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To All SPLM Youth League In Opposition Chapters!

In struggle commemorate the Dec 15 2013 the Nuer massacred




Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak and all other military generals, SPLM Elites, faith based group and SPLM/SPLA youth at Pagak Conference(Photo: Paul Tesloach/Nyamilepedia)
Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak and all other military generals, SPLM Elites, faith based group and SPLM/SPLA youth at Pagak Conference(Photo: Paul Tesloach/Nyamilepedia)

Dec 8, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Dear compatriots in struggle, the historical dark day in our nation is approaching. Dec-15-2013, the day when, the president of south Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit and his cohorts ordered a secret presidential decree of mass ethnic cleansing after failing to completely eliminate the political ideology in the country in order to strengthen his totalitarianism as the ruling system in the land of black people- Al sudd or south Sudan.

On Dec-15-2013 President Salva Kiir Mayardit after the scuffle among the presidential guards went off in the morning of Dec-16-2013 decided to exercise the uniforms he wore for the defense of the country and used his power against the ethnic group he claims to be his adversary. His guards whom he secretly trained for the period of six months went to the streets of Juba killing blameless women, children, men, young and old people from the tribe of Nuer disrupting his massive supports from this very community. The homicide was done deliberately and methodically. If UNMISS didn’t opened its wings of leniency thousands upon thousands could still hangs at the fence of UNMISS to date.

Consequence, the more than 3,000 and over heavily armed presidential guards commonly known as, gelweng or dutkubeny meaning, your soldiers lord from his tribe mostly from his clan of Warrap and Aweil, systematically used the worse part of taking someone’s life by burning women, children, and the old people to death, dying in agony in the hand of a brutal primitive socially discriminator-(ists) well trained Guards of the president.These guards were authorized to rape young girls as age 13 or 14 to death. More than five to ten men waits in line animalistically rapping such a little ones to death after which their relatives or loved ones stare at in disgust and if any attempt to heave an eye brow he or she will immediately be shot to death, actually in the head. After which they cut part of that persona and roasted or cook it and forced people they captured from the other part of the city to eats them or they shot them to death too. The system of feeding human being with the flesh of their fellow was only seen in south Sudan and it will never recur again.

Women and girls of age 15 to 35 were brutally murdered. They confine their victims and ordered them to slouch down putting a rough stick between their legs actually in their privates’ part and till they depart this life. They used no mercy tactics as a part of their ethnic cleansing.  All these orders were from the president himself just like any other dictators in the rest of the world who burned people alive, pulverize people with military tanks or spurt them with a pistol in the head. Kiir was report believe to have shot some people from the Nuer tribe himself in his palace, J1, such a brutality. This act is amounting to Human Right abused which is universally unacceptable and should be treats with punishment.

Dec 15/2013 mark the day when innocents civilians were put to death by their own government, by their own president they voted for in 2010 Sudan’s first general election in 23 years. The blood of these innocents ones shall cemented the fight for total freedom and democracy in our nation. Not only Nuer were killed as widely believe but the entire south Sudanese who proudly opposed the brutal ruling-ship and not leading-ship by the Kiir Mayardit fall victimized also. Then more than 30,000 Nuer guiltless civilians were killed without their consent. This shall be a blessing in disgust for our nation.

Therefore, the Office of the Chairman for SPLM Youth League In Opposition under Cde. Puot Kang Chol appeal to every single nationalist in our nation residing inside south Sudan or outside the country to mark this day (Dec 15/2013) widely known as the Nuer massacred to be commemorating in honor of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and loved ones who brutally died in the hand of this regime.

We send a message of condolence to the victims’ families to take heart and know that nothing last forever. We must fight this regime because freedom is not easily given but fight for. We must come together to see this man who killed his own people leave south Sudanese alone and be remember as someone who killed his own people in this age and the ages to come.

You can borrow the designed T-shirt from Zee Machar or Both Reat Yioy at the movement or whatever designed is better to remember our people with before we officially design an everlasting symbol to remember them. As a group or a family, you can wear a black t-shirt; light a candle, set time to pray for peace in our nation and for the decease families and the Nuer nation at large. This is your personal calls and responsibility to persist telling the world regarding this wicked government which is presently going away once and for all.

May God Bless and Protect the remnants (those in UNMISS) of Juba Massacred

Be a blessing!!!!!

Cde. Both Chuol Gakah

Director of the Chairman’s Office

SPLM Youth League in Opposition

Contact us through chairmanoffice.splmyl@gmail.com ,

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Twitter: SPLM Youth League,   Website: www.splmyl.org,

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