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eureconNov 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Aurecon’s latest Just Imagine blog post by Danielle Bond discusses the importance of developing unique digital strategies to meet the needs of diverse clients. What will it take for organisations to own their digital destiny – and why do they need to?

Danielle is Head of Marketing and Communications at Aurecon. She works closely with Chief Innovation Officer John McGuire to develop and execute marketing and communications programmes that build the eminence of Aurecon engineers and promote their sophisticated client-focused solutions.
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Blog excerpt.

Look around you the next time you catch a plane or wait in a queue at the bank – everyone is on their smartphone, faces buried in a sea of emoticons, 24/7 email and constant notifications from social networking sites. The iPhone has been hailed as an intuitive, fast-fix for the technically challenged amongst us. Buy an iPhone, and your individual ‘digital strategy’ solutions are solved.

In the same way, countless organisations are looking to software vendors to solve their digital woes and the adage “There’s an app for that” is fast becoming synonymous with streamlining core business processes. Sometimes, this equates to being smart about things – but are we relying too heavily on these conglomerates for our digital strategy?

In a world where ‘buying’ an individual digital strategy has become as easy as purchasing an off-the-shelf smartphone – what will it take for organisations to own their digital destiny – and why do they need to?

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Contact details
Danielle Bond
Head of Marketing & Communications, Aurecon
T +61 3 9975 3138 F +61 3 9975 3444 M +61 412 870 987

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