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Free Money and Free Milking in South Sudan for Smart Predators, Smart Advocates, And Smart Crocodiles:-

By South Sudan Kyilaya,

Global Witness: South Sudan government must cease oil deals for the interest of South Sudan people. Deals during conflicts only benefit the investors and influence wars(Photo: file)
Global Witness: South Sudan government must cease oil deals for the interest of South Sudan people. Deals during conflicts only benefit the investors and influence wars(Photo: file)

Oct 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— In South Sudan, particularly in Equatoria and non Dinka areas, government employees are having problems of not getting their salaries and they have no rights to demonstrate for their salaries. They already know the kinds of the worse consequences they will face if they strike. The only option for them is to stay calm and pretend that they love Salva Kiir’s regime 🙂 🙂 🙂

These South Sudanese people get breeze of self-expression when Riek Macar landed in Juba; they strike to get their salaries. Yes they get part of their salaries while Riek was in Juba. Now Riek Machar is no longer in Juba. The breeze of self-expression is ??? Now in absence of Riek Machar from Juba, Can Equatorians and the rest of Non-Dinka southerners feel safe to strike to make Salva Kiir’s regime give them their unpaid salaries??? Some of Salva Kiir’s regime members can say anything about this, but why not the whole southerners not to have salaries???. Where is the salary of those people? Is it their cow that did not deliver yet so that they can milk it? These are the people that John Kirby of State department of USA talked about saying many of whom continue to struggle just to survive and just as much want to see peace.

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Depriving those people from their daily foods are terrible and painful slow death war. That is a crime of forcing them to starve in the government controlled areas. The question is, is UN going to provide foods for them or no???

Salva Kiir’s regime has preference of giving money to elemnets of its regional and international supporters like Museveni and some law firms in USA

Sooner or later if not cancel, an extraordinary event will happen in South Sudan. Some members of Kenya parliament will be visiting Salva Kiir’s regime so as to silence peace and freedom from non-Dinka people of South Sudan. Whenever a bias situations emerge, some wises questions emerge as following:

Is there an airplane company going to transport those Kenyan members of parliament to South Sudan for free? Noo.

Are they going to pay for their transportation from their pockets? Noo.

Is Kenyan Parliament or government going to pay for their transportation? Noo.

Is UN going to pay for their transportation? Nooo.

Is Salva Kiir going to pay for their transportation? Yees, if visitation is not canceled.

Will they get some bribe for their services to Salva Kiir’s regime? Of course, they are going to be rich with some few dollars or some few millions dollars.

In Kenya Parliament, Will they do a good job for Salva Kiir’s regime? Not sure, because not all Parliament members will get that bribe.

What about salaries of Non-Dinka South Sudanese? Oh, it is clear that the regime is for Dinka and it is true to say there are Free Money and Free Milking in south Sudan for smart predators, smart advocates, or smart crocodiles.

Will Salva Kiir provide to his new friends from Kenya accommodation and full security protection which non-Dinka do not have? Of course yees, but they may not have free access to victims of Salva Kiir’s regime.

Is JMEC under leadership of Festus Mogae going to keep being speaker of Salva Kiir’s regime? The answer depends on the size of area they have, personalities they have and the pressure in their area. Anyway, any of them can flip just like Taban Deng.

Can people from other countries get rich from resources of South Sudan without giving services to people of South Sudan? Of course yees. It is just a matter of being Smart Predator, smart advocates, or smart crocodiles

Who are the smart predators? And give example? ……

Is Salva Kiir’s regime exporting restriction of freedom of journalist to some Countries? Yees, but Hilde Johnson is not easy.

Although Salaries are not a problem in Dinka areas, Salva Kiir’s regime need most of the foods of World Food Program (WFP) to be taken to their home areas in Dinka Lands where there are no wars. What a curse is that!

Looking from small window in Juba:

Musaveni: is running crazy providing aminations and manpower to Salva Kiir’s regime for civil war in South Sudan.

WFP: is busy gathering World resource to provide foods to victims of Salav Kiir’s war and non-victims of war in home areas of Salav Kiir and Paul Malong Awan. (What a shameless leadership).

Salva Kiir: is running crazy and confuse distributing South Sudanese Dollars as bribes to regime members and supporters and smart predators, smart advocates, and smart crocodiles.

UN: Toothlessly and loudly yelling; noo for war. But not sure if some gifts from Salva Kiir are bitten by chance by Ban Ki-moon or others, since Taban Deng mentioned in UN 71 General Assembly that there is gift from President Salva Kiir to Ban Ki-moon for the good job.

My condolence to all relatives and friends of Equatarians that recently get killed in Bahr Al Ghazal region.

For people in Lainya , be alert because you may get assault by Salva Kiir’s hands after the foods that WFP bless you with.

Speak for those who cannot speak (Proverb 31:8). To the end we go.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese Citizen. He can be reached at south_sudan1@yahoo.com

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