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South Sudan President sees conflicts as the only hope to maintain his grip on power ~ Biar Ajak

Oct 09, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Exiled South Sudanese economist and civil rights activist, Peter Biar Ajak, regrets that South sudan cannot thrive so long as president Salva Kiir is in charge.

South Sudanese civil rights activist Peter Biar Ajak who fled to exile in the United States last week (Photo credit: Reuters)
South Sudanese civil rights activist Peter Biar Ajak who fled to exile in the United States last week (Photo credit: Reuters)

“South Sudan cannot improve the quality of life for its people with Kiir in power.” Peter Biar said.

In an opinion piece published by The Washington Post on Thursday, Peter Biar Ajak alleged that South Sudan’s only hope is holding elections which will allow the South Sudanese people to vote for leaders of their choice.

The chairman of the South Sudan Young Leaders Forum said that Kiir was appointed to presidency charged with building democratic institutions that would allow for national elections to be held in 2015. 

The country is yet to hold any elections yet Kiir is arguing that elections should be deferred to 2023 due to the delays in forming the unity government.

Peter Biar noted that Kiir has shown little interest in implementing the revitalized peace agreement reached in September 2018.

“Kiir’s unwillingness to deliver on the specific commitments within it — the merging of warring militias into a national army, the reconstitution of the parliament and the establishment of sub-regional governments — has created great risks of a new conflict emerging.” Said Peter Biar.

He added that Kiir knows that the South Sudanese people will never elect him in free, fair and credible elections and that the president knows conflict is the only way he can cling to the power.

“He sees conflict, endless negotiations to nowhere and severe repression as the only way of maintaining his grip on power.” Bair says

“But if the people can finally vote, they will undoubtedly send him home and elect visionary leaders who will rebuild South Sudan and restore enduring peace, development and human rights for all its people.” He added.

Peter Biar Ajak, fled to the United States in July with the help of the Trump administration, accusing Kiir of having plotted to kill him in Nairobi, Kenya.

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