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BREAKING NEWS: The Nuer and Equatorians Will Pay For The Death of Dinka ~ Says Salva Kiir

President Salva Kiir swearing with his left hand(Photo: file)
President Salva Kiir swearing with his left hand(Photo: file)

Oct 21, 2017(Nyamilepedia) — Speaking during a secret retreat with the army generals and elderly politicians known as the Jieng Council of Elders, South Sudan’s incumbent, Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit, assured his Dinka ethnic group that the Nuer and the Equatorians will be held to account for the death of Dinka people in South Sudan.

The least unexpected speech, which went viral on social media for the last two days, was recorded by anonymous insider and shared through Facebook.

In his own words, President Salva Kiir said “Dr. Riek and the group and Equatorians and the Nuers have to account for the death of Dinka tribe”

The president was referring to death of any Dinka who died as a result of the current war and past conflicts.

President Kiir, who is known for giving inciting hate speeches, referred to a highly politicized break-up of SPLM/A in 1991 and 2013 incidents saying that the Dinka tribe were massacred in Akobo, Bor and Malakal by the Nuer tribes.

Mr. Kiir believes that his tribesmen were also killed in Central, Western and Eastern Equatoria by members of the Equatorian community and for that the Equatorian must pay.

Kiir has promised the Dinka politicians and SPLA Dinka generals, who attended the secret retreat at the army headquarters in Bilpham, that the Nuer and Equatorians will pay for the suffering caused to his tribe.

Though he did spell how he plans to execute prosecution along tribal lines, President Kiir is known to have trained a private tribal army known as Mathiang Anyoor and Dutkubany, that runs parallel to the national army.

The presidential militias are believe to have been resonsible for the door-to-door massacres of the Nuer tribe at the onset of the conflict in December 2013 and later on in other parts of Upper Nile.

The same groups are also accused of rape and other atrocities in Yei and other parts of Equatoria.

In a similar briefing earlier this year, President Kiir threatened the people of Yei, who are largely members of the Equatorian tribes, that he will move his army headquarters to Yei to lead operations against those who were accused of killing members of Dinka tribe along the Juba-Yei road.

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Odudu Baliba October 24, 2017 at 5:11 am

I am sure Gen Salva Kiir is not aware of his job description, one may doubt because he behaves more like a community leader and traditional leader rather than head of state, a diversified state or heterogeneous society.


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