Nuer Community in Uganda calls for Federalism implementation in peace Process

Dr Riek Machar and General Kiir Mayardit (Nyamilepedia)
Dr Riek Machar and General Kiir Mayardit (Nyamilepedia)
August 24, 2014 (Kampala) -According to the interview carry out by Nyamilepedia team in Uganda early this week, the group of elders under the Number Community Umbrella in Uganda calls for the implementation of Federal System of governance adaption .

The Chairperson of the Nuer Community in Uganda Samuel Gai Kuinin acknowledged the importance of Federalism and calls for inclusion of the system in the peace talks between the two warring parties.
Kuinin said, this is an opportunity to release our expression about Federalism system as the Community in Uganda. Kuinin said there are many relevance issues that lead to the Nuer Community acknowledging the proposed system of governance, and he mentioned taking of the towns to the people is very vital.

The Chairperson Kuinin said, each and every South Sudanese have seen the importance of federal govern and therefore he urged all the different stakeholders in the peace talk in Addis-ababa to adopt Federalism as the best System to solve the ongoing crisis in South Sudan.
Kuinin as well mentioned that, the system could easy connect the central government to manage the development with states effectively.

Early this year, there have been a lot of debates in South Sudan about the adoption of the Federalism in the Republic of South Sudan which was a proposal of the Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM/IO) in Addis-ababa. The debate has been restricted by the Government of South Sudan due to the huge support for Federation from the South Sudanese Community.

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