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Orxer Energy Company & Serious Scandal in Oil Sector

By Brig General Kuac Awan

Nov 09, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——-  The syndicate that is massively prowling our Oil Sector is headed by Lt General James Wani Igga, the Vice President of the Republic, deputized by Dr Martin Elia Lomoro, the Minister of Cabinet Affairs, and their business partners in Orxer Energy Company. The syndicate convinced the new Minister of Petroleum Mr. Crook Ezekiel Lol to be the part of fraudulent activities. Vice President James Wani Igga and Martin Elia unilateral decision to award contract of Diesel/Petrol to Orxer Energy Company against Crude oil is serious crime that must be investigate. The syndicate is daunting and sabotaging the effective progress of Nilepet. But unfortunately, the syndicate focused on short term personal benefits, does not realize the long term negative ramifications of their crimes on themselves and their countrymen. The Mafia is responsible for fuel shortage in the Country. They cocooned themselves in looting Machines. You can’t be in the government and do the business at the same time. Any government officials that are interested in doing business must resign. They are not thinking of national interest but their own personal interest by making dirty money. This is a clear violation of South Sudan Petroleum Act 2012.

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The Managing Director handed over one Millions USD to Ezekiel Lol in Nairobi before he travelled to UN General Assembly meeting with First Vice President. There are significant evidences to prove that the Minister of Petroleum is seriously engaged in dirty business with Orxer Energy Company. Lol authorized the Marketing Committee to offer 600,000 Barrels of Crude oil to Orxer after getting kickback without consulting the Ministry of Finance and Planning. The appointment of Ezekiel Lol as Minister of Petroleum is a serious political mistake committed by SPLM – IO Crown Hotel faction. He is spending most of his time in the Office of First Vice President. I am urging IO leadership to replace this greedy and corrupt Minister with qualify and experience cadre because Ezekiel had only received little informal education in USA. He is blocking SPLM – IO Crown Hotel faction from meeting Taban Deng. There is a serious strife between Ministry of Finance and Ezekiel Lol over the issue of Orxer Energy Company. It is imperative to understand that the Mafia is working to manipulate the fuel supply and control the marketing of our crude oil. This is a very serious crime that needs a government attention and punishment.

It is absolutely crucial to understand that Ezekiel Lol is busy requesting money and recommending briefcase companies to obtain contract with oil operating companies. These Criminals association is damaging our oil sector. Orxer Energy Company is owned by crooks that had intention to looting; the first victim of their looting machines is Joseph Cleto Kuel, the former Managing Director of Nilepet. It is therefore essential to be very clear that Orxer Energy Company is selling Petrol/Diesel at the price of 1.4 USD per a liter to Nilepet and other companies are selling at the price of 1.05 USD. They are making unlawful profits after bribing few individuals in the government.

Mr. Crook Ezekiel is administrating the Ministry through theft and repression, treating oil industrial as his own property. The contract of Orxer Energy Company to supply South Sudan with fuel expired in October, 2016 but Lt General James Wani had authorized the Minister of Petroleum on 2nd Noveember, 2016 to renew the contract. Our reliable sources in Crown Hotel revealed to me that Mr. Crook Ezekiel Lol is confusing Taban Deng in order to make unlawful money.

Today, our main problem is the oil industrial where the line between the interest of the country and the personal interests of the syndicate is not clear at all. Where legitimate business cannot thrive, crime flourishes. It is very disturbing that Orxer Energy Company with their business partners in the government are promoting a serious crime in oil sector. Selling of Petrol in the Streets of Juba is politically dangerous to country like South Sudan

President Kiir would be condoning corruption if he failed to impose sufficiently stringent conditions for proper management of our suffering oil sector. Syndicate must be discipline for their fraudulent acts if our President is authentic in fighting corruption in South Sudan. Their scandal in oil sector is very alarming and the President must intervene to rescue the oil sector from these uncivilized Mafia.

The author, Brig Kwac Awan, can be reached at kuachawan2011@gmail.com

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