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The Nuer Community In Victoria, Australia Condenms The Creation Of 28 States And The Appointment Of 28 Governors In The Republic Of South Sudan

By Stephen Khor Wal,

Map of the 28 states decreed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit
Map of the 28 states decreed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit

Jan 01, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- The leadership of the Nuer community and the Nuer sub-communities in Victoria, Australia would like to condemn the imposed unconstitutional amendment order which creates 28 States by the tribal government of Salva Kiir in Juba, South Sudan. The peace agreement signed between the two warring parties, the government of South Sudan and the SPLM/A-IO was signed on the basis of the 10 States with clear power sharing between the two parties within the” Transitional Government of National Unity” that is to be formed based on this agreement.

The creation of 28 States is a clear violation of this peace agreement which was signed to end the conflict that devastated the country since 15th Dec, 2013. This tribal based conflict has taken thousands of lives of civil population, mainly the targeted ethnic Nuer civilians which was executed not only in Juba, but also in other parts of the country. The conflict also displaced more than million people whom some still suffering in UNMISS camps in the country today, especially women and children.

President Salva Kiir indeed has shown its tribal sentiment and divide and rule strategy with imposition and implementation of this forceful amendment by appointing the 28 Governors in defiant of international community pressure to implement the Peace Agreement. The creation of the 28 states and the appointment of governors after the arrival of the SPLM/A-IO advance team in Juba is a serious step back for the implementation of Peace Agreement and it is very dangerous for the existence of our communities’ future aspirations.

The re-division of the country into 28 states was not well explored by the experts and a properly consultation was not sought from the South Sudanese public. Furthermore, the boundaries of this newly created states have not been based on the historical evidence of the colonial administration. The evidence has shown that, the boundaries of the newly created states and countries are just created to annex the resources and lands to the Dinka tribe by displacing other tribes from their lands.

The annexation of oil rich areas into Dinka territories is a clear evidence of that intention. As a result of this re-division order, parts of Northern Unity State Nuer land, has been annexed to no borders counties of Dinka Parieng and Abiemnom. The Adar oil rich areas of Nuer in Upper Nile has been given to Dinka community of Malut, as clearly shown on the map. In addition, the process of this presidential order to create and implement these 28 states was indeed fraught, it was not properly tabled and approved by the parliament of the nation.

The president did this intentionally to create chaos and instability amongst the tribes in order to strengthen Dinka domination and to prolong his stay in power. He knew that re-division of boundaries created since the time of colonial rule without consultation with the concerned citizens will create internal conflicts amongst the communities. This has already resulted in clashes in many areas including Aweil and Raja, Mayom and Abiemnom, Fashoda and Akoka just to mention a few. This is a violation of CPA2, and it may take the country back to a state of confrontations and turmoil unless if ultimate solution is not quickly sought.

That is why the Nuer community leadership in Australia rises strongly by condemning such a vicious order and would like to call upon the International communities and partners of the Compromise Peace Agreement (CPA2), namely the; IGAD, TROIKA, AU CHINA AND RUSSIA to condemn and block such a precarious move by the genocidal government of Salva Kiir and his evil tribal advisors team known as the “Jieng Council of Elders” which have been behind the massacre of Nuer people and the continuation of war and the creation of these 28 Sates order in defiant of the CPA2.


Stephen Khor Wal is the current Chairman of Nuer Community in Victoria, Australia and can be reached through chouldenggai@yahoo.com

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david Gai January 3, 2016 at 2:42 am

All whatever comes out of your mouth is condemning, condemning, I think you don’t want peace my dear people. In life there is something which you can analyzed by your own understanding and perceptions, whether if I say this, it might harm the public, individuals or non. Even when Dr.John Garang signed CPA with Sudan government, there are certain issues which were compromised in order to go ahead. The idea of creating more states was SPLM’s plan. The Rebels stolen it the time it was one SPLM and after rebellion created 21 states in order to get popularity but the government add 7 states in large areas and postured the idea. You will keep condemning but federalism take its costs. You people talk of what you even don’t know its disadvantages. As you always said, Dinka marginalized other tribes, it is already a division as you want. You preach hatred, bitterness, and tribalism in South Sudan. If you don’t want to develop your area, it is up to you. You let yourselves deceived by your own sons and uses you as tools for their own benefits. You don’t see your own self as first resource to your Mums and dads or entire family and being exploited like non living thing who has no will to make right choice, but always following those who preserve their lives in hotels. It is also hard for anybody to leave their geographical area, and go to disturbed in other area. All leaders from Bomas, Payams, counties, states, and national levels will be nominate by people, this step will block power hungry guys in South Sudan because all of us should not be president at once. Peace agreement should be implemented on 10 states base where rebels have given two states but reversed of 28 is joke that will never happened in the history of this nation.


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