Press Release

BREAKING: Police Brigadier General and Director for Training Declares to Join SPLM/A-IO

By Brig. Gen. John Teat Kech Guandong

To: Hon. Minister

Ministry of Interior

Republic of South Sudan                                                             

July 12, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– I avail myself of this great opportunity writing to your esteemed office with regards to the above cited subject matter with effect from the 3rd of July, 2017. I, Police Brigadier John Teat Kech Guandong, the Former Director of C.I.D for Western Bhar el-Ghazal State do hereby declare that enough is enough to serve the people of South Sudan under corrupted leadership that is plunging the country into an abyss of violence and lawlessness in which the neighboring countries regarded the people of the South Sudan in this situation as the people of a country like a sort of house with books and papers lying everywhere because of this senseless violence of killing, torturing ,raping ,looting and burning innocent children and women to deaths that hardened the lives of our people in most parts of the country which led over thousands of people fled across the borders and seeking for refuge in those neighboring countries.     

Police Brigadier,  John Teat Kech Guandong, former Police Directorate for training...
Police Brigadier, John Teat Kech Guandong, former Police Directorate for training…

This completed breakdown in law and order in the country has become the main tool for Jieng Council of Elders to continue with this vicious circle of violence which kept Non-Dinka in the most appalling conditions in the UN Camps so that the failed government in Juba would probably go-ahead with the policy of division, injustice, hatred ,tyranny and using of power against their fellow citizens which organized by Jieng Council of Elders in association with the designed financial corruption practices throughout the country without seeing that the children who are the future leaders of this country are severely suffer from malnutrition caused by the scarcity of food as the direct effects resulted from mindless act of racial violence that left thousands of people destitute which has become a major problem in the country. On the other hand, one of the policies that causes disheartened, displeasure or resentment on the citizens in this situation of jungle is that the governors of states affected by the conflict because they resorted to cooperate with Jieng Council of Elders to pursue their agenda against silent majority people for one reason or another and view those who criticize their nepotism and corruption as the first enemies of the country.

As a matter of necessity to end the long-suffering of our people I have taken this decision to join brothers and sisters who have been made a gallant effort to crashandburn the dictatorial government operating without the rule of law which made a real mess-up in all government institutions, but this decision should never staggered all friends and colleagues that I broke out my silent for four years in Juba  to join this furious struggle that will bring sanity into our future generations because to achieve the objective of an egalitarian society in the country’s worsening political situation is a collective responsibility which requires a lot of enthusiasm, dedication and self-sacrifice from all People of South Sudan in order to have existing system of democratic government as all of us have seen that our people are in crazy situation where there is no fairness and justice in the hands of (JCE) and their collaborators who are presiding over a brutal regime of President Salva Kiir to destroy a vision of South Sudanese Societies who had lived in perfect harmony over the longest civil war that finally led the country towards the independent at the end of interim period .

The past war of Anaya (1) and Anaya (2) between the North and the South was not aim to create a state of tension between the two countries or deepen hatred between  the sons of one country  to stay differently against each other, with no doubt, South Sudanese fought together with one heart during liberation struggle and then continued to play a very important role in strengthening the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement to sign an agreement with the National Congress Party that led to independence on 9th of July, 2011 in which the Sudanese flag was brought down and the South Sudanese flag was raised to resolve the right of South Sudanese in order to have opportunity to take the towns to the people who have no access to the roads, water, hospitals, education, electricity and physical infrastructures so that they enjoy the fruits of their togetherness in longest journey of civil wars since 1955 to pacify marginalization whereby our people could have the decency to freedom of speech and freedom of thought which are both denied by the dictatorship in Juba that completely destroyed the happiness and peace of mind in the South with  developing  a dramatic turn of  hate relationship to brothers and sisters in Sudan who welcomed the happy event in neutral atmosphere so that South Sudanese should having a country of long life ambition  in respect to the happiness of thousands of people packed into the Nyanyo Stadium in Nairobi  to attend the last delivered a rousing speech by the Chairman of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement and Army , Dr John Garang De Mabior who demonstrated that  SPLM would be fully committed to deliver basic services to the people because the war is ended  which excited the faces of  South Sudanese with shouting at the occasion that signaled their appreciation to  H.E Omer     Al-Beshier, the President of Sudan for his indulgence towards our people in order to have a country that is now throwing into a state of political turmoil following a huge wave of massacre in all parts of the country by the government armies and militias .

Despite these facts, President Salva Kiir and his tribal elders  have found contrary to all our people expectations in the South Sudan by committing atrocities against the civilian populations in which thousands of people have left their devastated villages and fled to the forests instead of giving the chance to the different political parties in the Government of National Unity to proof their good intentions and promises towards their people .Furthermore, the acts of Jieng Council of Elders shocked the IGAD Heads of States and TRIOKA countries  whose representatives  made an effort to help the two warring parties to reach a peace agreement signed in Addis Ababa to end the conflict in the South Sudan so that the South Sudanese people should live in peace and have prosperous country where no one should go hungry;nevertheless, the country has been in a very poor economic state ever since the conflict erupted.  

It is very unfortunate that some individuals from Dinka tribe have been predicted to put the lives of all people in such miserable conditions for the purpose of running the country’s affairs like their family’s affairs where nobody is subjected to the rule of law as there is ongoing experiences of unknown gunmen to kill and loot properties of the citizens in the towns as well as along the roads without identifying those responsible for crimes and then bringing prosecutions against them .With tangible evidences the officers and soldiers who have assigned to patrol  all blocks in Juba at night usually take part in criminal activities because all of them come from Gogrial State of President Salva Kiir and Awiel State of Gen. Paul Malong Awan to obliterate such criminal activities like disappearance of many people engineered by Jieng Council of Elders who are specifically aimed to create Dinka States in the invaded lands of Non-Dinka to establish the Dinka State in South Sudan by calling a military alliance forces from the SPLA North, Justice & Equality Movement and other countries that provide direct military support because of shared interests which imposed economic hardship and frustrated life to the state’s workers to endure a four-five months without paying their salaries, this had not happen when Sudan was at war with the South , thereby the delaying of the salaries in the South at that time was not from Khartoum government, but it was  the planning from the same group who are now misleading President Salva Kiir to take advantages of their own people in every situation similar to what they did in the past in order to have a happy life again since there is political unrest in the country, though, they know the county’s financial situation is looking worse or the conditions in which their people are living in are in worse, they couldn’t care less .  

Obviously, all the country’s resources are being used up at great expenses to pay allied forces rather to manage them for development and the salaries of State’s workers besides, the ruthless opportunists who have been appointed in key positions to head the government institutions that are directly in the line of delivering the services to the people in the national level as well as the states level. I’m having doubt about President Salva Kiir maybe is not aware that ruthless opportunists are those who believe that to succeed in this World you have to be ruthless that is why  there has been an experience of alarming rise in the rate of inflation every where in South Sudan compared to other countries .

The Comprehensive Peace Agreement that gave the people in the South Sudan the right to vote for self-determination not aimed to achieve the interest of single tribe nor a group of individuals in the country but aimed to achieve the prosperity for all South Sudanese who have seen the living conditions of their children are  now subjected to suffering by notorious politicians whose political activities deteriorated the educational and economical situation of the whole country due to the lack of political will from government side because Jieng Council of Elders are vested with powers of the president by the president himself which has been worsen the situation by doing whatever they want to do in favour of their people, particularly, the Dinka of Bhar el-Ghazal States except those who oppose their disgraceful behaviours which are much concerned with policy of divide and rule that have provoked a public outcry in the country.

Nonetheless, all South Sudanese People in everywhere regardless of their tribes should stand firm to combat policy of division and discrimination among our people so that they come together on the common goal based on social reform, freedom, democracy, cooperation, justice and equality whereby the parties in  the government will use this opportunity to restore public confidence and a virtual reality of the unity among our various communities from the grass root despite this chronic hatred invented by Jieng Council of Elders for the creation of wealth which stipulated in their Development Plan,2015 that associated with the second attempt on the life of legitimated First Vice President Dr.Riek Macher Teny who  strongly advocates for the return of absolute peace in our beloved country through Government of National Unity that was ultimately dishonoured by President Salva Kiir and Gen. Paul Malong Awan in consultation with Jieng Council of Elders because they have realized that there is a furious demand for accountability by the people of South Sudan during the period .

The involvement of dishonest politicians like Ambrose Riny, Joshua Dau, Aldo Ajou and the rest of Jeing Council of Elders who developed triggered plan that spoiled the national interest is a dreadful mistake from the President Salva Kiir to misrule the country in the way that reverse the vision of historical struggle into the interest of one tribe which contradict the aspiration of our nation, simply because to stay in power. These wields enormous influence exerted on him by those elders which killed large numbers of people and left a trial of destruction over the most states in the country with the burning ambitions to rule the country of sixty-three tribes as per Dinka Culture. This is a really nasty trick on their daughters and sons to rule South Sudan for two hundred years by raising the theme under slogan Dinka shall Rise and Shine.

With regard to this situation, I have declared to join the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and Army in Opposition under leadership of Dr. Riek Macher Teny Dhurgon, who believes that all people are equally important and should have the same rights and opportunities in life. Henceforth, the countries that having interests in South Sudan after studied the definite weaknesses of leadership in the government should understand that what brought Isaac out of Egypt was the perseverance of Moses. Likewise Dr. Riek Macher Teny together with the rest of the leaders (men and women) who share the feeling of pain over the death and suffering of their fellow citizens will bring out South Sudan from devastated country of killings to the country of peace and prosperity that will not accommodate dishonest politicians rather than personalities with mercies that should be accountable to the public who elected them whatever stands on their ways like what was set to our Great leader Dr. John Garang De Mabior but God is looking for the people who will persevere this situation, and  nothing can take the place of persistence thereof.

Look at the story of Isaac in Genesis, Chapter 26:18-22, he was one of the greatest men in his days, but at the same time he was greatly opposed. In the midst of it all, God gave him rest but the secret of his success was persistence. He was never tired. In the face of opposition he kept taking steps forward. Nobody could stop him. Every time they opposed him, he went elsewhere to start off again.

Despite of all these challenges,the SPLA.IO under leadership of Dr.Riek Macher Teny will never stop to liberate South Sudanese People from brutal treatment which has led many people to fight for freedom because their lives are under harsh conditions in every form of treatment including the relatives of the Jieng Council of Elders who face starvation in their own states because no enough money to live on, which becomes general problem for all citizens but I believe that a comprehensive of lasting peace is the only way to solve this problem not a partial peace or a dialogue to confuse innocent people nor the confinement of a folk hero who can bring about reconciliation between our various communities for the interest of the country not for the interests of opportunists  who have often strongly supported this abysmal situation in the nation for their personal gains.

I had seen there are people who become slanderers by misleading to make a point of a slanderous accusation in television or on radio or at the funeral days that the aim of Dr. Riek Macher is a power struggle to blindfold many people who are surprisingly ignorance about the root cause of the conflict or who remained blissfully ignorant of the troubles that lay ahead of them, there is no escaping the fact that President Salva Kiir is incapable to lead the country because his leadership has been accused of obstructing the justice besides the nepotism and corruption. Nonetheless, all people have really understood a chicken and egg situation that made them suffer to survive without food and safe water in their own country.

Therefore, people of South Sudan will continue to stand behind the SPLM-IO Leadership to resist the tyranny of domesticity till President Salva Kiir step down in favour of peace as Mama Rebecca Nyadeng Garang said ,which the IGAD Heads of States and TRIOKA countries are supposed to listen her voice because his Presidency in the Republic of South Sudan with his tribal elders along with conspirators who are known of creating hostilities towards their citizens to look for their own comforts and advancements at the expense of others some years back in the states.I think this deal of conspiracy from the group to keep Dr. Riek Macher out of South Sudan will not help to stop slaughtering and disappearing of Non-Dinka. Indeed, it will be the worst to exaggerate the suffering of all South Sudanese People in general from the starvation, otherwise all opposition gallant forces will never tolerate that sort of behaviours in the Republic of South Sudan as the continuous supply of arms is still worsen the situation than expected before from the countries allied with the government.

The Police in South Sudan will take time to transform into professional police because of the tribalism and reinstatement of the big number from retired officers and NCOs who had served in Sudan before the CPA without identified the reasons behind their retired or terminated from the Police Service, most of them were from Dinka of Bhar el-Ghazal Region with very few from Upper Nile and Equatoria Region. Those in ranks of sergeant majors and 2nd Lt reinstated to the rank of Major whereas the ranks of 1st Lt and captain reinstated to the rank of Lt. Colonel, Colonels and Brigadiers and promoted to the ranks of Major General not later than one year with lobby employments to head the Directorates that provide most of the government’s revenues, therefore this crucial factor contributes to the failure of government to provide basic services to the people in the country wide. Another challenges is that the leadership in the police are unwilling to make the use of young officers (boys and girls) who were graduated from Sudan Police College to perform their duties inside the offices during twenty-four hours because all assignments distribute according to the power base which based on homeboys, In-laws, sons and daughters rather than experiences and understanding of the tasks to prepare the officers for success not failure in leadership, this situation leads officers who desire to develop a sense of tactically proficient in the police work dislike the police leadership in which some middle officers resigned from the police to work as Attorney Generals, Public Prosecutors and Lawyers whereas junior officers take advantage of this situation coming to sign attendance and rush out during working hours to work as sellers of vehicles and dollars in the markets ,thus the badness of leadership has been experienced started from General Head Quarters of the Police down to all branches of Directorates and the State Police with  claiming that there are more police officers while there is no accurate statistic or hierarchical organization in which every ones status is clearly defined in order to know exactly whether there is over employment in all various police units.

The least but one, the system in South Sudan Police Service falls apart because of a lack of supervision and administrative inspection to check that every thing is done correctly and legally that is why the police present are valueless in our societies because there has been no police charged with perverting the course of justice by fabricating evidence in the trial even the police suspected in killing of innocent civilians in July, 2016 incident have not been arrested. Yet, police are the government official organization that responsible for protecting people and property, making people obey the law, finding out about and solving crime, and catching people who have committed a crime, therefore, no police should  involve in politic according to the Police Code of Conduct but for the obvious reasons police are Para military in South Sudan, then it stands for the reason that there is a need to reform South Sudan National Police Service besides the other Regular Forces which fall under Ministry of Interior so that this complete breakdown of law and order will not repeat itself .

The period of Former Inspector General of South Sudan National Police Service Gen. Achuil Tito Madut was remarkable achievements beyond description for three years but what he did in his incubation period as Acting Minister of Interior and Wild Life Conservation that lasted for (30-45) days has seriously diminished him in many people’s eyes and reminded all about his previous written document that people were talked about which was circulated in 2006; afterwards this brings back to the minds of people the gone case was secretly planed against the Nuer and Dinka Bor. But it was not clear whether he faced dilemma of disobeying his tribal elders who nominated him to the Post of Acting Minister or he has a bit of a dilettante as far as tribalism or shared interest is concerned, but by passed the Police Service Act and Regulations in doing that, a series of scandals had severely tarnished his president’s image or reputation.

With all due respect, Honorable Minister  I will never and can never be used like foolish person or blissful ignorance for the personal interest to contribute and inherited this genetic humiliation and marginalization to future generations, otherwise the twelve fundamental steps stipulated in the attached document that are designed in absurd manner will mark the end of Jieng Council of Elders to rule South Sudan and thus, will open a new chapter for all South Sudanese People to live in peaceful co-existence and rule their own country by parties not by tribal elders because South Sudan is the country of ‘’Multi-Ethnic Society ‘that can not be rule by the group from one tribe with the concept of majority or group from one region rather than nationalist from various regions or states in the country that will never think to waste the country’s resources on weapons of mass destruction to kill the orphan whose father fought against marginalization all his life and died a martyr  to the cause of this country.


Signed: ——————————————–

Police Brigadier. John Teat Kech Guandong

Director for Training

General Directorate of Traffic Police

South Sudan National Police Service

CC: President of the Republic of South Sudan and Supreme Commander of all the Regular Forces

CC: Chairman of the SPLM andC-in – C ofthe SPLA -in-Opposition.

CC:  Honorable Members–South Sudan National Legislative Assembly

CC: IGP for South Sudan National Police Service

CC: D /IGPfor South Sudan National Police Service

CC: A/IGP for General Administration and Finance.

CC: A/IGP for Traffic Police

CC: A/IGP for C.I.D.

CC: A/IGP for Operations

CC: A/IGP forTraining.

CC: Directors General.

CC: Police State Commissioners

CC: Police Men and Women of South Sudan National Police Service.

CC: All gallant Men and Women  of the SPLA-IO Forces

CC: The Public


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GatNor July 12, 2017 at 11:35 pm

I think camjiec Nueri and those defecting from the tribal and genocidal Jaang Kume should start their dialogue with the freedom fighters by apologizing to the souls of already dead South Sudanese by admitting their negative role that might have directly and indirectly ended so many lives and will probably continue to end so many. The war is nearly over though peace is not anywhere near there is no welcoming, there is no male with these double agent killers.


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