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“Those who denied freedom to others, they do not deserve it not for themselves” Abraham Lincoln.

By Prof. Amb. David de Chand,

Professor, Ambassador David de Chan (right) with colleagues during a past meeting(Photo: file)
Professor, Ambassador David de Chan (right) with colleagues during a past meeting(Photo: file)

July 12, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——– In Thok Nath (Nuer language) “Niey ti peinyke ciang migoa ka neiy ti koh kein, ci kein e gor ba en ho bi ke tee ciang migoa ba ka kendial”


The ongoing war in South Sudan was perpetrated by Dinka Bor leaders in the government in Juba who have been boosting anti-Nuer sentimentalism, expressed asphyxiated dirty comments, and racial epithets or slurs against the Nuer rising power elite. It was a commonplace to hear or to echo in the bars, hotel lobbyists, cafes, restaurants, and pups in the streets of Juba for the young Dinka Bor leaders talked, issued threats, talked about fighting the Nuer nation and its resilient people to avenge the 1991 Bor incident that was firstly started by them by massacring innocent civilians’ population in Ayod District in the aftermath of the split on 28 August 1991. They would sarcastically, openly, and directly told the Nuer youth that things would not be like they were in 1991. What really changed or happened? The Nuer ignored them, paid no attention to the Dinka Bor madness and went on doing their own businesses as usual and never gave a damn to such warlike warnings serious consideration or a thought about Dinka Bor power elites to influence the President to attack the Nuer nationality in every estate in Juba priori to undertaking its outcome in the Mid-December 2013. Finally, they failed and they were scattered again and now living in the swamps in “Alyiab” across west bank of the White Nile and they should reckon that would be their new permanent homestead for good or the New Dinka Bor West Bank or Gaza Strip. Surely, there would be more migration eastwards.

The President trained his own Twic Dinka Militias for this specific purpose to fight the Nuer to avenge the 1991 Bor incident in order to maintain and to consolidate Jieng (Dinka) unity, which means (slave) in Nuer language. Of course, this war surpassed the 1991 Bor incident; because it turned out that it created a total fear amongst of all the Dinka tribesmen and power elites unbeatable and undefeatable against the Nuer indestructible and unbeatable Nuer’s fire power. Kuol Manyang, the defense minister was given orders to make Uganda Air Force to bomb and to drop large sorties against the Nuer fighters with the internationally banned weapon of mass destruction (WMD) such as Napalm bombs, Cluster bombs, White Phosphorous bombs, biochemical weapons, and Uranium depleted bullets, which did not make any impact on the Nuer fighters.

The 51-Day War in Bor under the command of Lt.- General Peter Gadet Yaka, have taught both the Dinka, Ugandan, and other foreign troopers under Uganda flag, including Sudan rebel Movements (JEM, SRF, and SPLA-N) the most unforgettable and regrettable lessons in fighting the ferociously Nuer soldiers and the Nuer White Army (NWA). The foreign forces that fought with the Dinka, including the Black Water, all of them became Dinka, including their weapons and equipment. Therefore, the root causes of the war was a preplanned strategy to genocide the Nuer ethnicity by the Dinka Bor in collision with President Salva Kiir’s private Twic Dinka Militias’ against the Nuer ethnicity similar to the 1994 Rwanda Genocide perpetrated by the Hutu’s against the Tutsi. Surely, the Dinka Bor should bear the brunt of this war because they have been responsible for the entire epic or episode of the war. We will forgive, but will not forget the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide. Every Dinka Bor person should remember what they have done, which they ought not to have against the great Nuer nation and resilient people.

Before I could jot down any words, I would like to say how delightful I am that all the hateful, racists, racism and xenophobia, and entrenched ethnocentric agenda generated by Dinka Bor against the Nuer majority begun under the auspices of the adored and iconize leader Muwlana Abel Alier retrospect to the defunct 1972Addis Ababa Accord up to now perpetrated against the Nuer nation and its resilient people have come to surface or occurred whilst Muwlana Abel Alier still remains alive and well. Muwlana Abel Alier was the first to have kept the power elite at bay in the Southern Sudan Regional Government (SSRG) in the post-defunct 1972 Addis-Ababa Accord, refused to place the State Capital in Ayod as its rightful place in Sudan’s Archives, and transferred it illegally to Bor that’s a pretty swampy and filthy area that is no good for nothing at all, except for the Dinka ugly long horns cattle and the Guinea Worms. When the war resumed or started in 1983, it was he (Abel) who dispatched the late John Garang to go and to conspire against the Nuer leadership. The late Garang became a confessed “Red Communist” under the wing of Colonel Mengistu Hale Mariam. He connived and swiftly murdered the late Colonel Samuel Gai Tut abated by Colonel Mengestiu’s Dreg regime. The Nuer leaders with patience and grace retrained the Nuer populace from fueling uprising for the good of the revolution and that our time has not yet come and it will surely come.

Without the shadow of a doubt, that the late John Garang was the one that engineered or manufactured anti-Nuerism sentimentalism similar to anti-Semitism worldwide. They properly propagated to the other nationalities that the Nuer was bad people; therefore, they should be kept at bay. This policy has been also utilized by Bona Malwal and Salva Kiir, but it did not augment either well to hold even a pint of gourd of water or a pint of water.

It has to be stated loud and clear that since the beginning of this ongoing war, the Dinka today has become the most hated nationality amongst all the sixty-four (64) nationalities throughout South Sudan because of the genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing that they have done, which they ought not to have done. Since every Nuer is aware now that prime Nuer’s archenemy is the Dinka, we will truly and surely suck it to them no matter where they would be found- they would have to pay the consequences of their actions.

We hope that he (Abel Alier) would experience and feel with great delight and grace how to smell and how to see for himself at the end of this monstrous years of hatred, entrenched ethnocentrism, racism, racialism and xenophobia, apartheid, and defections not only to the Nuer majority and potentially the richest folks with abundant natural resources oil, gas, uranium-235, gold, huge hectares of fertile agricultural lands, including other strategic crucial and critical strategic minerals in greater demands in the international marketplace. Reckoning, that the Dinka soldiers and its Twic Special Militias have begun defecting to Bahr-el-Ghazal from the battlefronts in the Grater Upper Nile, it’s indicative that they have been exhausted and that they foresaw the shadow of mirage as prelude to defeat moving towards their way and, thus, they reckoned that this time around there would be no mercy from the ferociously fighting Nuers for the things they have done, which they ought to have done. Most importantly, the split between General Paul Malong Awan and Salva Kiir, which led to the General Malong Awan to be fired or to be sacked, has created a serious internal wedge, an impact or a rift amongst the Dinka. Presently, they are fighting amongst themselves in Rumbek, Warrap, and Aweil. The pockets of Dinka migrants in Northern Upper Nile and in around Sobat River and Fangak areas have now realized deep concerns on their future with Shilluk and he Nuer majority because they joined the war as Dinka’s patriots and killed the Shilluk and the Nuer majority who are always heir protectors. They made their choice by joining the van wagon of the war for the promotion of the imaginary Dinka or Monjiengism supremacy that utters that South Sudan belongs to the Dinka solo.


Fact, the Nuer and the Dinka are the two largest ethnicities in South Sudan and without them or the absence of one of them in the system there would be no South Sudan. Even if all the minorities were to unite against the Nuer and the Dinka as an already conceptualized policy advanced by Dr. Lam Akol and the Equatorian intelligentsia intellectuals, hey would not make, unfortunately. Another argument of science of stupid that goes on around that the Dinka and he Nuer have destroyed the country has awfully ridiculous, unaccounted for, a general statement that has been baseless, groundless, incredulous without any substance o corroborate the preceded statement. If we all South Sudanese would like to make such ridiculous and unsubstantiated arguments, it would, therefore, it would be appropriate to say that we all have destroyed South Sudan as an emerging youngest state in Africa. As I see it, it would be appropriate to say that we have all killed each other and we have no angels amongst us all. Henceforth, the blames on all the events should not be lumped on the Nuer and the two largest ethnicities and the pillars of the state.

In the democratic process worldwide, it’s often the majority rule with minority rights protected and there would be no reverse to this order. Nevertheless, for all those people that make general statements without substances to corroborate to substantiate such concerns, I would be obliged to tell them to hold their breath until we defeat the dictatorial, oligarchic, autocratic, ethnocentric (tribal), and genocidal regime in Juba. We can rest assured that all people would be fully represented and participated in the next government and the future governments in South Sudan. We would not tolerate anything called a Nuer-Dinka predominated government. Rather, we would form a Consi5utional Form Government of the people, by the people, and of the people government based on the Constitutional Form of Government with established institutions of sustainable governance and democracy. Hitherto, all South Sudanese should be equal before the law of the land and there could be no individual person to be denied his/her basic fundamental rights. We believe that those who deny freedom to others, they do not deserve it not for themselves. I could not agree with AB Lincoln who made such a statement many years ago in the United States of America. The preceded statement was made by Abraham Lincoln many years ago and still remains the same for all civilized human societies today.

Specifically, for those who underestimate the Nuer-Dinka power struggle it’s as simple as it can be. The Dinka feel haughty, arrogant; have lust for power, money, and control of the destinies of others in South Sudan; the most wicked; and remorseful less humankind with abnegated sophisticated sociopolitical and anthropological pride that make them to assume that “They (Jieng) are born to rule and not to be ruled”, that “They (Jieng) have been the Chosen people” by whom and for what remains a myth to be demythologized.

The Nuer having possessed the oldest form of traditional democracy; federal system; equalitarianism; communalism; kinship; and the quasi homegrown Nuer socialism otherwise known as “Kondial” (together) similar to Harmbee in Kiswahili in East Africa and beyond. The Nuer wanted South Sudan belongs to all South Sudanese as opposed to the Dinka autocratic, dictatorial and the ultraconservative political agenda that South Sudan belongs solely to the Dinka, that the Nuer should be kept at bay because they wanted to destroy the state, and that they should continue to be kept at bay as propagated by Bona Malwal. Naturally, if Bona Malwal was a free thinker and recognizes freedom for others that he does not deserves it not for himself, he should realize that without the Nuer fighters and the big sacrifices that they have successfully achieved in the war and in the peacemaking, there would have been no country called South Sudan that has been now destroyed before every South Sudanese veteran, child and woman by the Dinka lacks of leadership, sustainable governance, established democratic institutions and establishments to propel the state forward, absolute corruption of the third kind that surpasses Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda combined, embezzlements, self-aggrandizements, and entrenched ethnocentrism (tribalism) as one of the greatest tropical epidemic diseases in Africa. We should feel glad that the Dinka failure is a boon for the emerging democracy in South Sudan. We would assume that the people of South Sudan should know better the different between the Dinka and the Nuer nation that is by nature a faith-based political culture and an opened democratic society compared to none in South Sudan.

Cognizance of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, humiliations and all the bad things that have been done, which they ought not to have done. Who would want to live with such savages, cannibals, remorseful less, uncouth, and naturally brutal killers? I would like to write with deep sadness, regret, and sorrow that my Dinka cousins have become the “most hated people” in all communities and their political future as a people remains at stake in South Sudan. I wish them all the best and they should know that they (Dinka) have created a wedged between them and the Nuer nation and its resilient people.

The Nuer nation like other non-Dinka nations has endured atrocities and survived Salva Kiir’s genocidal war assault and concurrently moving to reserving the preplanned strategy that targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. He (Kiir) hired foreign troopers from Seven African nations, namely, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalis of the IGAD countries and some other IGAD Countries, including Sudan rebel movements (JEM, SRF and SPLA-N) fighting for Juba against the Nuer nation, and they have all been defeated, disseminated, annihilated, they have all failed and experienced unforgettable bloody noses from the ferociously fighting Nuer soldiers and the Nuer White Army (NWA). Surely, they have all become Dinka. The involved of foreign troops in a problem that exclusively an internal matter has been indicatively that the Dinka tribesmen are weak; do not have the guts and gusto o physically fight the Nuer nation and its resilient people.

The policy that targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” was conceptualized, advocated, and/or attempted by the late John Garang de Mabior in the late 1980s, his protégés, henchmen, they too have failed. Now, we hope that the Dinka power elites should have learned their historical lesson to know that if our forefathers could have resisted the British colonial rule through the Nuer Revolution (Al-Sura Al-Nuer) (1900-1930) in contemporary Sudan history, our forefathers were gassed with Mustard and Nerve Gasses by the British (1915-1920), South African Expeditionary Forces (SAEF), the Equatorians, the Nuba, the Furs, and the Northern Sudanese led by South African Generals who fought in the Boer-Zulu War (1898-1902) were shipped in to quell the Nuer Question, they, too have failed. The British colonial government ordered the Royal Air Force (RAF) bombardments (1924-1930) against the Nuer Résistance, yet, it also failed. Salva Kiir’s hired foreign forces from Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF), Kenyans, Rwandese, Burundians, Tanzanians, Somalis, Egyptians, Zimbabweans, less Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Sudan in Salva Kiir’s perpetrated genocidal war in the mid-December 2013 under the pretext of a coup d’état allegedly engineered or manufactured by the former FVP Dr. Riek Machar of the Nuer ethnicity that has been flaring up for 4-year of warfare without any light at the end of the tunnel, including Sudan rebels movements, Salva Kiir has completely failed with heavy defeats, annihilations, disseminations, and his forces suffered bloody noses from the ferociously unbeatable and undefeatable fighting Nuer soldiers and the Nuer White Army (NWA. Without the shadow of a doubt, that large quantities of different of arms imported from the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Ukraine, Israel, Egypt, The Kingdom of Morocco, Western countries, including the USA under the former US President Obama Administration, a great majority of these arms have been already captured in large quantities from the fleeing SPLA military forces at the battlefronts. Certainly, the NWA gave the Dinka Militias Mathiang Anyour and its appendices heavy bloody noses that they were fearful of defeat, dissimilation, and annihilation have begun to defect to Bahr-el-Ghazal leaving behind all heavy government weapons and equipment to the IO rebel’s commanders in exchange for a free passage to Warrap and Aweil States in Northern Bahr-el-Ghazal. IO accepted the weapons for a free passage because IO knows that it would follow them in Greater Bahr-el-Ghazal sooner rather than later. We would like o rest assured the people of South Sudan that they should be prepared the longest war in South Sudan compared to Vietnam, Afghanistan, and the Arab Israeli conflict in the Middle East.

Realistically, the Dinka fighters have been exhausted, fatigued, ran out of steam, and would surely tantamount to their eventual total defeat in the Heart land of the Dinka domain. This envisaged or envisioned victory for the highly spirited, determined, and motivated Nuer fighters and they would be surely followed these Dinka thugs and renegades up to Warrap and Aweil states in Northern Bahr-el-Ghazal region that have been predestined to be destroyed like the Dinka soldiers did in the Greater Upper Nile and the Greater Equatoria regions, including all non-Dinka homesteads throughout Bahr-el-Gahzal region would be definitely destroyed in the same way that they have done, what they ought not to have done. The Dinka have already paid a pretty hefty price, but they have not seen anything yet, and they are not out of the woods yet. We must all begin rebuilding infrastructural and socio-economic development from ground zero-sum and up.


This war would not end until Warrap and Aweil would be destroyed compared to some areas in the Greater Upper Nile region. Hence, the people of South Sudan should not anticipate that this war would end sooner and would be over until it’s over. The US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy writes that “war will put mankind to an end or mankind puts an end to war.” This is exactly the ongoing concurrent political reality of the prevailing situation now in South Sudan. I would like to say in the same vein that this 4-year old war that still flares up in South Sudan could become the longest bittersweet war ever fought on the African Continent since the rise of the African liberation movements. Salva and Paul Malong Awan have started a bush fire and a volcanic action that they do have the abilities, the capacities, and the experience to quench them, unfortunately.


The SPLA was founded on the principle of being a destructive outfit, but not constructive one to say the least. Those who led it like John Garang, Dr. Riek Machar, Dr. Lam Akol, Salva Kiir and Lucifer’s (Satan or Ibliss) Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan al-Hagg Sadiq); Kuol Manyang Juuk; Dr. Majak de Aggot, including many others have been become useless assets, leaderless, killers, extremely selfish individuals and Dialectic Materialists, that they have lust for power, money, and control of the destinies of others against their free will and consent. This envisaged or envisioned message originated with Abraham Lincoln’s that “Those who denied freedom to others, they do not deserve it not for themselves.”


We recommend or suggest two options for Salva Kiir’s to undertake two options: firstly, to vacate the de facto office in Juba to turn over the country that he and his cronies, henchmen, and protégés have destroyed and left in ruins because of lack of sustainable governance, greed, corruption of the third kind, embezzlement, and self-aggrandizement. OR secondly, to usher general democratic “Elections” so that people can voted Salva Kiir out of Office to bring in a Constitutional Form of Government should Salva Kiir take either option, one, Pro-Tempore President would surely provide for Salva Kiir and his family, entourage, and bodyguards with a free passage to his own state of Warrap to await ICC or Africa Hybrid Court (AHC) investigations on the crime of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Should Salva Kiir take option one, he would face charges for the criminal acts of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, sedition, and treason against the sovereign people of South Sudan.


  • Salva Kiir should vacate the de facto Office in Juba or resigns or to step down and whichever options he chooses he would not win elections. He would be automatically voted out by people’s power. This would mark the end of the dynasty and in South Sudan for good.
  • Neither Machar nor Salva Kiir has the capacities and abilities to rule South Sudan. They both should be voted out of Office because they are corrupt.
  • They have embezzled the state money or the public purse for their own personal interests.
  • We would sign moratorium in which we would request all international banks to freeze their entire assets ad to return such assets into the Central Bank of South Sudan.
  • Riek Machar’s and his henchmen should be charged with the Grand Theft for sum amount of US$200 m from PERODAR and US$150 m plus from SUDAPET.
  • South Sudan has become a failed state because of corruption, lack of sustainable institutions of governance, embezzlements and self-aggrandizements.

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