Yau Yau Condemns Coordinated Killing of Ethiopian Nuer Civilians, Holds Governor Responsible

David Yau Yau, the leader of COBRA and his forces, after signing an agreement with Salva Kiir government(Photo: file)
David Yau Yau, the leader of COBRA and his forces, after signing an agreement with Salva Kiir government(Photo: file)

April 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- The coordinated killing of Nuer civilians in Gambella, Ethiopia is sorrowful and unfortunate, says former SSDM/SSDA chairman Lt. Gen. David Yau Yau Jangkuch in a press statement he signed and seen by Nyamilepedia. SSDM/SSDA former leader denies the statement that links his former army with the massacre and kidnapping of Nuer civilians of Ethiopia saying his former soldiers couldn’t turn against a country that helped them to sign peace agreement with the government of South Sudan.

Gen Yau Yau asserts that the attackers came from Lekuangole County, the homeland of current Governor of Boma State. According to him, the attackers organized themselves from as far as Nyergeny, Manythaka, Wuogony, Toltol and Manyathind bomas of Lekuangole.

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SSDM/SSDA leader-turned politician squarely blames Baba Medan, the present Governor of Boma State and holds him responsible for kiiling of 208 innocent Nuer civilians of Ethipoia and over 100 abducted children. Governor Baba Medan is the source arms supplier.

“The Governor had supplied his own people some weapons and ammunitions when planned to force his way into Pibor town and the same weapons and ammunitions which are now used against the Nuer civilians in Ethiopia,” charges Gen Yau Yau.

“We urge the Governor to be frank to the public that the attacks were made by his own community of Lekuangole. The Governor has to learn how to call spade a spade. He must at best talk to the chiefs of his area to collect all the abducted children and cattle to be returned to the rightful owners rather than making unfounded accusations,” Yau Yau appeals to Governor Baba Medan.

Former SSDM/SSDA boss clarifies that members of his former army were reintegrated into South Sudan army and are now integral part of the SPA, denying that they didn’t commit atrocities against the Nuer civilians in Ethiopia.

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Bol Gatjang April 22, 2016 at 3:39 am

Ok,David Yau Yau, we want to see it tangibly by a taking a drastic measures against those perpetrators. You have better idea more than anybody’else for some reasons, one you are one of the leader in South Sudan Murlee community.2) You heard people gossips about those perpetrators among Murlee population in the areas. 3) you may probably collect their belonging such as houses or the cattle they have looted from the victims of GaaJaak Nuer community in Gambella,Ethiopia for further investigations.4) you may collect their families and bringing them for interrogation to where their husbands ,children, brothers or relatives who massacre people hidden .5) David, you may also uses your military army to seize their villages and asks them to hand in those Murlee killers and so on. You better works in joining coordinated effort with his Excellency,Prime minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn to possibly located those innocent children abducted while their mothers and relatives killed. We want both of you hold Murlee who were murdered our people accountable for their actions and faces justices. Thanks By Bol GatJang

Dak Thong April 23, 2016 at 10:47 am

General David Yau Yau
You are the most reasonable person in today South Sudan’s political striving. During your being presented in the area, our two sisters communities had demonistrated good neighourhood tranquillity, and the two communities enjoyed peace in your time. And the peace did not come by luck, it was because leader like you and other side of Nuer community leaders had kept eyes on problems fabrications between the two communities. Today Nuer and Murle community to be in peace, will depend on the leaders who are down within these communities. Yes, David that is good suggestion that current Pibor’s administration should team up with Ethiopian armies in searching for those abducted children and return them to the rightful relatives. As Southern Sudanese, we have to respect our relationship with Ethiopian, because the government we are killing ourselves came through their dear contributions. Look General David, in today human being’s survivability world wide,
people worry about how one feed his/her dear family which requires better settlement and create activities which supports the family and the society one resides in, through paying taxs to local authority. Really, when people need to be independent, the authority they formed should be responsible over the entire communities happened locate in that considered nation. High and local aithority in the area has to creat jobs for local residents to support themselves and also support the local authority through taxs payment from the works they do, but all these can be possible through permanent settlement and encourage our local people to stop creating problems among themselves and also with their neighbours communities.


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