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By Gen Biel Torkech Ramban,


The SPLM leaders in 2005(Photo:  via Dong Luak)
The SPLM leaders in 2005(Photo: via Dong Luak)

August 24, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The term security arrangement: means absolute and standard conflict resolutions as it has been known worldwide; therefore, it is very instrumental for government of the date, to bring under control law and order in post conflict. Consequently, it should demand preventive and protective measures on x-combatant, who may fall victim of un-standard solution, since taking a risk by subordinating oneself to ruthless enemy, makes one vulnerable. Instead, of our leaders being fully committed and keenly objective formulating preeminent opportunities to cure this chronic African disease known as “African Neo-Colonialism” once and for all, by diagnosing its root causes and propose best possible solutions; dissimilarly, our leaders are just power addicted, and care very little about the people, only are busy over positions, of who gets what? And how much is it? And then how soon can they get back to their previous luxurious lives (good yesterday), and they even went very far creating prime minister Positions, 2nd vice-president, 70% , 40% and so on. As if the problem which killed our people is about positions; when that is not the case. I believe there are real issues that needed to be addressed, that include misrule, human right abuse, intimidation, nepotism, corruption and massacre of people by the SPLM.

It is an obvious that the very sensitive issues are not touch; as a substitute, they have brought up confusing issues to avoid these real problems intentionally. And then without analytically addressing these issues no durable solution, means no safety precaution for x-combatants who have fell victim always, and to be specific it is (5) times, after each security arrangement negotiated by those demagogues politicians, for the last six decays of our struggle. Nevertheless, the post conflict security arrangement in South Sudan turned out to be a different thing, from the whole world known security arrangements, why? Because south Sudan security arrangements, have became very, very disadvantageous and not only disadvantageous but a lethal format, against uniformed personnel of any opposition, since 1947 under various political systems from colonialism, and North Sudanese oppression and currently under our own, and to be specific:

  1. 1955 Torit Mutiny, by Equatoria Corps, 2nd Coy, was a result of 1947 Juba conference
  2. 1975 Akobo Mutiny, by 104 Battalion, as an effect of 1972 Addis Ababa
  3. 1983 Bor Rebellion, by 105 Battalion as an effect of 1972 Addis Ababa

Oppressor always sees the army as an obstacle to its interest; even though, an effect on pro-opposition was reasonable, under those previous governments, still was very harsh and brutal; but our own turned out to be the worst than any previous regimes. Under our own it is too savage, untamed and beast likes behavior, and the below incidents should justify that.

  1. 1991 Nasir Declaration, the first wild, the first beast like behavior and brutal on ethnic line against one another, and such a situation came as a result of reunification of 1987 where Anya-Nya-2 elements who have decided to rejoin the SPLM/A faced the most beast like action in 1991, and not they alone, but including the pro-SPLM Nuer who had fought for SPLM/A, were also savagely murdered in cold blood. this situation is very complicated, if you decided to be objective, refusing to join what you do not know, and then you fall victim, from whom you have supported and if you decide to join what you do not know because of ethnicity, then they cry and call you tribalist, as if your best place is to be a dead one.
  1. 2013 Dec.15, as a result of 2006 Juba declaration (Re-unification) where the remnants of Anya-Nya2, who did not see the 1991 made to sense it

From the above historical lessons we should have learn enough that something must be wrong with such a security arrangements, where well-founded fear of persecution of each other is un-questionable. As a result the advantageous would decide to run after those x-combatants and make them pay the price of the childish actions by politicians. To be specific, the former Anya-any-2 elements, were wiped out in 1991 after they were scattered (deployed on individual bases) all over the South, and in 1991 they were slaughtered on ethnic line, as well as SSDF of Late Gen Paulino Matip were scattered too, and as the news spread out, the revenge was took against the Dinka elements in Nuer areas, while the Dinka did much harm, since they were in control of the whole South, and managed to wipe out all the Nuer elements, including the civilians from Unity State displaced by SPLA VS A-2 . Specially, in Bhar El Gazel

The chauvinism went back to 1980s, when some recruits from Bhar El Gazel region, used to be intercepted by Anya-Nya-2, whom was in turn staging a revenge against Dinka led SPLM, which kicked them out from their base in West Ethiopia (Bhil-Pam), after inception of the SPLM of 1983, where the SPLM “shot its 1st bullet against separatist South Sudan who were Anya-Nya-2 in particular. The A-2” were fighting then Sudan government, calling for independent for South Sudan a call that SPLM was against

After Juba Declaration the Muer elements whom were considered by the Dinka elite to remnants of A-2 who had missed 1991, were targeted to face same as their predecessors who had joined the SPLM but was cleaned off later.

But this group of A-2 faced very degrading and terrible dehumanization that taught them a lesson that they will never forget:

  • Pariak, where the people were poisoned, to show the magnitudes of enmity, too many of them died unnecessarily when the current leadership of So-SPLM-IO
  • Canal Mouth, degrading center where officers were reduced to nothing called unconfirmed, in the eyes of So-called SPLM –IO leadership
  • Amea, no enough, no clean water, medical facilities, no salary for years, and nothing as program, to course all that suffering
  • Awinkabul, no food, no clean water, no medical facilities, and no salary for years, where too many of them unnecessarily died in the eyes of so-called SPLM-IO leadership, who was busy looting public funds.
  • The Mapel, the mother of dehumanization and degrading concentration camp, where tribal hatred was applied to the maximum for the last (5) years. Our people were living under heart breaking situation, they were assembled, for being obedience to fake laws, more than five years under miserable and unlivable condition, follow by abusive words that signify the ill intent; the word Adakum-1/Adakum2 (Arabic word means anguish and sorrow them, physically and psychologically) for more than five years, no enough food, no enough water, no medical facility, no salary, no job and no permission to see their families where some families up to 100 women plus number of unknown children ended up joining them where came the nightmare where some were annihilated; what type of enemy that can kill the whole family from husband, wife and children? I do know any it behind job seeking.

Let those job seekers and power addicted elements, be told that the situation is very different than ever, even an animal cannot just forget such a nightmare, so too soon.

We have a different security arrangement, All our boys whether being Dinka or Nuer or other ethnicity who always fall victim after each security arrangement, repeatedly for five (5) times in recent story of South Sudan, innocents uniformed men and women, who have swallowed their own pride by giving their lives for noble and dignified cause of their people, whole family ended up annihilated,

This time we have to try it in a different way, which we would called “balance of power” or to neutralize the element of well-founded fear of persecution, when it comes to the question of governance. Therefore, the anticipated amalgamation should be done in diversity, under join professional command (officers) to impact on their men. Hence, there shall be no individual, small unit’s deployment, outside of the local areas, ex. No less than a mechanize brigade from the Dinka boys, to be sent to Upper Nile, unless they are a complete brigade in size well equip for self protection should anything of past reoccur, and similarly no Nuer boys who are less than a mechanize brigade in size to be sent to Dinka areas, to avoid being slaughtered again with their families. Read the following excerpts from US constitution:-

American constitution, Review Articles I – III

“So, the first three articles of the constitution establish the branches of the U.S. government: the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary. This brilliant system is designed to divide the powers of the government so that each branch keeps the others in check. The Congress makes laws, but the president can veto those laws, and if the president does sign those laws, the Courts can find those laws unconstitutional and render them void. Congress can override a presidential veto, but the courts can still knock them down. If the courts keep rendering laws void, the Congress can amend the constitution under Article V, which we will address shortly” If you look at it, it seems too confessing, but in a real sense, that is the secret behind America being a great country of the earth.

Because we were focusing on bigger goal which was South Sudan independent, we had often rejoined one another, not to let down our martyrs and wounded heroes who have been deformed irreversibly. But currently our focus should be on what kind of South Sudan that we have died for? We must try everything to make it worth the price we have paid and still being paid.

This time it must be seriously considered by creating an everlasting safety precautions mechanism (anti-ethnic retaliation) to prevent future repetition of this vicious circle of suffering of our young people in uniform usually turned enemies against one another repeatedly once the demagogue’s politicians disagreed over the cake of who gets what? Against a plot of this fatal where our boys and women in uniform plus their families always ended up pay profound and a grave price this time, would be a life affirming apparatus and not time bomb that always destroys our golden volunteers with their children.

No disarmament, which is always meant for control, when we do not need to be weak, so that we could be governable, as we accepted the organization, therefore, our civilians during the war were armed and unarmed one was armed by the SPLM, everything was OK, they were meeting all their obligations smoothly, not only that, even the most powerful nation of the earth the USA has its citizens armed; instead, we must strike for balance of power as the only grantee for peace. There will be no disarmament of civil population; there will be no integration on previous concept, until mind equilibrium equation is reach; meanwhile, sharing of armaments and training of the whole army including specialized units.

Professional and skillful army that will acquire from vocational training skill that they will make use in their private lives; and being productive army food production, transportation (roads and bridges), communication network (electric poles), schools and hospitals roads plus routine military training for professionalism.

We should not allow the SPLM to legalize itself for the third time, after thirty in power, where lies, tribalism, corruption and massacre on the top. I believe if the SPLM will be denied this power it will force the SPLM into real reform, because SPLM is a grass root movement, which is rich with all well trained grass root cadres at lower ladder. Where the SPLM will be forced to win the support of the people, giving them variety choice in primary election, I believe there are plenty of clean nationalist young SPLM who will win the heart of the people based on the scarifies that those individuals made for your decays in the eyes of the people. The SPLM has been defamed by generalization, even I a SPLM member who got disappointed and felt shame of what my colleagues did. Therefore, we need to apologize to our people, on the top to martyrs, widows, orphans and disable, and our surviving combatants who we have put into unnecessary hardship.

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