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Sobat State Governor Visited Nyatot Military Barrack, Urged Army To Promote Peace Implementation Process

Sobat State Gov Duer Tut Duer in a state tour in his State


Jan 01, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- Sobat State Governor Duer Tut Duer this week paid a security visit to the State’s forces stationed at Nyatot as part of his tour to the area weeks after he has been to Pagak for leadership meeting, revealed State Spokesperson speaking to Nyamilepedia Correspondent.

SPLA IO forces in Sobat State are under the command of Brig .Gen. Tut Riek and based their GHQs half a mile from Nasir town. The forces were there for the last two years restrained from attacking the Government forces in Wecyaradiu.

“The Division three (Div 3) and Selka Battalion show their military capability and pledge Sobat1that they are fully ready to provide protection to the civilian population from the anti-people regime based in juba.”

Governor Duer, briefed the Army on the ongoing peace deal and the obstacles that IO leadership is facing on the implementation process.

“Our advance team is already in juba, yet the leadership is facing many challenges on our way to realize peace and stability in the country, but we are committing ourselves to flatten them out through peaceful mechanism,” Duer announced on Tuesday morning during normal military parade in the area.

The leadership in Sobat accused Salva Kiir regime for trying all its best to make sure peace is not going to hold ground. The dedicated Governor believed the creation of 28 states is not the popular demand of South Sudanese because it takes away land of certain communities without due process of the law.

Hon. Kech said, the SPLM-IO leaders are examining every single step Juba is undertaking and it will reach at a time when the leadership “will come to where they want it to be”.

Governor Duer asked the soldiers to give peace a chance, and says, “Let us not temper with this peace let them spoiled it”.

“They (Juba) have partitioned South Sudan into 28 states based on self-interest, and to make the matter worse, they have appointed their own governors while watching at their divisive actions,” He further stated in frustration.

Governor informed the soldiers on the current changes made on well-known expression orSobat2 word of moral commonly used by SPLM/A(oyee) to (Viva) SPLM/A and  called upon all the  comrades in Army to remain calm and observe the agreement.

“Our position is clear, we have to agree and respect the signed accord, JMEC is there with us following the procedures.”

He urged the member of the army to be alert and prepare for peace and also be ready in case things fallen a part, all options must be left open. “Peace must be prevented from those who threatened it.”

He ended his visit by thanking the military Generals; Brig Tut Rik, Brig.Ruach Wie, Brig.Chuol Nguot, Brig.Hokdor Chol, Brig.Duoth Lam and Brig.Stephen Chol Ngor for protecting the civilians from Kiir’s war of ethnic cleansing since war broke out. He specifically praised the White Army for crushing the Uganda’s special force merchandise fighters hired by Salva Kiir government.

“I promise you that the civil population have thrown their pledge and support to you (white army) and you will overcome the challenges that you might be facing.”

The Governor pledge the construction of houses in the cantonment areas for the army and their families.

Governor Duer Tut Duer concluded his speech by asking the soldiers to abide by the law and respect the right of the citizens they are protecting.


The report is compiled by Elbow Chuol, a Nyamilepedia Correspondent for South Sudan and Ethiopia. He can be reached through elbow.chuol@gmail.com



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Iual deng January 1, 2016 at 9:04 pm

I think Mr governor you just doing hogwash visit because you have nothing to say or nothing to do. You try to bolster the soldiers while murle attacked Buktiang yesterday killing many people and kidnapping children and your soldiers couldn’t detect the movement of murle the same thing will happen tomorrow the kiir forces will surprise you in your headquarter because your organisation lack of good intelligences and leadership. Now you saying let see the peace agreement, but kiir doesn’t recognised the peace deal and he just try to buy time while his military are at work by doing great mobilisation to distort you, you may thought that government is focusing on peace ,but they are preparing to attack you because they stated before to end the rebellion by force yet you guys could not listen until it will be too late to intertwined the result.

GatNor January 1, 2016 at 11:30 pm

Happy New Year to everyone.Thanks to Nyamilepedia staffs for working tirelessly to keep the citizens and the world at large well informed. This peace is ofcourse a pathetic joke on the victims of this civil war. Those who are laughing now has another thing coming. Bless you all through 2016 and beyond. the rotten to the core tribal government of Jeans must go.


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