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Government Militias In Unity State Exaggerated Their Numbers On Camera, Posting As SPLA-IO

Maj. Gen. Makal Kuol meets Governor Nguen Manytuil and Mathew Puljang after defecting to government side with Taban Deng Gai(Photo: file)
Maj. Gen. Makal Kuol meets Governor Nguen Manytuil and Mathew Puljang after defecting to government side with Taban Deng Gai(Photo: file)

August 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- Latest reports from South Sudan’s Unity State refute a report aired by Kiir’s government on South Sudan television as exaggerated and baseless.

Responding to media reports organized by SPLA-IG, Weirail Puok Baluang, the Press Secretary in the Office of Unity State Military Governor for the Opposition calls on SSTV viewers to ignore the reports that were aired yesterday from Kuergeng of Unity State.

“This is to inform you once more again that, the defectors that were announced by the state leadership last month on 31st. July. 2016 have finally invited some SPLA soldiers and Puljang militias to Kuergeng in order to blindfold the people of south Sudan that they are the I.O loyalist of Taban Deng who defected and dismissed from the party.” Weirail said.

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According to SPLA-IO military sources in Unity State, the armed Opposition had no reasons or any justification to deploy over 6, 000 soldiers in a little known non-strategic area when Bentiu, Leer, Rubkona and other major towns remain under government control.

“Look, if 6, 000 soldiers defected from Guit county alone, then how many troops do we have around the oil fields, Bentiu town, Leer, Rubkona, Panriang and other major towns? You can tell that they are lying.” the spokesman said.

Credible sources confirm that the opposition did not assemble a force of more than 2000 in Guit county or Kuergeng where the defectors assembled.

According to Weirail, SPLA-IG headquarters in Juba planned ahead to convince or bribe youth in Guit county, however, after the plan failed, the army chief ordered a force recruitment of young boys and girls to be filmed as a “white army” that has defected.

“The development came after they failed to convince and bribe the youth of Guit who vehemently rejected to be with them for the sake of their people.” Weirail said.

“The State leadership under Lt. General Ruai Kuol Jal, would like to assure the general public that, those who appeared on SSBC apart from the individual generals are the pure enemy that we usually engage in battles.” Weirail continued.

It is not yet clear why a senior commander would defect with a white army but the armed opposition claim that all youth and the community remain loyal to Dr. Riek Machar Teny leadership.

“Guit youth are still committed to the cause and they are currently with their Commissioner Maj. Gen. Hoth Chuol.” he reiterates.

The press secrtary assures supporters and sympathizers that Guit County remains under Machar’s leadership but their leader made an exception not to attack the defectors at Kuergeng area because they still recognize their past contributions.

“The reason that the gallant I.O soldiers didn’t chase the defectors away from Kuergeng was because of the order from H.E the Governor, Ruai Kuol Jal, of not to fight them since they suffered with us in the bushes. And Governor assured our authorities in Guit that if three generals chosen to surrender to the regime that killed their people than it is their choice and let go them in peace.” Weirail said.

“The real and factual number about the guards taken away by the defectors that your state leadership disclosed to you last month is still the same.” he continued.

According to SPLM/SPLA-IO sources only less than 50 soldiers accompanied the generals but any other number is exagarrated.

SPLM/SPAL-IO made the same charges against Taban’s appointment in July this year. Although the Crown hotel was shown full of civilians and soldiers, some wearing uniform after the SPLA-IO was forced out of Juba, the real number of SPLA-IO senior officials was estimated at less than 5 officials.

SPLM/A-IO leadership believes that the people who elected Taban were picked up from the street to blindfold IGAD-plus and the international community.

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