Jonglei state Press Release

An Open Advice to Gen. Gabriel Gatwech Chan Deng; aka Gabriel Tanginye

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Dec 27, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —- Press Statement.

Dear Gat-Chan,

With all due respect we’re addressing to you this first open advice, as our father and one of the high-valued leaders among Fangak’s Thiang Nuer Community. Since July this year, we have been monitoring closely your clandestine steps first from Pagak to Kharoum and then from Khartoum to Kenyan capital, Nairobi, where you’re now. In fact, it is incumbent upon us, we, the Thiang Nuer Community and Youth in particular to break our long silence on your alleged defection from SPLM/SPLA-IO under the Leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Teny to the so-called South Sudan Federal Democratic Party of Changson Lew Chang and Peter Gatdet Yaka.

Dear Gabriel,

It’s a sad fact, that you’re being lured to leave or abandon an utmost common cause of Thiang, Naath Community and National objectives. That is a fight for democratic general reforms and a national against genocidal, established dictatorship government of Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Therefore, first and foremost, the Thiang Nuer Youth and Community both at home and abroad would like to put some few salient questions/points across, for you to take note of. This is a first open statement from your own Community, the Thiang Nuer to you Gen. Gabriel Gatwech Chan. As you know, Thiang Nuer Community always stands its solid ground towards national goals. Thus, we’re airing out this statement, deep from the top of our hearts, and indeed with automatic, backups from our proximity neighbors namely; Gawaar, Lak and Padang Dinka communities of Greater Fangak District. These three communities all along with Thiang Nuer community share mutual interests not excluding staging a unify fight against any individual lured to destroy the truth! So have you really defected? Are you, in anyway, planning to work, help or fight alongside Salva Kiir Mayardit? Because, embarking to do anything that would aids Salva Kiir Mayardit in dismantling IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace Agreement; is tantamount to destroying further the truth, South Sudanese people’s unity and even harmonized way of ending this twenty-two (22) months old devastating civil war in South Sudan.

Dear Gabriel Gatwech,

We need you to take this note carefully; as we mentioned earlier on that this statement is issued on behalf of and by your own grassroots, the Thinag Nuer Community, Youth and Intellectuals across the globe. “A tree without roots is not only a reclusive tree but also must be considered a rotten and dead tree”. Just try to turn around; do you see your roots (The Thiang Nuer Community) behind you?


Yes, we cannot bury your previous remarkable contributions and personal commitment you diligently did, in years before Republic of South Sudan’s independence. For instance, in the last struggle prior to South Sudan’s Independence, you really stood on your solid ground, though practically and vividly in ambiguous angles. That contribution is still standing there and should not be denied. And what we do know of you, in most cases, once you promise to fight for the common objective you don’t hold back or easily give up a fight until the last minute, we cannot deny this whatsoever. However, as we can see it now, the route you’re taking is not healthy and not walk- able route at all. In short, to plan and work for Salva Kiir Maryardit’s led group!! Why, we say it is not a right way for you to go?


  1. Salva Kiir mass murdered more than twenty thousands (20,000) South Sudanese civilians and even from one ethnic group mostly elderly, women and children in Juba, 2013
  2. Salva Kiir was the one who ordered the attacked on you in Kaldak on 24th April, 2011, killed hundreds including the civilians.
  3. Salva Kiir was the very person who also ordered your illegal arrest shortly upon your arrival in Juba; 2011, at the Airport.
  4. Salva Kiir was also the same person who imprisoned you for almost three years in Juba without constitutional and legal reasons. During which your own children and family had badly fallen apart due to an economic hardships imposed. To mention but a few!

Not only that; the person whom you’re being lured, to aid in one way or another, is the same human being who has a long objective of seeing you ,plus your colleagues, dead. Have you forgotten all those? When you were humiliated, arrested in 2011, it was one of this Community’s members, on behalf of all, who immediately went to the press and condemned in strongest term possible your unconstitutional and tribally-motivated arrest. The same Government of Salva Kiir kept you in prison for almost four years without trail until you and the rest were finally released on bail on 7th October 2013. Your release, in October 2013, also came as a result of much more efforts put forward by the Thiang Nuer Community plus their well-wishes in various South Sudan’s Communities’. You can even still remember how Thiang Nuer Community’s members could (while you still in prison) collect the little money they have had just to support your needy family. And your family managed to uphold a living, despite those difficult situations it was forced to by Salva Kiir Marydit. That was an essence of having your own Community rallied behind you. Now who do you think will follow you from Thiang Nuer Community? None!


Again, at the outset of Nuer Civilians Juba Massacre, you also personally targeted by the same Salva Kiir and Juba-based Fangak’s military and political leaders who hate you to death. As other targeted South Sudanese, you narrowly escaped death in Juba, trekked all along for almost a month through Greater Bahr Elgazal region and bravely managed to penetrate until you reached Old Fangak, which is your own home town, where you stayed with full protection provided by these Youths releasing this statement. You know more than us, as to how much pains incurred on you by Salva Kiir’s regime, so we cannot waste much of our time writing them all in details.

Dear Gatwech Chan,

We were all caught by surprise when we heard that you were defecting to join and share interests with SPLM’s Juba, the killers’ group of twenty thousand Nuer civilians, brutally killed in Juba. Moreover, if you have really created a faction of your own which supports and encourages Salva Kiir in acting against national-agreed upon peace accord, then we can assure you that all Thiang Nuer Community are not with you, in your such individual ambition.


Instead, we, the Thiang Nuer Youth and Community are hereby reiterating that we still have our moral, political and military support behind Hon. Johnson Kuol Gai, Phow State’s Deputy Governor, H:E. Gen. Gabriel Duop Lam and Dr. Riek Machar Teny. This is our position and we will remain in this position until the broad needed reforms in the Republic of South Sudan are fully carried out under Dr. Riek Machar Teny’s Leadership and in accordance with IGAD-PLUS Compromise Peace Accord! In another terms, all the Thiang Nuer Youth, Intellectuals and Community will continue rallying behind the Thinag Nuer’s Sons & daughters who are still committed to work for total democratic reforms and fight under Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon.

In persons these Thinag Nuer Sons & daughters under Dr. Machar’s leadership are:

  1. Hon. Johnson Kuol Gai
  2. Hon. Stephen Par Kuol (emigrated)
  3. Brig. Gen. Jok Kuach Toich
  4. Hon. Isaac Tut Machar
  5. Hon. Gabang Peter Riir
  6. Brig. Gen. Daniel Gatwech Chan
  7. Brig. Gen. Nhial Kuol Wang (also emigrated)
  8. Colonel. James Nuot Puok
  9.   Major. Koang Dhuor
  10. Colonel. Isaac Nhial Dar
  11. Ms. Teresa John Gatwech, and many more.

Lastly, Dear Gat-Chan, we would like to conclude this first open press statement by saying that we need you to, rescind your decision, immediately return to re-join the ranks and files of the SPLM/SPLA-I.O under the leadership of Dr. RIEK MACHAR TENY DHURGHON!


Long Live Democratic Republic of South Sudan

Long live Dr. Riek Machar Teny

Long live Gabriel Duop Lam, the Governor

Long live Johnson Kuol Gai, other Thiang Sons & Daughters


Signed: Thomas Jenay

Thomas Jenay, Chairperson of Thiang Nuer Youth of Old Fangak, Jonglei State. He can be reached through thomasjenay591@gmail.com.

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chol y December 27, 2015 at 9:12 pm

Nonsense talking Nuers fools.

Tolio December 27, 2015 at 9:51 pm

How come there are no Pandang Dinka officers mentioned in your long list of Nuer officers who follow Dr Riek Machar that you provide here?

There is no ehnics deversity in your SPLM-IO. President Kiir has a nationwide ethnic composition supporting him and that is how a true leader should be.

The SPLM-I0 is nothing but a tribal faction. Mentioning Padang Dinkas as your allies cannot fool anyone that you are a diversity. Better let Gatwech Chan follow his path,not that I care if he joins President Kiir or rejoin Dr Machar.

You talk about bringing democracy to South Sudan from the jungles, well joining any party you wish is one aspect of it and that is exactly what Chan wanted.He should do what he likes without an attempt for his brainwashing by his Nuer relatives like you who run the SPLM-IO. Given that most rogues have finally come to Juba on permission of President Kiir,why should those of Chan be left out because of some old grudges? The idea of peace is to eliminate disputes,not keeping them.

Iual deng December 28, 2015 at 12:30 am

You didn’t need to advise Gatwech because he disowned Mr machar, but what they witness from machar was adequated because machar could never offer anything while were loosing the war and many soldiers were returning back to government those generals are in front line always.

Karab December 28, 2015 at 1:51 am

Seriously speaking, Which one was easier for these generals, Negotiating with SPLM IO or Negotiating with the government? Nonsense!

Bentiu Ramaran December 28, 2015 at 8:43 am

Chol, Lual Deng, and Tolio,

Dinka do not like Dr. Machar because he is the man of wisdom and wiser than the living and dead Dinka all together. Dr. Machar brought self-determination which lost so much lives in Nuer nation until John Garang accepted Dr. Machar and Nuer self-determination vision. Now all South Sudanese are much better off with self-determination that they originally opposed and killed Nuer for supporting it. Today the same Dr. Machar who introduced self-determination is going introduce amicable democracy, rule of law, and decent election into South Sudan. Dr. Machar will never South Sudan to be a one man country like Uganda. Dr. Machar and Naath will never allow colonization and re-colonization in South Sudan. No matter how much lives is going to cost in Naath nation.

Salva Kiir is war criminal, visionless, dictator, tribalist, and the world most foolish president. Only thieves and prostitutes South Sudanese are still supporting Kiir destructive and butchery policies.

Bentiu Ramaran December 28, 2015 at 8:48 am

Chol, Lual Deng, and Tolio,

Dinka do not like Dr. Machar because he is the man of wisdom and wiser than the living and dead Dinka all together. Dr. Machar brought self-determination which lost so much lives in Nuer nation until John Garang accepted Dr. Machar and Nuer self-determination vision. Now all South Sudanese are much better off with self-determination that they originally opposed and killed Nuer for supporting it. Today the same Dr. Machar who introduced self-determination is going introduce amicable democracy, rule of law, and decent election into South Sudan. Dr. Machar will never allow South Sudan to be a one man country like Uganda. Dr. Machar and Naath will never allow colonization and re-colonization in South Sudan either. No matter how much lives is going to cost in Naath nation.

Dictatorial rule of Kiir must be altered no matter how long it will take. Salva Kiir is war criminal, visionless, dictator, tribalist, and the world most foolish president. Only thieves and prostitutes South Sudanese are still supporting Kiir destructive and butchery policies today.

Tolio December 29, 2015 at 12:45 am

Bentiu Ramaran

You said Dinkas hate Dr Riek Machar because he is much wise than Dinkas who are alive or dead. Your assertion isn’t true. If Dr Machar is wise or has wisdom as you claim, he wouldn’t have allowed his Nuer forces to commit a terrible crime of massacring innocent civilians from Bor Dinka people after he broke away from Dr Garang’s SPLM/A leadership in the year 1991. A wiseman would have not thought of killing the innocent civilians, for the crime would stain his own image and his future’s leadership ambitions.

About the independence of South Sudan, you are distorting the history if you believe the session of this country was ever an idea of Dr Machar. Read Captain Dr John Garang de Mabior’s letter to the Chairman and Commander -in- Chief of Anya Anya I movement and military forces where Dr Garang mentioned that a rebirth of two independent states out of current geographical Sudan or autonomy South Sudan which shall breakaway if its needs are not fulfilled by the union is an alternative to resolve the crisis in the Sudan. This is just by phrasing and the original quote which is better than my phrasing can be found in that letter as well as in the Book: the Genius of Dr John Garang … If you want more detailed one.
He wrote that letter many years ago. That is before he became the chairman of the SPLM/A in the second movement. Dr machar wasn’t a soldier at the time Dr Garang wrote that letter to his own Chairman and C-i-C,Joseph Lagu.

As you can see the concept of South Sudan’s indepedence came from Dr Garang in Anya Anya I. This was followed by Atem Kuot Atem de Mayen – the Dinka man who appointed himself chairman of the second movement and made his Nuer friend, Samuel Gai Tut as a minister of defense. Their manifesto was “Socialist oriented movement fighting to liberate South Sudan for its independence. The socialist government of Ethiopia under President Mungisto didn’t like that independence of South Sudan Concept because it is a socialist’s policy not to break up any country and Sudan was no exception to that restriction. Dr Garang was later elected after Mayen and Tut became the Nyigääts. Ethiopia welcomed the manifesto written by Dr Garang and his appointment as the chairman of the SPLM/A.

In 1997,Dr Machar signed his agreement for the independence of South Sudan with Khartoum but failed since he was with Khartoum,meaning he was an ally that meant no threats to Arab Sudanese since his forces along with government forces were busy killing those tribes under Dr Garang’s leadership.

The independence of South Sudan was an idea of Dr John Garang that stemmed from that letter he wrote to Joseph Lagu during Anya Anya I. All the people such as Atem Kuot Atem, Samuel Gai Tut and Dr Riek Machar copied Dr Garang’s but sadly they failed because they never had good strategies and tactics to achieve the independence of South Sudan.

Remember, too Dr Garang liberated most Equatoria and Bahr El Gazel regions before he signed the CPA which ultimately resulted in the Independence of South Sudan. You guys allowed SAF an absolute control of Upper Nile and including the oil fields that were funding the civil war. If Dr Garang was weak he would been defeated with his domestic supporters by the SAF. The independence of South Sudan would been a gone case and that is because your wise leader Was an anversary to the struggle for his own intentions.

united Naath December 29, 2015 at 8:37 pm

What are saying baseless because dr riek didn’t rebeled from main stream splm/a to kill,but to exposed dr john garang misleading south sudaneses, nubians,darfurian,and blue nile people. In which they brought thier anger toward nuer people when this war broke out in south sudan.

Asked kuol manyang to explained what went wrong after kuol mayang attacked lou nuer. Then, lou nuer mmust to defense their territory from dinka.

AMEN December 28, 2015 at 10:10 am

The article is very FAKE, I don,t see the reason as to why the so call Thiang Fangak Nuer community advice their defected sons from Riek machar, Thiang Nuer comunity is a fool community who don,t know that riek machar is incompetent leader naturally. Riek machar fail to manage the movenment in the bush because no Aims and Objectives to fight the government

AMEN December 28, 2015 at 10:19 am

there is no single Dinka Apadang who join riek machar,s FAKE rebellion don,t fool the public with baseless information.

AMEN December 28, 2015 at 10:26 am

You Nuer rebels come back to juba don,t waste your time in the bush riek machar will leave you there and come back to juba alone without you if you don,t know, I laways says that riek machar will led the foolish Nuer into total darkness.

Gat.darwich December 28, 2015 at 1:57 pm

Gen. Tanginye need to ponder his action meticulously and reconsider rejoining the people’s movement SPLA-IO period.

He shouldn’t let himself to be misled by Gatwech Puok, the agent of Killer NyanKiir.

goweng Torbaar December 28, 2015 at 5:19 pm

In 1983 Samuel Gai Tut (Nuer) voiced for self determination (Separatist) then John Garang (Dinka) Massacre Nuer and Killed Samuel Gai because of his wisdom. Again Dr.John did the same in 1991 when Dr.Riak re called the voice for self determination. In 2011 all South Sudanese voices for self determination including Dinkas whom were daily killing Nuer because of Self determination. In 2013 Dr.Machar came up with institutional, constitutional and political reforms but Killer Kiir Kuethpiny refused this due to jealousy and plan to Kill Dr.Riak and Nuer Massacre in Juba. In 2014 Dr.Machar while in bush still care for South Sudanese and call for Federal system and creation of more states based on colonial boundaries while Killer Kiir in Juba continue to drink and reject all wisely planned by Machar until CPA II is done based on all Dr.Char plans. Then Killer Kiir copy and past Dr.Machar plan of 21 state and made them 28 thinking that increasing them will made more supporter but not knowing that copy and past some time can lead you to ruin if you are not care full. 28 state were created on baseless background and along tribal line and it is more of land grabbing by Dinkas from smaller tribe. i wonder what can encourage Gatwech Chan to Jion those illiterate with out mission and vision since 1983?

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 29, 2015 at 2:39 pm


do you write while awake or in a dream while sleeping? the 25 000 citizens killed in Juba has changed people’s heart towards the jenge rule. The killing of innocent civilians in Wonduruba-Lainya county has make us hate you. The way you arrest our people without any reason increase your isolation. And yet you say all people of this country love this rule. No body wants this rule, people need tangible changes.

You said the SPLA/M-IO is nothing but a tribal faction. What can you say of your jenge government? What do you call it? Explain to us if there is something good in this government than a triblism, nepotism, land grabbing, committing massive attrocities, lootting, rapping, autocracy or dinkacracy. See how the economy is sinking in this country? See the deteriorating of the security here in Juba. People are killed every day and these killings are carried out by jenge. Do you really think that people like you? tolio, you need to wake up and see the reality by your own eyes. Many dinkas suffer and I believe you are one of them. Please accept to work of changes, come on poor tolio, you blind boy and let us work together for true democracy to prevail in this country. You need not to defend jenge jus because you a jenge.

One thing you must take very serous is this, it is not only Nuer who hate your tribe but all tribes hate you. Do you think we are happy when Bakasoro was arrested last week without any reason? If you think we are happy, then you are a big idiot. Please note my words, this country will never be the same again, never. We have take the choice and no turning back.

Tolio December 30, 2015 at 2:23 pm


How could you be sure 25000 citizens were killed in Juba? I guess your datum comes from the hearsay or political propaganda. I will believe that figure after you have done an archaeological work of facts’ findings and heads count to verify that number.

No civilians were killed in both Wonduruba and Lainya counties. Only rebels, gangs and tribal rednecks. They were simply killed in guns to guns fighting. Claim that civilians were killed was an excuse to get UN relief services by starving locals. It is also smear campaign from oppositions to portray the govt as bad and to score political support from those counties.

The government is good because it is diverse. All tribes are represented. It is not like SPLM-IO which is 99% Nuers. There is no tribalism in the ruling party. That is why you have people like Wani as Vice President.

Gat.darwich December 29, 2015 at 3:28 pm


Jenges are vividly quivering all around over the globe.

Killer NyanMayaridit and the Jiengs council of Evils have undeniably dug a deep a shit holes for the Jenges, and they unmistakably know it period

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 29, 2015 at 3:39 pm

Bentui Ramaran, Gat.darwich and goweng,

do not be moved by undemocratic jenge rule agents like tolio, chol or lual deng. These killers already know that all the peace lovers will abondon them as soon as Dr.Riak and comrade Lado GORE arrive Juba next year. Already they are feeling the heat of the presence of our few SPLA/M advance team here in Juba. The jenge rule reacted by arresteng the former governor Bakasoro without any reason. Let all of us, who love peace stand together and make sure that we reach our goals of establishing democracy in this country. Let tolio inform the councit of jenge that there will be no more dinkacracy in this country. This country will never be the same like today.

Tolio December 30, 2015 at 2:30 pm

Bakosoro likes Dinkas a lot. That is why he got arrested.

Tolio December 30, 2015 at 2:48 pm

The person I suspected to have arrested Bakosoro is DINGIT NA TUGGÖ.

Tolio December 30, 2015 at 3:00 pm

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ is tribal. That is why he arrested Bakosoro because he believes Bakosoro is not tribal like him.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 31, 2015 at 2:25 am

Good morning tolio,

good to see you writing only a line of six and call it a human understanding. How can I arrest some who always calls for reforms like all of us the peaace lovers. Please, try to reason and if you do not have some words in your empty skull, no body blames you because you have lost much blood when your father cut deep your head, telling you that was the best education he was giving you.

tolio, everybody including the internation community has put it very clearly that you have killed more than 25000 Nuer civilians in Juba and in Bentiu, Bor, Leer and Malakal. The number is now more than when those you killed in Wonduruba-Lainy Payam, Yamboio ect.

tolio, do you think you have powers to ammend the report released by AU? Do you think this reaport is in the hands of jenge council of awirin? No, it is in the hands of wise human rights organisation. Mark my words, some of your leaders will go to prison. google it out and read the report again. The report says the Nuer civilians were hunted by the jenge soldiers from house to house and this happened in Juba the seat of the goverment. Yet you want comlpare your government with the ones in western world. you are demn stupid and demn idiot.

tolio, there is no any other way to protect killers in this world. what I know almost all jenge grew up out of torture either from the arabs, or from their parents or from famine of 1988-9. So you are traumatized. I can see right from the way you began your comments upto today. You did not lead a normal life. You might be one of those dinkas being kidnapped by the bagara and has been kept in slavery. I need you to write me more of this event so that I tell you difference the that there was no any single Equatorian taken by Bagara as a slave but dinkas were taken and badly mistreated. This should be one o the reason all of you want to settle in Nimule for fear of arabs. Shut your mouth, see how you left abeyei in the hands of arabs.

poor tolio the cow, do not reduce your writing into one line of three words. I tell you again, this country will never be the same until you agree that you are the problem in this country. Follow the news every second, one of your dinka boys has killed a ugandan artist and one of your house is burnt dowon in kampala. You are not only a problem in South Sudan but in the neigboring countries as well. If you could remember, kiir’s own son was once arrested in Nairobi for trying to rape his own sister. What stupid people are you? You bring shame to this country.

Can I make you smile? Happy New Year and peaceful wishes to all of us. But remember this, I am not tribalist like you, but if I turn to be one, it is your behavous which make me to act like you. I told you the example of arresting Bakasoro will produce more hatred towards you. Actually, it is not only Bakasoro who is in prison, there are so many sons and daughters of PEACE LOVING PEOPLE waho are detained in you killing cells including Dr. Onek of University of Juba, but all these people will be realease. Festus Mogae is keeping an eye on you. And the galant SPLA/M-IO team is not keeping silent on this issue…………..things are going to change my poor small boy tolio, do not worry, democracy is on the way for people are tired of dinkacracy……….ya bagar

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ December 31, 2015 at 6:42 am


i see you mixing the history of the liberation of this country like you mixing yourself with your cow dung in your luak. who told you that it was Garang who started the liberation of South Sudan? And who told you that Garang was for the separation of South Sudan from the Arabs? Please go back to books of the history of the liberation of South Sudan. Garang had wanted to be the first black president of the whole Sudan. God knows this evil plan of your Garang and this is the reason he did not make it to see our freedom which you now try to joke with it. South Sudan is not Jebel Lado which you now call it jebel dinka. You are so stupid tolio. Agaain note my words, this country will never be the same as it is of today. Read the news. Dr. Lam and the SPLA/M – IO are holding meetings to make sure that free elections is conducted with the watch of the international community. we know you are trying to make things difficult but it is too late for you, the voice of freedom is more lauder than the voice of killing more innocent citizens. ya tolio ya bagar, please wake up to face the reality.

Come here and listen. The history of the liberation of this country started by the mutiniy in Torit in 1955. Then the history went on upto those of Samuel Gai Tut, Agrey Jaden from Lainya, Joseph Lagu from Nimule, Samuel Abu John from Azande followed by brilliant leaders like Dr. Riak from Leer. These are people who right from the begining want the total liberation of South Sudan Soil

tolio, for John Garan, he played his part as a brilliant fighter and leader too but remember that he did not have any intention of the independance of SOUTH SUDAN like the above leaders I mentioned to you. History is not like your poor cow which has got no name documented in the books of history. Please you never change the history of this country.

When the rebelion started in Bor in 1983 by those of Gai Tut, Garang was still busy eating mula kudra together with Nimeiri on one table. Am I correct? Nimeiri forced him from that table of mula kudra to go to the front line in Bor. Arriving Bor, Samuel Gai Tut convinced him not go back to slavery, just exactly like we are telling you tolio and the jenge council of abgar not to destroy your relationship with the Nuer and the other South Sudan tribes because if you continue behaving this way, we will definately send you to khartoum for another good slavery time.

tolio, your evil behavous has affected your relationship with us for many generations to come. You better change and work for peace. think of your future generation.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 1, 2016 at 2:50 pm

hi poor tolio,
am waiting for the reply about your slavery life in the hands of bagara before we liberated this country


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