, Rin Tueny Mabor had not shown any manly prowess especially on the social spheres. He has nothing to brag about. The only wife among his many wives that has a clean social background is Aluel Ayiei who was married with profound morality since she was gotten at her firm personality as a first hand lady. She deserves respect. Man Mabordit, you are the best. Although a little or no dowry was paid, it isn’t her fault since Rin Tueny was a poor man until recently when he opted to loot his own people.

In tandem with the rest, he has been picking one concubine after the other. On the other hand, his other wives are either second hand or tenth hand in case of Nyacut who had had a platoon of cohabiting friends. That is a fact that he can’t deny.

Essentially, Rin Tueny Mabor has no any ground to dispute this claim. If there is one such a ground, let him say, when was his marriage conducted? Where? All zero. Isn’t it?  It is worth noting that he had never conducted any credible marriage by Atuot standards and he has nothing to be proud of. That is another fact.

As well, he has filled his compound with step children notably, Ater Awewau Maker Gum of Nyacut from Pan Aduot of Kok section, Deng Rin of Ikuei from Bor, Deng Rin of Nyacut from Tonj and Nunu from Abyei. There are many others. If these great people can now move to their origins, would Ater be happy? Never put Rin at lost. Never put Yirol at lost.

At some point, NYACUT and the SON have no morals and they must ceased from gossiping and pomposity. More to come.

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