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Consequence Of The Meeting Between Riek Macher And Yoweri Museveni In Kampala Uganda

By Dhoal Larjin

Dr. Riek Machar Teny- Dhurgon meeting Ugandan President at 10pm in Masindi District outside Kampala on January 26, 2015(Photo: Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Dr. Riek Machar Teny- Dhurgon meeting Ugandan President at 10pm in Masindi District outside Kampala on January 26, 2015(Photo: Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Jan 26, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The perception of Riek Macher leaving his residential in Addis Ababa is to encounter Yoweri Museveni in Kampala. He is joining a meeting with Museveni over several issues. There are political issues that cause mixed reactions from across the region. The most popular is that Riek is going to convince Museveni to urge Kiir to withdraw created twenty eight states. They will discuss security arrangement as some of Museveni troops are still in Juba. Museveni is likely to support armed resistant of Equoria people should Kir insist not to revere his decrees from this visitation. If Kir does not want to listen to Museveni, Uganda will give his support to Macher. The concept to visit is a positive idea because Museveni has allowed the administration of SPLM-IO in his country. I want to point out that Museveni is likely to switch his side from Kiir to Riek.

There are many expectations to make for the outcomes of their meeting aftermath. One of the expectations is that Riek will visit the father of Museveni in his village because it is a process for the Museveni administration to show his father home to the SPLM-IO members who pay a visit to his administration. Riek is likely to tour Uganda including the home for the father of Museveni in the village. It becomes a customary to pay respect to Museveni by visiting his dad at his cattle camp in his village in western Uganda. Macher will then come to Kampala and meet with the South Sudanese people. It shows Museveni power is manipulating leaders of South Sudan. I argue Kiir will also visit Museveni immediately when Riek leaves to discuss the same. It can be argued that Yoweri wants some supports from South Sudan leaders to win the next election as a regional leader. Leaders of South Sudan meeting with Yoweri before the election is an indication he is going to win the upcoming election next month. The move will intimidate Ugandan voters because it shows Museveni has strong supports from people with gun power.

The visit is seen as a negative from the SPLM-IO strongholds because they lost truth from Museveni. Riek was invited many times last year, but he turned it down due to security factors. Riek did not see Museveni since 2013 because his security advisers proved Uganda was not safer. They have been citing the incidents like the death of John Garang as it compares to the death of George Athor with of the American citizens. Riek feels more secure now in Uganda because Museveni has shown positive attitudes toward his relation with him. The positive attitude is the withdrawing of his troops from Bor and his meeting with Riek in Khartoum.

From the SPLM-IO members, the move is suicide because Museveni is still supporting Kiir government. SPLM-IO supporters think it is too early for Riek to visits Yoweri because they are still thinking of innocent Nuer killed by UDF in their villages. It is seen as a dissolution of relationship of those who don’t like Museveni in power. The Ugandan opposition is likely to withdraw their support from Riek. Some of the African leaders who do not want Museveni in power will not back Macher because of dictatorship. It is a great deal for leaders to risk their existent for a basis of their people. Riek is risking for his cause because SPLM-IO members do not support it. I think it is okay for a leader like Macher to risk his political chance. He should know that he is jeopardizing his relation with Bashir because Museveni is hosting many of Dafurian and Sundance rebels who are fighting Khartoum regime in his country. Riek seems to have no much truth of Ethiopia, and he is thinking that Museveni has more power to pressure Kiir.

I would extent my predictions that Riek is going to Juba from Ugandan, and this move will cause many of his supports to switch to the generals with General Peter Gadet to weight a rebellion against Riek Macher if he is with the government. I am urging Riek Macher to stand with his people even if it causes his life.

For my bibliophiles and followers, I want to conclude that all expectations cannot be dismissed because they are so closed to the reality and intellectual of our people. The consultation is so important for it will last for a week due to its high consequential for the two leaders. It sounds like they want to share their strategies to build up the trust between the two leaders. I strongly support a meeting over any political issues, but will definably oppose any strategies to plan another civil war in our nation state.

The author, Dhoal Larjin, is a leader of SPLM-IO II can be reached through email dtuolual@gmail.com

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LIM GATLUAK January 28, 2016 at 12:24 am


Tolio January 28, 2016 at 11:55 am

President Museveni would never support support any rebellion in South Sudan as there is nothing he could gain from instability which a civil war could cause.

A South Sudan without war is a well off of Ugandans economically. Citizens from South Sudan spend a lot of their money on imported goods from Uganda and domestically in shops which Ugandan run.

Ugandans have a lot of jobs in South Sudan, doing businesses, teaching and other specialised professions where South Sudanese people have skill shortages. All of these employments mean decrease in an unemployment rate in Uganda.

Some South Sudanese inject their money into Ugandan economy through education which they take from Uganda as well as their paying of housing rental costs, bills and other living expenses.

Politically, South Sudanese have somewhat helped President Museveni to defeat the LRA rebels through military cooperation and refusal to give LRA a safe haven of South Sudan soil where it could launch attacks on Ugandans in close range.

As it can be seen, there are many good things president Museveni and his Ugandan people enjoy from South Sudan and that is why he could never support any instability of South Sudan.

Accidents happen. The sad death of Dr John Garang, could be one of them. Perhaps, Museveni has nothing to do with it. Similar military Ugandan military helicopters like the one which crashed while Dr Garang was onboard,killing him and others had crashed into a mountain in Kenya while they were flying to Somali to be used in the fight against Al Shabaab militants. Those helicopters crashed at the time simply because of poor visibility which the bad weather conditions caused. The people on them were all Ugandans. That is what accidents are, which might be the case in the terrible death of Dr Garang.

JOHN YOAL CHUOL January 29, 2016 at 1:26 am

in politic has no permanent friend nor permanent enemy and there is no ways to defeated your enemy at least you won his is loyalists and cooperate with them, As long as Dr Riek want to shows that he is the peace maker in Africa that is why he risk him self to persuade Mr. yoweri to advice kiir not to insist for 28 state due of further deterioration of war in south Sudan. Let us not mistaken him if you knew that you’re loyalist to Riek, let us stand firm to support on his dearly planning and let hope Riek will take over that presidential seat sooner, according to prophet his prophesy about him.


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