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Is South Sudan Government Sacrificing Its Own Citizens In Attempt To Win Military Support From Ethiopia?

By Kutei Jnr,

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam dessalegn Ethiopian all-tribes cultural event celebration in Gambella town, capital of Gambella regional government, December 9, 2015 (Photo/file).
Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam dessalegn Ethiopian all-tribes cultural event celebration in Gambella town, capital of Gambella regional government, December 9, 2015 (Photo/file).

April 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– While deeply shocked and saddened by news of attacks carried out by Murle armed militias on members of the Nuer tribe in Ethiopia, I would first and foremost like to extend my personal condolences and that of the SPLM IO chapter in Kenya to the bereaved families, relatives and friends of those who were murdered in cold blood by ruthless agents of South Sudanese government.

Not forgetting to extend sharing this difficult moment with the people of Gambella region “my fellow Nuer in particular” and the government of the federal democratic Republic of Ethiopia under the wise leadership of HE. Haile Mariam Desaleign, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Losing lives in developments oriented country like Ethiopia is a national challenge and is not always entertained regardless of what tribe it happened, it is only in South Sudan where government of the day minds nobody’s life but rather contemplative of how they will remain in power for life even if it means finishing its own citizens to remain only with one tribe.

I am writing on a ‘‘personal capacity’’ and as I condemn this heinous act, I am equally writing to ask the South Sudanese authorities to bringing to book all those culpable in this killings, the government must prevail and ensure that all the perpetrators are arrested, produce the abducted children and bring back herds of cattle the criminals had stolen from Jekow and Nyinenyang.

South Sudanese government despite being led by community elders must reign over, meanwhile, I equally disagree with hurriedly bilateral military operation on Murle people, I believe it is not the whole tribe which is criminal, but a few individuals within the community. Hence, there is need to establish diplomatic solutions to this rather than the improperly arranged military operations which could bring more harm and sufferings to many innocent Murle civilians.

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This urgent cover-up by Salva Kiir’s wobbling government is suspicious, it has a hidden hand in the attack, the government of South Sudan is in one way or the other responsible for killings in Ethiopia as evidenced now by their most expeditious respond ever and not hesitating to accept for visibly angry Ethiopian army to cross into South Sudan to punish the whole tribe for mistakes of few criminals.

In what seems to have been a desperate search for opportunity by president’s Salva Kiir’s government ever since it initiated war against its Nuer citizens, I am astonished by the sudden move of Juba regime for a joint South Sudanese and Ethiopians military operation on South Sudanese residing in Pibor areas.

This is yet again another official handing over of our sovereignty from Ugandan armies who were handed the superiority to help kill Nuer people of South Sudan now to the Ethiopian leadership to do the same on our Murle citizens.

You do not give away your own citizens simply because they have wronged someone who you perceive to be more powerful than you are. Kenya, for instant has her own journalists who are facing contempt of court at the International Criminal Court (ICC), the Kenyan government is now doing everything possible to prevent its just 3 citizens from being taken to face laws in Netherlands and yet Kenya is way behind the Dutch nation in any aspect.

How then can you surrender nearly a million of your own citizens to a furious army coming on a revenge mission, does our government not care about lives of its valuable citizens who don’t even know what few criminals from their place have done? It is probably a misplaced question.

But this is not the case in our country, South Sudanese are only protected by God, Nuer people were massacred in their thousands in Juba simply because one of their own is a perceived political rival of the president. Foreign powers such as Ugandan forces, Joint and Equality Movement (JEM), Darfur rebel groups and Congolese rebels were imported in the name of protecting state from imminent defeat by Nuer youth who reacted angrily to the killing of their loved ones in Juba by the presidency.

Murles are going to be victimized not because they attacked Ethiopians but simply because the incompetent government is having a dark hidden agenda in the future of transitional government due to be formed soon. It must be understood that the regime is only after winning military support from Ethiopia government which I do not think will work.

Hence, South Sudan is a country under many rulers, indeed, the only country where any other nation can just spray their ammunitions perhaps so long as it is not on Dinka people, or perhaps the precious Dinkas of Warrap and Northern Bahr el gazel and not whole of that community. I have never seen a government that sacrifices its own citizens only to gain a military support to keep it in power.

With our government now being formed, I would like to yet again request the opposition leadership to intervene and try to help the situation our citizens in Pibor will soon be facing if this development is anything to go by.

All we need to do as an alternative government now is to ask Ethiopian authorities to pause their military operation on Murle community inside South Sudan, let South Sudan government send their own army to get those abducted children, that can as well be done through constituting a group comprised of leaders, elders and youth leaders of Murle because they will definitely know who participated in the attack, who has come with the kids or even animals.

This way, we will have saved lives and properties of many Murles who could incur loses should anything of this sort be left to happen as is designed by Jieng Council of Elders’ led government.

Conclusively, it is in my conscience that the government of South Sudan engineered this attack by Murle militias through the purported governor of Pibor State Baba Medan on Nuer of Ethiopia to achieve their objective at the expenses of Murle people. Murle people need to speak out and tell the truth of the matter before it is too late.

God save our nation and bless the Federal Democratic Republic of Sudan.

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doqa April 22, 2016 at 2:26 am

stupid article.

omukama April 22, 2016 at 11:43 am

Believe me Ethiopia is different.

Naath United April 22, 2016 at 6:49 pm

i totally agree if you are premitive supporter of salvage killer.

Bol Gatjang April 22, 2016 at 7:43 pm

Dear Kutei Jr

I usually don’t understand the concept of your articles in this website, are enemy of South Sudan rebel or supporter s of South Sudan rebel? Are you the fans of our current government in South Sudan or enemy? Please you may probably check out your titles in each articles if wants to win the intention of your fans.It’s kind of nuisance when you don’t really grabs the idea of articles,sorry.

GatNor April 24, 2016 at 5:55 am

Bol, I think the writer is on point to questioned the disturbing visible hands of Kiir and a few bribes Murlei leaders like Medan or Yaw Yaw.

In this case the organized attack of Ethiopian citizens was not only a work of Murlei cattle raiders nor was it for one purpose like looting their victims and quickly retreating.

The senseless indiscriminate killing of specific clans or sectionsections of Gaajaaks was partly the plan. This is for the victims to figure out why them..

The other reason for the attack was to derailed peace and create serious tensions between Gaajaaks and Murlei community. Hence who are the best tools to use for such a devilish and divisive operation. You would have to point fingers at Kiir’s regime as having the master plan put in motion by Murlei.

As far as i am concern, I think the attackers are a group of Murlei individuals purposely selected from Kiir Faction of the army service men for this operation but have all removed their SPLA ARMY uniforms so as not to be directly link to SPLA-JUBA FACTION during the attack.

Gaajaaks have been a targeted group in the list of SPLA enemies that are also against Jaang hegemony and still are to this day.

It is time they( Gaajaaks) accept this factual truth based on evidences and occurrences against them with consideration to isolated incidents on individual Gaajaaks and groups alike.

My message to them:

E raan ci we ka Juba mi kane waath. Juba weni Nueri ti ci waath thin. Ke hoo thele mal mi the thin. Mal mi lat Jang mi mat pel kene dual ci yien guude kene thuok de bi jek.

Jaang mi kan ke dak ke kor thele mal mi lthouk mi de kene nhok. Kua we lari ca lar yie ni wal.


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