Ruweng Was a State Before: Parieng Official in Egypt

Lou Nuer Meeting
Governors of 28 newly established South Sudan States are taking oath of office (Photo: supplied).

Jan 12, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- A leading member of the Dinka community of Parieng county living in the Arab Republic of Egypt claimed Sunday that the recently created Ruweng state existed before and that it was destroyed by the then Sudanese regimes before the establishment of Unity State.

The citizens of what President Salva Kiir referred to as Ruweng State on Sunday organized a ceremony celebrating the establishment of Ruweng state and the appointment of the newly created state governor.

“We are here to tell president Salva Kiir Mayardiit that we are behind you regarding your new decision to create and bring us out of those people”, “Ruweng was a state before the current Unity State since a long time ago, the Jalaba in favour of these people dissolved the state to become Unity State, and actually there is no unity, thank God we are out of these 28 States” said Arop Chan Agor, a leading member of the organizing committee.

Many people who attended the event also thanked president Salva Kiir for establishing the Ruweng state.

Arop Ayuet, another leading member of the organizing committee said from now anyone who is not happy in this celebration must go out before it’s too late for us to spare you.

”From now Ruweng is a state with its borders, anyone who is not happy about its creation must get out of this place,” and went on to say, “starting from now, there is no SPLM in opposition nor SPLM Former Detainees, they have now come back to where they left, the president has made it very clear to them that those who are against the SPLM and do not want to rejoin the SPLM voluntarily must stop creating unwanted organizations in the name of the SPLM”.

Gatkuoth Kim Both, the chairman of NCAE is the man in blue-gray suit sitting in the middle. That photo was taken during an event organized by Parieng Dinka of Unity state to commend Salva Kiir for decreeing 28 states.

Nuer community Chairman, Mr. Gatkuoth Kim Both attended the event

In a controversial move, seen by most of the Nuer community living in the Arab and the North African countries, suggests that a betrayal of Nuer community went as deep as some Nuers are seen to celebrate the establishment order of Salva Kiir that gave a good portion of Nuer land to Dinka.

In acknowledging the receipt of the case, Gatkuoth Kim Both, Chairman of the Nuer community was seen by journalists dancing with the organizers of the event that kicked off the Ruweng celebration. Rumors have been circulating in Cairo that the Nuer community in Egypt is summoning their Chairman whom they considered a betrayal to them. Gatkuoth Kim Both is from Ulang sub-community, he is a school administrator of Matariya refugee school supported by Seventh-day Adventist Church.

It is not the first time for the Nuer community executive in Cairo to make certain move. In mid 2015 at the time when the SPLM-IO delegation that was sent from Pagak to Egypt, the Nuer Community in Egypt secretary of information Mr. Tut Tongyik Gach Larguan wrote in his Facebook timeline that the Nuer community in Egypt does not recognize the delegation sent from Pagak and urge all the community members not to go for their reception.

Sub-communities members objected the call and ordered an executive meeting with the Nuer community to discuss the motive behind the community information secretary. The sub-community leaders requested the overall body to write an apology letter to the general public on behave of Mr. Tut Tongyik Gach yet their demand was turned down and the secretary is still caring his usual duties as normal until today.

Nyamilepedia is monitoring the situation and will update the public as soon as there is any new development.

This report was compiled by Tor Madira Machier, Nyamilepedia Contributor; he can be reached through tormadira2013@gmail.com.

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Madong Kuoth January 13, 2016 at 3:15 am

So called Ruweng State people are dancing on deeply blood indeed,so they are deceiving themselves to get away with Three counties Land such as, Mayom,Rubkonia and Guit. Any way wait how it is going to happen.

Tolio January 13, 2016 at 2:01 pm

The borders between tribes are really known. Only some Nuer and Chollos in opposition are the only ones politicizing the creation of 28 States.

Gatdarwich January 13, 2016 at 5:13 pm

To hell with you, Dinka Mabek BilKuey. No Ruweng state. You still falls under Liech State.

You can’t run away from ripening the carnage you caused and still causes in Liech/Unity State period

Maphonoshono Bilnyang January 17, 2016 at 12:16 pm

@ Madira Machier,Nuer are not denying the fact that there existence of Dinka Mabek BilKuey in western Nuer current known as Unity State/ bentiu but having a Dinka president could not turn amount of taking part of Nuer land to Dinka this is the problem if he the president want you guy to have a state let would create it in the way that shouldn’t take inch of nuer land. what he the president is doing will not be accept by any living Nuer in this planet. South Sudan was there before Salva and his cronies how should he rewrite the south Sudan history .


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