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Torit Referral Hospital Runs Out of Drugs, Manpower Needs Immediate Rescue ~ Torit Authorities

Torit, South Sudan

Torit Referral Hospital Inpatients ward(Photo Credited: msf.org)
Torit Referral Hospital Inpatients ward(Photo Credited: msf.org)

Nov 08,2016(Nyamilepedia) —–  Authorities in South Sudan’s newly created Imatong State calls for an urgent supplies of drugs and manpower to Torit State Referral Hospital.

Speaking to Health Authorities in Torit State Referral Hospital they said there are shortages of manpower and drugs for both inpatients and outpatients, especially in maternity units for secure and safe delivery of infants.

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Speaking to Nyamilepedia press, Emelda Imoli Feremino, an outpatient, said she came to hospital three times to seek medical assistance but the doctors helplessly turned her down that there are no equipment to conduct simple blood tests and also there are no medicines in the hospital.

“Medical officer described for me my diagnosis and he told me to go and buy from the private drugstores,” Emelda said.

Another patient, Joseph Loboyi, told Nyamilepedia correspondent at admission ward that for 12 days he has been lying on bed, no drugs, no electricity and no proper attention from nurses.

“I have been in hospital for twelve days no light, no drugs and few days nurses checking me.” Loboyi said.

“I cannot blame Nurses or Doctors, if there are no drugs, power or light, how can they work and what will they provide to the patients,” Loboyi sympathizing with the situation.

Feeling hopeful, Loboyi calls for peace in the country:

“I am calling on both state and National Government to provide us peace in our heart and homes all things will be possible” Loboyi continued.

Caritas, one of the managers of Torit State Referral Hospital, said the hospital received nearly two million Euros from German Donors to fund health services for the main hospital in the capital city of Imatong state.

“This year we received nearly two million Euros from German donor, Messerio, to rescue health facilities from collapsing,” Caritas said.

Speaking to a pharmacist of a private drugstore in Torit, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the private drugstores are facing more challenges than the government run hospitals.

“We are facing big problems than Government specially on the way from Uganda to Torit, is very costly in transportation and we are getting less profit on selling the drugs here in Torit; For example a trip of paracetamol tablets is twenty five South Sudanese pounds only (SSP 25) many citizens here unable to buy due to financial crisis,” she said.

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