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Ethiopian Rebels Deny Taking Side in South Sudan Conflict!

Ethiopian rebels posting for a picture with their weapons(Photo: via Freedom for Ethiopian)
Ethiopian rebels posting for a picture with their weapons(Photo: via Freedom for Ethiopia

October 25, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Responding to an insider report released by Nyamilepedia on October 3rd, the ETHIOPIAN UNITY PATRIOTIC FRONT (EUPF), via anonymous source, denies and clarifies their position in regard to atrocities, hostilities and regional peace in relation to South Sudan conflict.

According to the report extended to Nyamilepedia, the EUPF, which has engaged the Ethiopian government in an armed struggle for about 21 years, is giving priority to resolving the situation in South Sudan in expense of its own efforts to seek avenues to mediate with the Ethiopian government.

“The EUPF also found it necessary to give priority to the situation in South Sudan since they are their brothers and sisters.” the report reads.

“The EUPF requested the Kenyan government to also help us in resolving the atrocities and hostilities that was about to bring down the political stability of the entire region.” the report continued.

The rebels look upto Kenyan government to mediate their differences with the Ethiopian government after South Sudan and Uganda failed.

EUPF approached South Sudan through its former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar, to mediate its final agreement to end hostilities in Ethiopia in 2012, however, the rebels accused Dr. Machar of siding with the Ethiopian government at the time.

“The EUPF delegation showed up for the peace talks 4 times in the office of the former vice president but due to unclear reasons he engaged the Ethiopian ambassador to Southern Sudan in secret communication that made the entire exercise to flop.” the report reads

“talks to be rescheduled to be held in Nairobi, Kenya vide a letter addressed to him from the Ethiopian government.” the report continues.

The rebels believes they “relates well” with all leaders, brothers and sisters of South Sudan and for such they refused to take side and inflict bloodshed in South Sudan.

EUPF signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ethiopian government in 2012 that ceased hostilities between the two parties and the rebels ascertain their commitment to the document.

EUPF denies any involvement in South Sudan conflict for the following:

  1. The EUPF is fully interested and committed to the memorandum of understanding.
  2. The EUPF has peace with the Ethiopian government therefore does not need aid or interests and/or benefits to cause hostilities in the neighboring countries.
  3. It is the EUPF desire that the leaders of Southern Sudan reach a comprehensive peace agreement and to focus on uniting and building of their nation for the benefit of the entire region.

The EUPF report reiterates that the rebels “believe in democracy and the rule of law in an effort to heal a nation [Ethiopia] that has been engulfed in war and abuse of human rights”.

The EUPF is looking forward to “build the country and forget the past by being united and accommodating each other’s divergent views irrespective of religion, political and social status”.


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