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SPLM Power Sharing Should Include Non-SPLM, Civil Institutions, Youth, Women, And Professional People Nationwide

By Dhoal Larjin,

Dhoal Largin, the author ...
Dhoal Largin, the author …

Jan 09, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- It is a definite progress for SPLM leaders to think of cutting power with their members, but it would sound great if they share the power with all people across the county. They should think big of equal and fair representation of the population in South Sudan. I am urging SPLM leaders to include sharing of power to non- SPLM members, women, youth, and civil institutions. There are not any fair system in the county because SPLM uses chaotic situations to divert opportunities to members. There are professionals and non-government organizations who have been left out and not be considered in power sharing.

I am proposing another fair deal that GRSS should offer six national ministers, and SPLM-IO should give out four representatives. These add to ten national positions that would go to people who did not get any shared like my party from across the state. My political party as the SPLM-IO2, FDP, youth, women, and other civil institutions have not gotten anything from the power-sharing. We have the rights of representation in the country. We know how SPLM politics works. SPLM leaders implement what do not work for the population and the country as a whole. They will end up struggling for power at the end of the day. It is about power. The recent allocation and appointment of ministerial positions is wrong because it is the SPLM members who are coming back to their same positions. All the power sharing have gone back to the SPLM members that mean they will mess up the country again. If they are honest leaders, they would have change the makeup of the power sharing to reflect the diversity of all South Sudanese.

SPLM members have taken all the ministerial positions, but it does not makeup even ten percentage of South Sudan. SPLM is a group of individuals not all South Sudanese people. It is a small group composes of former commanders who were fighting the civil war. They even forget soldiers who fought the civil war along with them. They are now focusing on developing their families using government power and public resources. They consist of their relatives and close families and their clan. They are the marginalizing elements for majority of our people. I am calling the South Sudanese people to wake up and be active on your rights. SPLM members are misusing the government power, and they are likely to do the same. That means there would be more corruption that will prevent people from reaching development in their local states. I am calling all people and the international communities to segment the power sharing for all.

SPLM is a small group of individuals who use power and resource of the country to victimize the civil population. They want the power to intimate people and use resources to buy votes for their leaders. It should be avoided because it encourages the continuation of corruption across the country. SPLM members with GRSS have so far guarantee sixteen ministers while SPLM IO has secured and appointed of ten ministers. We are all being left out, and the diversity of our county is a limit to SPLM. They are naming the same people who were in the GRSS before the split and the civil war. We need a change that addresses equality and fair representation on the power sharing. We want the change that value the country and people for justice. We want the power that put country first and everything else like the parties, and the people should come the last. I think recognition of the mess from each leader can help the country to move forward because they are the one who create the civil war in the country. Everyone need to repent and reconcile. I call on the people of the South Sudan to say no to SPLM appointed ministers because they will drag us back to war against our country. They have been destroying the country. I am urging the international communities to appeal to SPLM leaders to include the general people of South Sudan in the power sharing.


The selection of the ministerial should be based on merit, not parties. My observation is that ministers who come through individuals do not have the knowledge to reform and develop the country because they focus on their political loyalists. I have to give a big credit to SPLM leaders because they realize that they are killing people and their country, but an apology can mean a lot when it is put in the practice. SPLM leaders can make an excuse, but they cannot fix their mistakes. On behalf of the SPLM, Salva Kiir apologizes for killing the Nuer civilians and drag in the civil war of 2013. Taban Deng Gai says that it is better to hand over the power to our young people. Deng Alor Kuol suggests that SPLM should focus on the implementation of the peace agreement. Riek Macher and Nydeng Garang did not participate in the SPLM convention. Lam Akol feels it is the time to change the name of his party from SPLM-DC to DC because he wants to distance himself from the SPLM. He thinks SPLM is for the Sudanese people. They are just words, but we have much to change. I am calling the SPLM leaders to put the country first and their interest the last so that we can grow as a nation state. They fix their mistakes and to consider all the South Sudan people in the power in the country.

I believe an inclusive power sharing to all South Sudanese will make our country looks great and more diverse country. Thanks and stay up for your rights.

Dhoal Larjin is a leader of SPLM-IO (II) and can be reached through dtuolual@gmail.com

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Beek January 9, 2016 at 9:28 am

That is a good idea and the best of it kind. I am a non SPLM’s member nor an political party in South Sudan. I don’t like them.


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