A Nutshell of Health Risks factors affecting civilians in Upper Nile region in particular.

By Nyan Gatdet Chukuel,


this photo was taken while crossing padoi river jonglei state. it was on the 8th of September 2014 with general Dau Deng Gatkuoth. the photo was captured by friend using my smart phone.
Nyan Gatdet with Gen. Dau Deng and other freedom fighters crossing Padoi River,  Jonglei State, South Sudan, 8th of September, 2014(Photo credits: captured by a white army on a smart phone)

Dec 8, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Dear compatriots, as most of you are aware that I went to our beloved new nation to visit those who are affected by killer kiir’s imposed war in South Sudan especially in Upper Nile region. This kiir/museveni’s disaster was never been about the failed coup attempted as claimed by those murderers in Juba/Kampala but instead this was caused by kiir’s greedy, nepotism, tribalism, corruptions and ego of leadership. As they said during South-North conflict, “any loss of life in south Sudan was Bashir’s falls” isn’t the same thing happening now in the new nation? “kiir;s falls” hope so.

My personal experiences were full of sorrows, emotional, psychological and physical effects. walking in that flooding was never been easy both psychological and physical aspect, losing my elder brother in the local hospital in Langkeen due to poor medical diagnosis/treatment was one of the heart breaking moment that you cannot imagine and how it has affected me psychologically and emotionally. witnessing and seeing many people that are affected by illnesses such as communicable diseases and other health issues that are curable but could not be treated due to lack of medical aids was very disturbing and beyond beliefs. I also would to empathies that, kiir’s strategies of wiping the Nuer out of South Sudan are a full swing and more effects. Due to poor transportation caused by kiir and museveni’s regime, many sick people died in their homes without being attended by any medical personals. My question goes to Museveni, is that the intervention you said save lives? Isn’t your secret mission against the Nilotic at work your murderer? Your military present in our country is the number one incurable disease; Uganda will prosper again in East Africa.

So, having four months in south Sudan particularly in Upper Nile region where its populations are the most affected by the current conflict, I come across shocking, unforgettable and darkest moment that I will never forget in my entire life. As someone who has participated in the last struggle between South Sudanese and the Arab of North, what I have seen and witnessed is unpatriotic acts driven by hatred, tribalism and luck of state man’s principles. Dear country men and women, Kiir’s intentions for destroying our country are reals and must not be ignored.

Therefore, this has come into my attention to share some member able cliffs as an evidence for this report. Above is my picture with comrades who are working hard day and night in protecting those vulnerable in the upper Nile region against a tyrant regime whose its aim and objectives is to murders citizens based on their ethnicity. Off cause, sharing this photo will give you sense and better understanding about the suffering our population faces in those areas.

In fact this visit has gave me knowledge and belief which suggested that, floods can potentially increase the transmission of the communicable diseases water-borne diseases, such as typhoid fever, cholera, leptospirosis, Kal-Azar and hepatitis A/B. In addition, Vector-borne diseases, such as malaria, dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever, yellow fever, and West Nile Fever were also among the illnesses that causes health problems. Forks, as your friend, brother who have seen everything with his own eye, given the fact that there is no proper access to medical aids, the transmission of those diseases are uncontrollable and untreatable. Other diseases like conjunctivitis and gastro-enteritis are also common and turned more fatal as well.   Citizens, flooding are natural disasters that can be control and managed, let us call for change so that this kind of suffering does not happen again.

In conclusion: the health problems are too much to expressed, many diseases, less health facilities, less treatments and preventions. This bring into my attention that, despite the significant efforts done by MSF Hall Land, there is no enough health assistant needs that is being provided due to lack of NGOs in those counties. Therefore, the International community such as UN, USA, European Unions, AU and IGAD must focus in ensuring that, those populations who have been isolated by the tribal regime in Juba because of their ethnicity should have a humanitarian health actions plan. However, even though MSF Hall Land is trying its best in helping those in needs under hard circumstances, the overcrowded and the influx to that local health facility is too much to handle. This has made hard for the staff to provide treatments in such a difficult situation. Furthermore, due to the insufficiencies and unprecedented lack of humanitarian aids going to Lou areas, it is impossible to get good health outcome. Therefore, I am calling upon the good will of Nuer community in particular to come out and to help our vulnerable population. Health Issues are real follow by education access, please, please and please don’t forget kiir’s intention is to wipe us out of the land, therefore health and education are also part of their strategies.

The author of this report can be reach on: p.nyan2010@hotmail.com.au

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