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South Sudan’s Army Chief Of Staff Remains Under Critical Care!

Updated at 12:50Am, Oct 28, 2014(PST)

Chief of staff, Paul Malong Awan, collapse and rushed to J1 clinic for further check up and treatments(Photo: supplied)
Chief of staff, Paul Malong Awan, collapse and rushed to J1 clinic for further check up and treatments(Photo: supplied)

October 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The South Sudan Chief of army, who has held office for about half a year, remains in critical care unit from a fatal illness that is yet to be discovered.

A report obtained by Nyamilepedia correspondent from a nurse at J1 clinic, where Gen. Malong was rushed to on Friday evening, said the chief of staff is barred from receiving phone calls due to his devastating condition.

“Not yet we are following his health very closely, the Doctor in charge said he be held hostage not to answer any phone calls for now” the Nurse said.

Reliable sources revealed that the head of army collapsed on Friday evening in present of Piang Deng, Kuol Deng About, Ajonga Mauot and Hoth Mai, and remains in critical condition despite the earlier report on Saturday afternoon on the state owned television, SSTV.

what happened yesterday on SSTV was meant for public consumption to keep the morale of the army high. But I’m told [he] is in bad shape. I will keep you posted.” Said a government official who refused to be named due to fear of reprisal.

Although it is not medically verified, government sources report that the Chief of General Staff had a virus from a food substance that he ate for an early dinner on Friday evening.

“We think that what he ate for a dinner might have been poisoned because he fainted after eating. Malong was healthy until this evening. We don’t think it could be something else [but a poison]” said the official.

Although the official could not verify how the food was selectively contaminated, reports confirmed that the cooks, who were on duty, are all arrested pending investigation on poison scam against the general.

The source further reiterates that the Chief of army was not airlifted to Nairobi due to his critical condition.

Despite the varying reports on the cause of the sickness,  the doctor attending him confirms that Gen. Malong suffers from high blood pressure.

“He is still in Juba but might be transferred to Nairobi, his health condition couldn’t allow him to be airlifted. The cooks who prepared for him the meals have been all arrested pending investigation on poison scam against Malong. But the Dr. treating him said is a case of high blood pressure”  the insider reports.

The Chief of Army vs. the Self-proclaimed Prophet:

The man of God, Abraham Chol Maketh  (left) v. the chief of staff, Paul Malong Awan(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
The man of God, Abraham Chol Maketh (left) v. the chief of staff, Paul Malong Awan(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

The former governor of Northern Bhar el Ghazal, Paul Malong, felt out with a self-proclaimed South Sudanese Nigerian trained man of God, Prophet Abraham Chol Maketh, the Cushite Bishop of Cush International Church and Cush Cathedral Juba.

Gen. Malong and Prophet Chol had misunderstanding over church’s location in Juba. According to reliable sources, Malong believes that the Cush Cathedral overlooks the military secrets at its headquarters and had to be distanced, however, the man of God hesitated, citing that the church does not pose any threat to the army or security in the country.

The man of God believes that the two bodies could benefit from the neighborhood, if respected as constituted in the laws of the land; however, the chief of staff maintains that the church must be relocated.

Towards the end of September Gen. Malong invited the man of God to deliberate the issues, however, the self-proclaimed prophet, instead, formed a delegation from the ordained Cushites of his congregation to meet the notorious general.

Upon their arrival, the general took the laws of the land into his own hand, detained the Cush delegation and ordered the demolition of the church the following day.

Upon receiving the news, the man of God spelt the laws of Moses, an eye for an eye, expelled demons and ordered the most powerful general to apologize within 72 hours or else risk otherwise.

The self-proposed Chief of Staff remains on records for issuing 30 days to capture or be captured by the former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar, however, he was issued only 3 days to apologize or lose the job he worked so hard to secure.

The 72 hours expired more than a fortnight ago, however, it is yet to be verified how the man of God times his time. According to the scripture an hour could be a second, a day or a year, and perhaps, as critics would say, the collapse could just be within the ticking 72 hours.

Although the detained Cushites were released and 72 hours had passed, Jubans relate Malong’s near-death experience with the prophetic warning and fears still engulf the country that unless the chief of army apologizes, Paul Malong could be Paul who returned to God and rebuilt the church.

Public Reaction:

Malong’s life-threatening illness is received with mixed feelings by the subordinates, dependents and victims alike. On one hand the fans wish the army chief a quick recover to resume his duties, but on the contrary, the victims wish Malong dead or live to face justice and to witness the differences.

Abraham Chol is a man of God, he doesn’t wish anyone dead but Malongdit would have apologized. We members of Cush international Church are not happy everywhere after all that humiliation back home. I wish Malongdit good luck” said Atong.

“We can’t wait for his death news, though I wish he could die through the bullet not sickness to experience the painful experiences he caused others.” Gai said.

“Awan was not about poisoning as said by the people around him, doctor reveal secretly; it is EBOLA. For those who wish [to] cry, let them start crying now, Malong get his transport to hell” said Toch, a social “median” commentator.

Gen Malong is your nightmare and he will continue to be your medicine should you continue with your war rhetoric!” Jok responded.

“We need him recovered so that ( Inu) he will be taken to ICC” Pal, a another social median, believes.

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More bad news. Ebola spreads to another African country.

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