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Kiir’s End Term Best Chance For A New Beginning.

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Madut Abraham August 4, 2015 at 6:29 am

Deng Vanang, I agree with you on most topic except the giving UN power to rule south Sudan. UN is a combination of many nations with difference interests , giving them power to be in charge will create many problems for south sudanese. They will support power hunger individual who have no interest of people of south Sudan in heart , like Riek Machar, Kiir mayardit ,Lam Akol and many others. The solution is to support peace that exclude Kiir Mayardit as president and remove Riek machar and bring them to justice inside south sudan to face their crime against humanity for using people and south sudan’s wealth for their own benefit. This can be achievement if people stop supporting their own tribe in south sudan. The reason Riek Machar is still not facing justice for crime against humanity , is because Nuer tribe men support him even they no that Riek Machar have committed war crime many time in south sudan . Riek Machar used his knowledge and 6 billion US dollars that he got from south sudan oil during 1997 to 2013 from the deal he signed with Omar Bashir in 1997 to away with war crime. International say that south sudan oil should be signed only by a leader from south sudan not from North Sudan ,during civil war. So Riek Machar rebel from SPLA/SPLM and joint Omar Bashir to take advantage of that. Therefore, Riek Machar signed the deal of oil when he rebel against SPLA/SPLM and Riek Machar help Omar Bashir by letting Omar Bashir start oil drilling inside south sudan in 1997 ,that is why Omar Bashir bought so many weapons and become strong . And Riek Machar just have money going direct to his account from oil companies. That is why international community do not talk about him. because they are using his money for business. And Riek Machar died, they will take the money because it is in their banks abroad . That is the reason people of south sudan should not let Riek Machar be a leader again, no. UN should not be truth, they are there in south sudan to make money and take money back their countries. Look ,since 2005 UN in south sudan have being talking about topic that make tribes turn against other tribes so that south sudan will be like Somalia, Congo, and many other countries that UN are control now . What UN do in countries they in now, they make problems so that war is hard to end, and UN just take resources in those countries for free. UN pay few people who are greedy ,power hunger and selfish who do not care about their own people to destroyed countries . Because it is cheap for UN to do that .And it is more money for them. The money that UN pay to bad people like Riek machar , still go back UN . This is why , they people they paid ,kept the money in other countries that in over sea, i.e Sweden, Nether Land ,Norway , and many others . SO it is a lose to all Africa , because most of the bad leaders take the money from their countries and save it in others countries banks. And that money is not benefit the people where those leaders came from. That is why Nuer people should stop supporting Riek Machar. Riek Machar is enjoying his life in Ethiopia and his family are in Europe . Riek Machar do not stay in south sudan , he just talk from far away from the war . Because he is making his own money using Nuer people . There is no need for war , south sudan gain it’s independence in 2011. What south sudan need is discussion to make changes that people of south sudan need. And that will come from people from 64 tribes of south sudan , not IGAD or UN.

Kai Doang August 4, 2015 at 3:26 pm

Matut Abraham, what the big lei! That is just a mere campaign against Dr.Riek. Riek had never order his solders intentionally to kill South Sudanese but Kiir did. Riek act only for self defend. Riek was free from 75 corrupted officials.

Kajokeji Lokuron August 4, 2015 at 3:59 pm

Madut Abraham,
Your mentality is similar to that of Mr. Kirr Mayardit and the cohort. South Sudan as we know it is under a rule of gun, not law. So please stop misleading people that the UN and IGAD should leave you alone. Do your really want Salva KIrr Mayardit to erase all the tribes of south Sudan who do not have guns? Let me remind you that the only solution to South Sudan crises is for Salva to quit politics or kiss good bye to South Sudan as a country! Sooner or later, the three regions will go their separate ways. After all, the Dinka have proven beyond reasonable doubt that KOKORA was justified and is still relevant today! The bitter truth is that it is impossible to share a country or space with dinka because of their barbaric ways- killings, looting, corruption, stealing, etc.

Jay Jidu August 5, 2015 at 3:26 am

Lokuron you should be shame of yourself as a man and more specifically as S.Sudanese who has the mentality of UN taking over your own country of birth. what were you born for fool……….? to eat kisira? no i don’t think so. can you as an individual come out of your tinny cocoon and lead the S.Sudanese through the world wide compaigh for peace instead of preaching divisive idiologies. Let me assure you that our Country will never be run by the BLOOD UN or the Educated illiterate riek will never rule S.Sudan, I dare you!


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