Western Equatoria State

Government Of South Sudan attacked Arrow Boys in WES

Arrow Boys, a local defence force in Western Equatoria have announced joining the SPLM-IO
Arrow Boys, a local defence force in Western Equatoria have announced joining the SPLM-IO

Jan 13, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- Arrow Boys under the command of Major General Alfred Futiyo Karaba in WES under SPLM-IO headed by former VP Dr Riek Macher Teny is officially accusing Salva Kiir’s regime of violating the peace process as he continues to send army to attack their positions in WES which we made publicly.

“Government soldiers in the past weeks have launched offensive attacks on our positions in Diabio,Ri-rangu, Saura, and Nagasi but we acted in self-defense and inflected maximum casualties to government soldiers,” says Gen Alfred Futiyo Karaba.

“Salva Kiir and his failed government continues to preach peace on media while his army is attacking civilians and killing them under the pretext of armed groups, massive displacement of civilians is happening in WES and that explains that Salva does not understand why the whole population of South Sudan is angry with his regime,” Karaba reaffirms his frustration..

General Alfred Futiyo Karaba accused the Government of South Sudan saying civilians in all regions of WES are suffering from all kinds of inhumane treatments by South Sudan army. He says Kiir is killing innocent civilians in the region in the name of hunting down armed groups linked to SPLM-IO.

“Salva Kiir made statement declaring that he does not want any armed groups linked to SPLM-IO to exist in Equatoria this explains the massive displacement of civilians in Equatoria Region.”

Gen Karaba charges that the local defense force in the name of Arrow Boys took arms to defend civilians from the genocidal regime, Salva Kiir declared war on the people of South Sudan and any community threatened by Salva Kiir has right to defend itself from that gang-style government.

“I have to make it clear that if our positions is attacked we will act in self-defense and we respect the peace process in order for the people of WES to be free and enjoy peace in their country not to be oppressed by tribal government in Juba.”

“Kiir believes in a military solution to bring an end to the conflict rather than what peace can bring. This country does not need 28 states and this was not because of creation of 28 states but because of bad governance.”

This report is compiled by Samson Masiya, Nyamilepedia Contributor. He can be reached through samsonmasiya@gmail.com.






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DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 13, 2016 at 5:37 am

The government is panicking and want to tell Dr. Riak, commander Torenso KENYI and Lado Gore that there is no any existence of SPLA/M- IO in the GREATER EQUATORIA STATES. The logic is, if the galant SPLA/M-IO is present in Juba (Central Equatoria) then how comes that they are not in Eastern Equatoria, Western Equatoria? If kiir’s dinka can attack lobonok just aroung Juba, what can stop people of Equatoria to fight back in defence?

Actually the policy of jenge tribal 28 states is to divide the Equatorians so that they start killing us around Juba. This is happening now in Lobonok. We will never accept. Any way these are very good ingredients to make us work very hard towards the achievement of FEDERAL RULE. For me I love the way the jenge people are showing their agressiveness towards the other 63 non jenge tribes. This helps us achieve the needed reforms in a very short time and it helps Dr. Riak Machar to get all votes from people who fight for FEDERAL RULE. Believe me or not, this is how things are going to be. So brothers and sisters, let us not give up, the future looks bright. This country is no t going to be the same as it is of today. FEDERAL RULE IS WITH A REACH.

Tolio January 13, 2016 at 10:26 am


Federalism, if fully adopted,is not a cure for all your needs. The constitution and laws of every state will be overridden by the powers which will be given to central government by the constitution of South Sudan. Any state constitution and its laws that will be in conflict with the federal constitution and its laws in which the central government has supremacy and jurisdictions as will be determined by the federal high court of South Sudan will be annulled in favor of federal union of which the central government is the sole overseer and the national federal high court is the oversight to any controversy between the state and the central government.

You aught to keep in mind that any state in equatorial region of South Sudan will have its junior constitution and laws that conform to the national constitution in which the central government operates as a big brother and the high court as a disinterested third party whose decision can’t be rejected but a must to accept as a final resolution.

As this is a time for reforms in South Sudan, the name ‘Equatoria’ should be altered to something like Dinkaquatoria – Just kidding. Seriously the name Equatoria is a misspelling and mishearing of “equatorial whose prefix is equator. The adjective of equator is equatorial. From this example, a country near equator ends up with a name like Equatorial Guinea. By the same token,Equator should be changed to Equatorial state,South Sudan. Equatorial was the original name given to this state by the whiteman who named it but it escape the ears of Lado Gore, DINGIT and Arrow Boys. Well, reform this name Equatoria first if you want reforms before everything else,because you got the name wrong and we can’t allow you to wrong with reforms everything that is already perfect under the president.

Gatdarwich January 13, 2016 at 5:08 pm

The highly Incompetent-power-hungry-greedy, and traitorous, Killer NyanKiir and the Jenges Council of Evils(tribal lunatics and fanatics), are not for peaceful resolution of this deadly war period.

The word peace alone make them quivers because they fears loosing their grips on power for good period

JOHN YOAL CHUOL January 14, 2016 at 6:23 am

there is no person ever able to talk about the victory over temptation with out going through it. All victories are won in the battles, if there is agape needs to be fill through fight why than you can take serious since dinka planned to invade equatorial territories and in fact dinka thought of ruling for live if we will do not be serious to protect our p\ple

Ger January 17, 2016 at 12:17 am

It’s unfortunate that Muir is asking for a popular vote in 2018 while waging war against the same supposed voters. This is madness isn’t it?


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