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Sobat State Governor H.E Duer Tut Duer Visited Bukteng Boma That Was Attacked By Murle Militiamen

Hon. Kech Nguoth Tiem,

Residents of Bukteng explaining to Sobat State Governor how the Murle armed youth stormed the area

Dec 28, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —- Hon. Duer Tut Duer the Governor of Sobat State last week paid a tribute at the grave of those  who lost their dear lives during the incident which happened in Bukteeng on 13 Dec 2015 where an organized criminals launch a brutal attack  on innocent civilians. The attackers alleged to be from the Murle tribe but the residents of Bukteng believed that the attackers were not just cattle raiders as assumed because they were in full military gear and well equipped. Several sources including SPLM-IO personnel confirmed that the attackers who attacked Bukteng Boma two weeks ago were from Murle militiamen backed by government of Salva Kiir.

As reported earlier, the attackers killed 17 civilians most of whom were women, Bukteng2children and elderly; they wounded a dozen while abducted children abducted. They run away with 200 heads of cattle taken. A prominent church leader Reverend Simon Wiyuat, was also among those killed in Bukteng attack.

“It’s the first time in the history of Chieboth Lony of Chielang clan that our children and cattle are taken by other tribes without us recovering them back. He said this happened because we were surprised while our attention was on the common enemies, the government Salva Kiir based in Wicyaradiw. We did not expect such tragedy to occur to our children and it will never repeated itself,” said white army local leader who spoke during Governor’s visit to the area.

On his part, the paramount chief of chieboth Koang Jock Luak revealed that Murle militia men surprisingly attacked them at around 4 pm while they were marching towards the village in three columns, people could not easily identify them as strangers because they were in green military uniforms until when they entered the village and started to shoot on people indiscriminately.

Koang said the reason that led to many people being killed and children abducted was due to fact that the area youth were in wedding ceremony at Weclong village near Bukteeng leaving only 7 men in the area. During the attack, 5 of them were killed when the village was overrun by the attackers.

Like the white army local leader, Koang echoed that the attack will never get them off-guard again since they are now aware that Murle youths are now being heavily armed by the government for the purpose of attacking them.

“We know that Murle people are the  most cowardice people in South Sudan because they always like surprise attacks, they never like to confront people directly but this time we shall teach them a lesson that they will never forget for the rest of their lives,” vowed the traditional chief.

High profile figures from the Government of Sobat State who were at the gathering gave courageous speeches to the local youths asking the community to embrace the unity amongst the Nuer. “Enemies are many and in many different forms and colors,” emphasized one of the key speakers.

Former Commissioner of Ulang County Chuol Biel Badeng who sheds tears at the crime scene said he also blamed the youths for the act of neglect that led to this tragic loss of innocent people, Biel supported the decision taken by the white army not to leave the village, instead go ahead in search of those who hide themselves inside our suburb.

At the same occasion, Doma County Commissioner Hon James Lul Chol who also emotionally spoke condemned those who organized attack on people who have no any issue with them. Lul urged the youth to be vigilant because Kiir is using many different means to derail the peace deal that was singed to end civil war in the country.

Commissioner of Malou County Hon. Deng Gatluak said, “it would have been very good day today as we speak if you managed to capture for us one alive from the attackers such that we can investigate who engineered them to come and killed us.”

In another development, Sobat State Secretary for Investment Hon. Koang Thiyang Nyoak who originated from the area adviced the white army of chiebothlony to be vigilant and never ignore any situation.

“I know you are angered because our children are taken away but watch out Bukteng1around, they might still be around.” Koang refused to talk much saying, “I know my people are men enough and pretty strong. You have gone through many difficult situations than this before, just be united.” Hon Koang broke into the song in refreshing the minds of the area youth of their common war song.

At the closing meeting, Governor Duer condemned the brutal killing of innocent people by Murle youth and promised to maximize the security by putting more forces in Bukteng saying more support forces are already on the ground and others will come in a few days to boost the security of the area.

He urged the citizens to remain calm and strong. “We will do the necessary arrangement at the State level to make sure you are very secure,” he continued.

Governor apologized to the citizens saying the there is no reasons for you to just be killed like that, its due to political problem that ruins our country which I believe have nothing to do with you but we are peacefully working very hard to end all these confusions created by the regime in juba. Governor told the youth to provide protection to the children and elderly. He further accused President Salva Kiir of arming Murile militia men to attack his area from behind,

“Activities of this nature will not be tolerated anymore, we will not like to see our people to suffer at the hands of the criminals on our watch, we will respond”, said the angry governor.

Governor Duer continued to reaffirm that he knew these attackers were being sponsored and engineered from juba, alleging that he has all the evident to prove. He also promised the families whose children were abducted that the children will be traced and brought back through other possible method and securely the return them.


Hon. Kech Nguoth Tiem is Sobat’s State Information Secretary



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goweng Torbaar December 28, 2015 at 4:23 pm

Let their soul rest in Peace, i personally voice that call of being vigilant from all different enemies

Iual deng December 28, 2015 at 9:22 pm

I think the youths need to take this matter seriously because there no one who will protect your children cattle and other necessary thing for life in our land. Do not speculated that spla io will protect you, they will not protect no one will protect you, but spl io being around you will bring chaos in the community and you should remember very well when machar was in Nasir in 1991 what happened were attacked Lou nuer however Mr machar ran away and left his headquarter. Now you should that well and you are only who protect your community. If you do not have any thing sell your cow to buy guns and protect children and other things.

isaac lam December 29, 2015 at 10:59 pm

let their soul R.I.P. We all know that our people are too strong to resist any attack coming straight..


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