Hoth Mai: People Are Calling me ‘A YES MAN’!

By Rusas Gatkor Wanjaangtut,


The former Chief of Staff, James Hoth Mai at an interview in 2011 (Photo: Sodere.com)
The former Chief of Staff, James Hoth Mai at an interview in 2011 (Photo: Sodere.com)

Dec 8, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Where is Judas Iscariot (James Hoth) recently? Does he just keep saying ‘YES’ to any negative proposition? Judas Iscariot (James Hoth) has said last year by his mouth in July 2013 that “People calling him a Yes Person”, following the suspension of Dr. Riek Machar from being a Vice President, during which the Judas Iscariot ( J Hoth) addressing the Army and trying to avoid eruption of violent in Juba. He Judas (J Hoth) was very happy and has been absolutely believed that he is going to replace Dr Riek Machar’s value among all the Nuers, the people which he Judas ( J Hoth) doesn’t love them.

Why the invisible Judas Iscariot (James Gathoth) decided to assassinate Dr Riek Machar? It’s because Dr Riek Machar still valuable among Nuers even though suspended, so that he has agreed with his boss Kiir to assassinate Dr Riek Machar and silent the hope of South Sudanese on Dr Riek toward the future leadership of the country to replace S Kiir. In fact, the action of Salva Kiir and James Hoth in Juba on Nuers is not a coup as they put it, it’s an assassination attempt. Invisible Judas Iscariot (James Hoth) allow his people “ Nuer’s dead bodies” those he killed to be burnt near Jebel Ladu and other allowed to be thrown into Bahr El Jebel, to give room to Kuol Manyang to dismiss that the killing of Nuers was just a story created by Dr Riek Machar because you cannot fine a single grave in Juba but photos and videos of every event is being taken

Where is Judas Iscariot (J Hoth) now? Did he hang himself like the former Judas Iscariot had done after Jesus had condemned to Death? Why he doesn’t response to all the allegations against him that he clean of what took place in Juba on 15 December, 2013? He Judas Iscariot (James Hoth) can’t attempt to make a single response to prove him out that he is not responsible about the current situation the Nuers are facing. A great shame on him, look after you killed your people ‘the Nuers’ in Juba and chase away the others to live in UNMISS and elsewhere, you Judas Iscariot (James Hoth) become powerless and then you have sacked like a dog and without any little bit of reaction from your position as Cdr of General Staff. Now, your being as an advisor to Salva Kiir or any other Dinka’s official is valueless, you’re just a lonely barking dog which has no a friend here and there.

The invisible Judas (J Gathoth Mai) is shameless and non-feeling, why? It’s because his betrayal attitude starts since 1983, and he is the one behind the death of best figures such as Yusif Kiir Tang, Abdalla Chuol Deng, Tang Muang, Jok Reath and many others and that you become immune of being a man slaughter. I heard that you are trying to re-associate with Nuers and people are running away from you and no one is interesting to come close at you to greet you. I have seen Salva Kiir unlike Judas Iscariot (James Hoth), he feeling very guilty when he is outside South Sudan. He Salva Kiir looks like a thief or robbery on TV when he is in Ethiopia during peace talk session’s occasions, he (Salva Kiir) often looks extremely suspicious and exactly like an accused person on his way to live behind bars.

People calling James Hoth as;

  • The killer of Nuers in Juba and open to Dinka and others to massacre Nuers.
  • The great Cowardice Army Gen. in world
  • The Judas Iscariot that betrayed Jesus, he betrayed Nuers.
  • He James H declare and happy to call himself ‘yes person’
  • He James H has called a WAR-CRY in Nuer ‘WIE-WIEEE’ to any Nuer person seen him closer to him, the Nuer woman will be informed to cry “WIEE-WIEEEE”. The problem arrived.
  • He absolutely fit to be called with any negative, such as shameless and non-feeling.

What a YES PERSON means?

The Yes Person must accept everything his boss Salva Kiir wants to do;

  • Salva Kiir told him! I want 15,000 Presidential Guards from Dinka tribe only. Judas Iscariot (J Hoth) answered YES MY BOSS.
  • He said to his Boss S Kiir, why Nuers civilians are killed in Juba and our action was designed to be only among the Presidential Guards and house of Riek Machar? Don’t ask that question, said Salva Kiir. He answered YES MY BOSS. But, my first degree relatives have died in that action, James Hoth (Judas Isc.) said to Salva Kiir. There was a bit of silence.
  • What you suppose to ask are Billion of $$$$$$$$$$$ compensation (Reward for your good service) to all those died in Juba and go and celebrate their death, said Salva Kiir. Judas Isc. (James Hoth) answered YES MY BOSS.
  • You Judas Iscariot (James Hoth) leave off your Commander of General Staff for Malong Awan, said Salva Kiir. Judas Iscariot (James Hoth) answered YES MY BOSS.
  • If Salva Kiir told him that your wife you Judas (J Hoth) for me tonight? What do you think would be his answer? I believe he will reply with YES MY BOSS.

There is no A YES MAN among Nuers’ men and no GOOD MAN in Nuers. The non-Nuers are calling Judas (J Hoth) a good man. The Nuers’ attitude had since ruled out that a man to be good like a woman to the extend to have sex with man, that’s why the majority of women they preferring to have sex with man in darkness, because the women were facing sexual intercourse as a great challenge to them in life.

What reason force me for written this?

In the day he Judas Iscariot (James Hoth) had celebrated the death of his relatives Mr Reath Thoan and Domach who where civilians and officials in civil service in Juba, killed in Juba massacre. Judas Iscariot (James Hoth) was absolutely said a wrong statement “I given Reath Thoan to die for our country South Sudan”, it can be convenience if Reath was your son. A Nuer man is saying that statement for his son who was killed unintentionally by a member of the same family. The father of a victim will say that statement to prevent revenge and separation of that family. You ordered Dinka to kill Reath Thoan and and let them burn his body plus Reath Thoan is not your son to have right to say the above statement.

What you are intending to say, you are trying to reveal the billions $$$ you received from Kiir for Reath and other victims, because you say to Salva Kiir Yes you kill my best friend Reath and Salva Kiir told you YES TAKE THIS $$$$$$$. In fact, you are the killer of Mr Reath Thoan and if Reath has a brother he has right of hunting at you and gun you down.

What a shame on you Judas Iscariot (James Hoth) to be the Cdr of General Staff (2nd man over SPLA) and your people “Nuers” are living refugees in UNIMISS Compound and you are recently enjoying hotels and drinking beers in Juba.

The Nuer’s currently Level of vulnerability

See Mr Judas Iscariot (James Hoth) the maximum level of vulnerability you currently exposed the Nuers into. In Bentiu, Malakal, Renk and Paloch the Nuers civilians and armies loyalties to you and Salva Kiir are being killed, some are disappearing from Airports and other are killing in UNMISS Camps. Look what happen in Kakuma in which the Greater Lakes people and Kenya Police are mobilized against the lovely Nuers people and you are still on your loyalty to monster Kiir Mayardit. I believe your loyalty is based on sexual relationship between you and your boss Salva Kiir, is either Hoth is fucking his boss Kiir or Kiir fucking. Gordon Buay is a new fucker partner for Salva Kiir, because he just a recent SSLM rebel and how come he become very loyal to the extent of denying his people killed in Juba on Dec. 15, while it’s well known to world. Being a gay is not a morden fashion, it’s exist long time ago. Please Judas (J Hoth) response that you’re clean from all these above.

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Nyaluak Lual December 9, 2014 at 8:43 pm

Do you really believe that Nuer died in 1991 and 2013 by the cause created by James Hoth Mai? Do you think that all Nuer are stuipid? Hoth is a Nuer from Jikany, Ulang county, not from Bentiu or Leer County. He is allowed to be intelligent. He cannot destroy South Sudan because Riek can be Prime Minister. Go to hell, you son of a gun! Nyaluak


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