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By TT Shaka,

October 1, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — It is a pity and I am sorry to hear what you have emotionally explained your concerns and situation Should I blame you of complaining, of course, not at all, when you didn’t get what you expected to get. The question of calling a spade a spade has not worked and will not work in South Sudan.to tell you in short.

Mr. Sinner, what level of education are we talking about here? What type and kind of jobs? Are you aware that the types of jobs you referred to with NGOs are like the crumbs under the table the Dinka left for the Madi, the Kuku and all the Equatorians to take? Do you also know that these are professional jobs that require qualifications and proper screening is needed to have an impact? Have you ever tried to get the food on the table where our masters eat, if you are not one of them?

Youth demonstrating Mad'i cultural dance(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)
Youth demonstrating Mad’i cultural dance(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

My brother Sinner, I am sorry to say that it appears you have misdirected your anger, complain or blames. If you have read the “Animal Farm”, you can relate the situation of Madi, Kuku and the Equatorians in South Sudan. I mean the real Equatorians but not Political Prostitutes. You find where it says, “All Animals are equal but there are some more equal than others.” That was why some have been overworked. Madi, Kuku and Equatorians are like the Hyenas or vultures that go for the carcasses left to fight for.

I don’t know what kind of sinner you call yourself and from which part of South Sudan? I would suggest you go and find jobs in Bor, Malakal or Bahr El Gazal where you may need no completion Mr. Sinner that is why we say we need Federal System so that we build our own villages instead of being controlled by the least educated President in the world who never think of his people. I guess you have eyes to see so that we all fight for better and bigger food on the table for all. If you don’t know, some of us have been feeding on crumbs under the table for so long, let us not fight over the crumbs. Maybe if you join us and we fight together, the table will be for us all. Mr. Sinner, there can’t be a lack of work in a country as large as ours with abundant resources Upper Nile, Bahr El Gazal and Greater Equatoria Regions with the States created by each will employ all our qualified individuals with more manpower needed.

Don’t forget if other Regions want to create States according to the number of families, it will be their wish. Incidentally if some Regions or States don’t have professionals, they will have to import them to work as expatriates. Let me refresh your knowledge of why I said this. Do you recall a time Equatorians doing humanitarian work were forced out of Bahr El Gazal? Note these were people who had nothing to do with politics and are people with the same goal in the country.

Mr. Sinner, I wonder if you are aware that there was no a single Madi in Uganda in 1880s until the Turks drove them to West Nile, Kitgum, Gulu and the borders of Uganda and Sudan. It is therefore wrong of you to refer Madi as Sudan and Uganda. Turks divided us but didn’t take our land, destroyed, loot and killed with no heart of love. What have the Dinka done to the Madi and Kuku who are supposed to be their brothers and sisters?

Till now the Dinka call the Madi foreigners’ when the Madi were the second tribe to settle in Equatoria and South Sudan after the Zande. How many of the Dinka know that they came from the North between 1400 t0 1700? This is why they still think or claim that they are black Arabs.

Madi and Kuku may speak different languages but have the same blood there is no singe Kuku who doesn’t have Madi blood. The Madi first settled in KejiKaji before moving away. For any Madi and Kuku to fight each other is unthinkable. It is just the work of the devil. This applies to Madi and Acholi relation. Based on blood!

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