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State Organs Being Misused To Fight Personal Enemies

By Andrew Machar Clement
Juba South, Sudan,
South Sudan's President Salva Kiir decorates newly appointed army chief General James Ajongo during his swearing-in ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Juba, South Sudan, May 10, 2017(Photo: file)
South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir decorates newly appointed army chief General James Ajongo during his swearing-in ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Juba, South Sudan, May 10, 2017(Photo: file)

July 12, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– It is crystal clear that protection officers belonging to Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor are on a discharge of unauthorised mission. In the recent weeks, they have been terrorising people they deem as critics of their boss. They did it on many occasions.

The group headed by one National Security Officer, Lieutenant Mabut Awuouyier has curved powers for itself and is on a deliberate mission to harm many of the people they perceived as critics of their boss. Other members of the group are Marek Maker, Achol De Panyang, Acakyang, Wuduut Kachuol or call him Miethiang the commander of the then torture chamber or Baburzeed and Mabor Gurke amongst many others. The logic behind this group’s operation isn’t known but their activities are visible.

They recently attacked one Bol Agau, they are planning to orchestrate another attack on Sunday de John and they are waiting to harm Zindiah Battalion Makum Gum should he reach Juba as clearly articulated by Mabut Awuouyier in a comment section of his timeline in his recent haggle with the gentlemen in question.

Other victims mentioned that should be dealt with are the likes of Gad Makur Abraham Majak and myself the most wanted Andrew Machar Clement. The members of this group move with pistols and use them to subdue their victims and beat them like burkenge. That is one of the operating groups in the name of Rin Tueny Mabor.

Other groups are the lobbyists-cum-gossipers for either the gubernatorial seat or Chief of the National Security, this group is headed by Monica Nyacut Arok who recently went on to harm one young Achol Aguek through her poisonous tongue as she confessed vermits and all sorts of dirt in the name of a young lady she could call a daughter if Nyacut does accept the responsibility of being a mother of grown up sons and daughters and in adherence to her fake political colour of representing women of Yirol. The other group is made up of young men, renowned gossippers. They gossip in town, they are expertise in diminishing the reputation of other Yirol politicians. The last group is made up of saboteurs. Meant to sabotage and keep restless the able leadership of Bor Wutchok Bor. The saboteurs are already at work.

These groups are authorised by Ater the SON and the supervisor is Nyacut the MOTHER. They are characteristically sightless. Their actions do not reflect most of Rin’s visions. Rin to admit is not a gossiper. Such ulterior motives are from the SON who is said to be the heir of the perceived throne. That is why his efforts and that of his mother are geared towards winning the trust of Rin. He is rumoured reliably not to be a real son, the mother revealed in her recent plead in a place and to somebody that should remain conceal until at the time deemed appropriate.

Such joint operations are discrediting Rin Tueny Mabor. As long as they continue to operate, other truth seekers and I Machar Clement, Gad Nya Neene ta Bum Looch will continue to counter the group with pure facts based on material evidence.

Looking elsewhere for Andrew Machar Clement when I truly exist is being troublesome. Those creating commotion outside in search for me are dreadfully trying to hurt others. They are sharpening me. I am ever at home, much more closer to Nyacut Arokdit but that doesn’t stop me from seeking for truth and bare it to my people. Calling me a mercenary is a futile trial to turn me away. I am fighting a genuine fight. Yirol must be peaceful. This will be possible if these groups are to abandon their knavish operations.

My recent comparison of Rin Tueny Mabor and Bor Wutchok Bor has been referred to as whole piece of shit by few hollow minds, what they must know is that, Andrew Machar Clement is a son of South Sudan that is sensitive to lies and would always back up the truth he alleges with evidence. Documented evidence. Mabut Awuouyier and his team must cease from threatening every Rin Tueny Mabor’s nemesis.

Adversaries are silenced not through barrels of guns, rather through policies. Those that have no policies use guns to intimidate others. The free to kill days have gone. Now you can kill somebody and face the consequences. Mabut must first consult with Diardit Bol Dak the master killer. The consultant will blatantly tell him that it is sweet to please one’s by taking the life of his opponent but it becomes bitter when one is left to face the consequences singlehandedly.

The team should get my free advise now, allow Rin to rest in his house to enjoy his lavish wealth that he has looted from people of Yirol. He has already acquired wealth in many forms. He has cows, money, fleet of cars, goats, tractors, lands and many other resources. A man who was once poor, who failed to pay for a dowry even for a single of his many wives now bags a significant portion of Yirol’s wealth as he acquired it dubiously.

The notion is, I do not want to celebrate the thief, that would be less African. Salute you my dear people. Many pieces shall follow in pursuit of shaping our maimed society Ater Nyacut must accept.

The author can be reached at johnsonflylikeabird@gmail.com

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