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Bul Community in Diaspora condemns attacks on Mayom, Unity State

April 7, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — The Bul Community in the Diaspora (USA, Canada and Australia) condemns in the strongest  term possible the recent barbaric attack on Boude cattle camp in Mayom County, Unity State by armed raiders from the neighboring Warrap State which resulted in 18 death and  scores wounded.

Map of Unity State (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

In a statement extended to Nyamilepedia press, the group calls on the State governments and local authories to arrest the situation and hold the culprits accountable and to strengthen security along the borders.

“We call on the State governments and local authorities to bring culprits to book  and strengthen security between communities along the borders of the sisterly states.” Read part of the statement which was signed by the three chairpersons of the Bul Community in the United State, Canada and Australia.

The Bul community in diaspora send their sympathy to the affected families and said the community is entitled to the right of self-defense.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the families affected and the entire Bul Community at home  and abroad.” part of the statement reads.

“As a community, we believe that the people of Mayom County reserve the rights to  protect their families and properties as evidenced by relentless cattle raiding for the last three  years.” They said.

The Bul community in diaspora points fingers at the newly appointed governor of Warrap State, Lt. Gen. Aleu Ayieny Aleu for arming the youth and fitting the communities against one another.

“Also, Bul Community would like to inform the people of Warrap State that Governor Aleu  Ayieny Aleu recent statements in graduating the Tuek Tuek battalion has created an unpleasant  atmosphere between both communities as he called all Warrap youth to arm to fight what he termed to  be “Nuer thieves”. As such, he has fit both Dinka and Nuer against each other and such a  language does not serve any purpose but escalation of conflict between our people.”  Reads part of the statement.

The leaders of the Bul Community in Diaspora, Mr. Martin W. Both, Chairman of Bul Community in the United States, Ms. Roda J. Mawich, Chairperson of Bul Community in Canada  and Mr. Simon Gatluak Bath, Chairman of Bul Community in Australia calls on President Kiir to intervene in governor Aleu’s activities that seems to mobilize the youth to fight among themselves.

“In conclusion, we urge President Kiir to rein in Governor Aleu as he openly promotes hostilities  and divisions among peaceful neighboring communities. The Bul Community in the Diaspora warned  Governor Aleu to act responsibly or else, he will bear full responsibility for security deterioration  between neighboring communities.” They said.

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