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The Assassination Order of REMNASA Leader By The South Sudan President

South Sudanese troops (Photo: Peter Martell/IRIN)
South Sudanese troops (Photo: Peter Martell/IRIN)

June 17, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The leadership of REMNASA would like to inform our members, supporters and friends about the evil plots of the Government to assassinate the democratic leader of the Revolutionary Movement for National Salvation (REMNASA), Losuba Ludoru Wango. According to our intelligence reports, President Salva Kirr in collaboration with Clement Wani Konga, the governor of Central Equatoria has issued orders for the assassination of REMNASA leader as means to stop the struggle of the people to restore democracy for enhancement of national Peace, Unity and development.

Indeed, it is very unfortunately that, instead of searching for peace with those opposed to odd policies and practices of regime of SPLM under the leadership of Salva Kirr, the Government resolved into criminal options to deal with opposition fronts, which is not good approaches to resolve our national crisis.

According to the leaked sources, the motive to resort to this criminal manner to assassinate the leader of REMNASA on strong evidence that, REMNASA is emerging as new face of national revolution, and threat to the prolongation of the regime of the SPLM. Besides that, REMNASA is viewed as an obstacle in their unrealistic peace talks mediated by IGAD Plus aiming to ensnare SPLM-IO to worthless peace that are not
for all practical reasons to find solutions to the problems of South Sudan, but to fulfill the selfish desires and ambitions of the SPLM, and their selective leadership.

The leaked intelligence reports indicate that, the Government has designed two way prongs.

1)To entice the REMNASA leader to negotiate and if he accepts this negotiation, then he should be assassinated in the process. To achieve this part of the plot, a team headed by the Mayor of Yei, 1st Lt Santo Lasuba, current commissioner of Morobo, Moses Soro and former Commissioner of Morobo; Capt. Ofeni Ngota who is now a member of the National Security, have been given huge sums of money to execute this operation. They are ordered to trace the whereabouts of REMNASA leader, lure him into false talks and eliminate him immediately.

Pursuant to this directive, the team recently met chiefs from the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and handed over Photos to them for identification of REMNASA leader on the false belief that REMNASA is based in DRC. The chiefs were urged to find arrest and hand him over to South Sudan authorities for execution. The government in Juba has promised to reward the chiefs and promote the team engaged in the plot.

2)The military attack on the Headquarters of REMNASA. A contingent of Special Forces has already organized in Juba and dispatched to scan the forests of Yei and Morobo counties to annihilate REMNASA as a movement. However, if they opt for military means, it will be our pleasure because our brilliant forces are ever willingly to give them warm revolutionary reception at any time in our bases, a reception that they will never forget in their life time.

REMNASA would like to state that, we do not arm ourselves because we want to fight, but because we need to save our Nation from the corrupt, dictatorial and tribal regime of the SPLM under the leadership of Salva Kirr. We need peace, but the peace we need, cannot be brought through assassinations of opponents as Government is resorting to it now, and Peace will not be brought by a criminal regime that continues to survive through blood of people –  indirect and direct massacring of the populations – which also includes those with opposite political opinions such as Isaiah Abraham, George Athor, as well as attempted assassination of Martin Kenyi whereas they failed horrendous, and now plotting to assassinate REMNASA leader.  Indeed, a regime that believes in elimination of opponents as the final solutions to surmount opposition is a harmful regime therefore, unfit to continue to rule.

We would like to say it clearly to the Government that, they (Government) may assassinate revolutionists but not revolution. Therefore, the government should not believe that assassinations of opponents will stop revolutionary from occurring.

If Government needs to give peace to our people, that is what we needs too, and this should be by addressing the real problems our nation is facing in a collective manner, but not through assassination plots.


Col. John Sunday Martin;
Spokesman –REMNASA
E-mail: guerillalinks@gmail.com

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288weechwang June 19, 2015 at 5:27 pm

The threat by goverment agent is a block to peaceful resolution. Therefore, let forget the war to give peace a change.
Haven’t we known to seeing world laughing at us exterminating ourselves in any way. They the(world) will be more secured with out animals(south sudan)exist.
think about it forks.


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