File No 1: Enough of Peter Beshir Bande’s Blackmailing, badmouthing and disrespect for authority

By Ochan Samuel


South Sudan Deputy Foreign Minister Peter Bashir Bande (File Photo)
South Sudan’s Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Peter Bashir Bande (File Photo)

July 8th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) -For the past two weeks we have observed Peter Bashir Bande who has been leading a barrage of abuses towards the decent South Sudanese who have dedicated their time to negotiate peace for our beloved country. Mr. Bande has bravely unleashed abuses on both Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir Mayardit claiming that they lack the competences of negotiating a peaceful settlement for our beloved country. Mr. Bande has openly attacked Mr. Elias Lomoro, Mr. Michael Makuei and members of the team representing SPLM/A IO as being incompetent to negotiate peace. Although we do agree with those who say that Mr. Peter Beshir Bande is simply lamenting over the fact that he has not been put in the negotiating team, it is also important to underline here that many people have over the years become fade up with Peter Bashir Bande who is currently the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs in the Government in Juba and the cardinal question that has been floating around is: Who is actually this Peter Bashir Bande?

Peter Bashir Bande is from Western Equatoria who is known for blackmailing, troubleshooting, a self-centered obsession, disrespect for authority, badmouthing other decent citizens of South Sudan, and being convinced that he is the center of every and without whom South Sudan will never exist. Indeed, over the years Peter Bashir Bande has blackmailed and badmouthed many people. He has disrespected his leaders. In fact Bande is known to have abused and disrespected Samuel Abu John to the extent that late Abu John vowed that Beshir will never hold any position in the Government unless he (Abu John) is dead. He has badmouthed late Elias Sururu, he has badmouthed Jadalla and he has badmouthed and utterly abused and undermined James Wani Igga who one of most senior cadre during the liberation of our country. He has not spared Taban Deng Gai and he has publicly abused Elias Lomoro and Michael Makuei. Now, it is Dr. Riek and Salva Kiir that Beshir is abusing and undermining and it has never been understood as to why he is constantly opposing even the very government that has given him a job, the very leaders who have appointed him and also opposing the leadership of a force such as the SPLM/A IO which he can never withstand its force for even one second.

Peter Bashir Bande is said to have been brought up as a Muslim fanatic who even preferred the malakia identity to his real identity. It was only when he spearheaded the kokora agenda in the 1980s when he was forced to convert in order to fit into the identity of his friends such as Peter Cirillo so that he could get a position in the kokora government in Juba which unfortunately for him the position went to his younger brother Robert Bande who is also known for disrespect and abuse of the authority and leadership of the former of Yambio Joseph Bakasoro.

Peter Beshir Bande and his brother Robert Bande has been responsible for abusing the SPLM/A IO leadership and blackmailing their own strong boys such as Izedeen Bashir, Adel Sander and many others to the extent that the lives of the two are today in danger. Comrade Izedeen almost lost his lives when Peter Beshir Bande and his brother Robert Bande accused him to the notorious MI of the regime in Juba and Izedeen was arrested and detained incommunicado. As much as South Sudanese must watch out for disrespectful maniacs like Peter Bashir Bande and his brother, the two must also be watchful of many South Sudanese and particularly SPLM/A IO who are already at the fringe of saying to them enough is enough of these abuses, disrespect and badmouthing.

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