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BREAKING NEWS: Kiir Appoints Former Bor Mayor Nhial Majak Nhial as Deputy Mayor of Juba

Nhial Majak, former Mayor of Bor Municipality Council, could be the next deputy mayor of Juba city(Photo: file)
Nhial Majak, former Mayor of Bor Municipality Council, could be the next deputy mayor of Juba city(Photo: file)

Oct 20, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– Latest reports from South Sudan’s Presidential Palace confirms that President Salva Kiir has appointed a controversial politician, Nhial Majak Nhial, as the deputy mayor of Juba city, a report that is being received with mixed feelings.

Mr. Majak, a lost boy turned politician, has served under Kuol Manyang Juuk, the current minister of defense and veteran affairs during his tenure as the governor of Jonglei state, as the mayor of Bor Municipality.

Although the full report is yet to be released through the government own television, SSTV, speculations about this appointment are being received with sharp criticisms by the land owners, the Equatorians, and similarly by the citizens of former Jonglei state.

During his term as the mayor of Bor town, Nhial Majak was bitterly and numerously accused of corruption and land grabbing by officials and colleagues in former Jonglei state.

According to a whistle-blower Aideed Koryom, Mr. Majak misappropriated public fund and grabbed public playgrounds and government reserved land in Bor town.

“I thought you have gone too far Nhial Majak when you try to take the land that was reserved for the public to be your own private land. First was the crisis funds that were misappropriated between you and Minister Gai Riem. You took the some of the funds and we kept our mouth shut protecting you. Than you put your own name on the Bor city ground permanently on your own and now you are trying to take the land that was reserved for the government.” Aideed wrote in this article.

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Majak, who is a close friend of Kuol Manyang survived the allegations during Hon. Kuol’s term as a governor, however, he was later suspended from office to allow investigation into land grabbing and corruption cases by the caretaker governor, Hon. John Kong Nyuon.

Mr. Majak was eventually sacked by Hon. Kong in early December 2015 and warned not to build on the controversial land he claims to own but he despised the warning which caused tensions between his supporters and Kong’s caretaker government.

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On the other hand, the natives of Jubek state criticize president Kiir for “taking their jobs away and awarding them to his Dinka people”.

According to James Taban, a political science student at the Juba University, Kiir’s appointment was not constitutional and it could see more land being grabbed by political elites and mostly by Kiir’s Dinka tribesmen.

“How can a president appoints a deputy mayor? This is not a duty of the president, even a minister cannot appoint a mayor or a deputy mayor. This is a position that is appointed by the governor of the state, it is not a national position, it is a local position.” Taban said.

“We Equatoria are aware that this is another plan for the Dinka president to get his men to steal more land from our people and we won’t tolerate it at all cost”

Attempts to reach the governor of Jubek’s office were not returned at the time of this report.


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