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Opinion: We Belong There, No Force Can Wipe us out of That map, South Sudan belong to all of us

Opinion by Gatmai Machar

South Sudanese leader Salva Kiir and his army chief pray at a local Catholic Church in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: file)
South Sudanese leader Salva Kiir and his army chief pray at a local Catholic Church in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: file)

Nov 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– I would like to sincerely thanks and congratulates all those patriotic siblings that have willingly turn up to defend their vulnerable people who can not afford to defend themselves nor escape to the neighbouring countries.they have voluntarily decided to help against the ethnic cleansing and ethnic oppression.

On the onslaught of the crisis we thought their intention was to deal with their political opponents led by Machar, we thought they were working to eliminate him for eyeing the national seat but we were very wrong. their intention became clear on 15 Dec 2013 when they heartlessly turn their guns against Nuer civillians simply because Machar hails from their community.the AU commission of inquiry describe the act as a ” State co-ordinated policy killing” the administration of salva kiir planned to wipe us out of that map, where we belong. they try all they could to get rid of us, unfortunately all has failed, we are not going any where, we belong there and we will always be there.

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we know we don’t possess the power of wealth, military strength or technology to resist the united destructive forces that have allied to expel us but our anger is more stronger than any weapon or force brought against us.no force can invade our anger, we possess the power of spirit, the power of our great ancestors, the power that comes from the anger of being held in contempt, the power of being massacre in our own land , the power of being insulted, termed as nyigaats in a land we lost alot of people for, the power of being treated as inhuman by people who doesn’t deserve to do so, the power of being fought jointly by united forces of our fellow citizens that we fought the arabs together with and hired mercenaries who are hired with our own resources to cleanse us from where we belong. because of our strength and courage, because we are known of resisting oppressions, we are seen as a threat by our fellow citizens and the regional opportunists who creates their wealths from other nations.

when what happened, happen, we were left with nothing than building on that spirit and fight back infull strength for our own survival. we have the power of resilience, the power that is derived from the anger of the attempt of being wiped off from our motherland and we refuse to disaapear while breathing.

we beieve the supreme being is with us, and that is what is making us makes miracles.
they thought by bringing foreign mercenaries and fight us collectively, they will change histtory and bring us to our knees but we prove them wrong and show them our anger can conquer any force that consists of breathing beings.

we are part of the backbone of South Sudan, the arabs knows that and no powerful force can force us out of this mighty land not even the world ‘s strongest force can do that.
the motto that kept us united for the last three years is simple “Never give up” if the history has it that there are people who doesn’t give up on fighting what they think is wrong, then we must be part of that history. we never give up and that is what made us survive from the united forces. they will not gain another stronger momentum that will exceed their huge force that was resisted for the last three years.

The old man and my role model from zimbabwe ” Robert Gabriel Mugabe” once said, ” We can not stand in the face of injustices and refuse to fight because we are small and fearful, even when powerful forces threaten retribution, we must always stand for what is right. principles are by definition and non-negotiatable “. this is exactly what we are doing, refusing to stand in the face of oppression and ethnic cleansing.

the recent juba clashes are signs that the region has a negative big plan against us. there was a full plan to assissinate the top IO leadership and end the revolution, fortunately it failed once again .

the recent arrest of the Chairman ‘s spokeperson for daring to welcome the relieve of an incompetent Kenyan General that has failed to perform his role has mandated is a mean to break our resolves and silence us on the media . they want to kill us in silent like the way people in Darfur are being killed , but instead we will emerge more stronger with a great conviction in out hearts to the cause of justice.

Thomas Sankara once said, you can kill the revolutionaries but you can not kill their ideas nor the revolution. killing or assissinating some revolutionaries or arresting them willing not end the war nor will it bring lasting peace, the peace you are refusing is the only way out.
we didn’t revolt to take power by force as they preach on daily bases, we were forced to defend ourselves, to defend our heritage and dignity. It is was an imposed rebellion, the demand has always been clear, justice and accountabilitybe served for permanent peace to return.

now the revolution is growing like uncontrollable wild fire, other ethnities are now seeing what we saw early and are joining the people ‘s movement in thousands and the whole country is now being engulf by freedom fighters from all corners. the Equatoria region is now more of a threat to the brutal regime than Uppernile and am very confident if they don’t give peace a chance they are in their last terror year. hopefully south sudan will be freed soon and live in peace forever. to my fellow youths, remember freedom comes to those who fight and not to those who cry in silent, the more you cry in silent the more your people continue to die, so raise defend your rights.

The writer is a south sudanese human right activist. He can be reached at gatmaimacharnien@gmail.com

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Mawien Magol November 10, 2016 at 7:26 pm

How long are you going to supports violence in South Sudan.? Any country went through difficult but when they realized there is no benefits to gains on war then, they accepted themselves and they works for common good and for the interests of the country and the people as a whole. We have to says, enough is enough and let us come together. There are many good things the people can do but supports violence through out is not a good Idea. So why not stop supports violence and works for peaceful.


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