Former National Security officer behind prisoners’ takeover of NSS headquarters in Juba

Captain Kerbino Wol, former NSS officer and head of KSS security organization (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

October 7th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – A former South Sudan National Security officer who has been detained on suspicion of having ties with the South Sudan’s rebels is behind the takeover, by armed prisoners, of the National Security Service Headquarters this morning in the capital Juba, the NSS have said in a statement.

The South Sudan’s National Security Service (NSS) has also admitted that prisoners, whom they referred to as criminals, have taken control of one part of the National Security Headquarters denying allegation that a huge number of armed prisoners are in a fighting mood with the security personnel.

Early today, a number of prisoners being detained at the national security headquarters also known as the “Blue House” took control of the headquarters disarming the guards who were on service that morning.

In as statement seen by the Nyamilepedia this afternoon, the National Security Service’s Internal Bureau said a former NSS officer identified as Capt. Kerbino Wol mobilized prisoners being detained to takeover the national security facility.

“At 1:00am, this morning of 07/10/2018, one of the ISB officers, Capt. Kerbino Wol Agok, who was on administrative detention pending internal ISB court martial, overpowered the guard at the entrance of the prison and disarmed him. Capt. Kerbino used the weapon from the guard to open the prison gate by firing at the locks,” the National Security’s Internal Bureau said in a statement seen by the Nyamilepedia.

The statement said Capt. Wol then used the weapon to mobilized those the National Security referred to as criminal establishing a force of 15 and took over one part of the National Security General Headquarters and used the prisoners to serve as human shield for him.

“Capt. Kerbino mobilized criminals who were in the detention and established a force of 15 and took over one part of the prison cell where he forced the prisoners into human shield to protect him from protection forces,” the NSS’s Internal Security Bureau further said in the statement.

The statement further added that around five in addition to the first guards who were sleeping in the area adjacent to the building were also disarmed by the former officer with the help of the prisoners.

“Five (5) of our guards who were sleeping in the adjacent building were also disarmed and their weapons taken by the criminals,” partly read the statement.

The statement added that the National Security officials are engaging the former officer to put down gun and handle the situation peaceful so as to avoid risking life of the prisoners should a violent way is used to disarm him denying ‘propaganda” being spread in the media by Kerbino Wol.

“The ISB has opted to engage Capt. Kerbino to disarm him peacefully for the safety of the other prisoners. We understand that Capt. Kerbino is in communication with media house spreading alarming propaganda of large number of prisoners (allegedly 400 in number). This is not correct we do not have such number of prisoners in our facility,” the statement added.

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