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Ayod Community in Uganda welcomes creation of new states and Federalism in South Sudan

Press Release by Ayod Community in Uganda,

Updated at 10: 55Pm, July 24, 2014(Pacific Time).

Map of South Sudan showing the direction of Ayod County in Jonglei State (via Wikipedia)
Map of South Sudan showing the direction of Ayod County in Jonglei State (Photo: via Wikipedia)

July 24, 2014 (Nyamilepedia) — Ayod Students’ Association in Uganda ( Gawaar Community), pronouncement for federal system and welcome the creation of new states. A.S.A have strongly welcome the proposal made by the charismatic leadership of SPLM/A in opposition, the Resistance movement, led by the former Vice president Dr. Riek Machar Teny and his comrades in the movement.

The creation of more states in the country is the only vital decision that will solves the persistent greed and lack of progress in the young nation, absent of development and access block of services delivery to the people down in the states level. We highly embrace this proposal; it will open a novel trail to a novel enlargement, understanding, self-determination, integrity, harmony and affluence in the country.

We hope this proposal will not only heal the fresh wounds and wounds of the past, but will surely pave a route to the formation of federalism as new system of governance in country. We the Ayod Students’ Association in Republic Uganda, desperately support the move made by SPLM in opposition. It is what the entire citizens have been waiting for all this while. Congratulate the charismatic leadership of Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLMLA in Opposition.

Ter Manyang Gatwech, a chairman of Ayod Students’ Association in Uganda said that in any government in the world there are functions which should be follow:

  1. To establish justice – This is the goal of the passages in Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2:14, which say that government is to discipline evildoers and protect those who do right.
  2. To insure domestic tranquility – This phrase comes from the focus of prayer for government, which Paul urged in 1 Timothy 2:1-2. The New American Standard Bible says to pray for government “in order that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.”
  3. To provide for the common defense – The protection of innocent human life is at the base of not only capital punishment (Genesis 9:6), but also in the provision of an army for protection from external threats.
  4. To promote the general welfare – Romans 13:4 says that civil rulers are servants “to you for good.” The common good of all classes of citizens must be promoted by government passage of laws guaranteeing equal opportunity. It is not proper for government to provide money and aid to special interest groups. It is to promote, not provide, and to do so for all people in general, not for special people.
  5. To secure the blessings of liberty – Blessing are a gift of one’s Creator, not a privilege granted by government. These blessings include life, liberty, and property. A biblical view of government sees that it cannot provide these, only secure them. Can somebody tell me the meaning of motto of South Sudan, Justice, Liberty and prosperity.

We congratulate Chollo community(Shilluk) and your new state Fashoda by bravely declaring their support to the SPLM/ in opposition and clingy hold onto the decision of creating more states. We thank you very much for that, and we hope together we shall uproot the leissz fare leadership that had cost division and disgust to our communities.

We encourage all south Sudanese citizens in Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, North Sudan,Egypt,South Africa, United States of America ,(USA United Kingdom(UK) , Canada , Asia, and Australia and to dedicated their voices and convey their ropes for the proposal and the creation of (21) states. This will be the only option to bring back the lost love for one another among our beloved citizens on the other hand , the name of our newly state shall be called Phow state not Fangak state.
Our citizens witnesses daily embarrassment from the very government who claim to be responsible for their protection, they are being butchered, raped, murdered and tortured without providing the world with reasons and evidences. The world should acknowledge the cowardice killing of innocent Nuer children, women, intellectuals among others.

We once again wish to remind the entire world, Africa and south Sudan in particular to know that the enemy of south Sudan is not Dr. Riek Machar and his fellow comrades in the movement, it’s not ‘’white army’’ who intervene because President Salva massacre their relatives, it’s not Equatorians who strongly put their support for Federalism.

The true enemy is totalitarian, chronic greedily, tribalism, nepotism, parochialism, chauvinism ethnic cleansing, corruption, pogroms, carnage and love of leadership with no vision and mission. We want our fellow citizens of south Sudan to welcome the brilliant decision from SPLM in opposition for creating eleven more states. God will one day grant our country with a new leadership which will provide all the needs the citizens want.

By Ter Manyang Gatwech, chairman of Ayod Students’Association, Kampala and you can reach through email address:ayodstudents2008@gamile.com

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