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EES Governor Louis Lobong’s Hands In The Sacking Of Governor Konga And Bakosoro!


The Greater Equatoria governors, L to R- E. Eq governor Louis Lobong, w.Eq. Governor Joseph Bakosoro, and C. Eq. Clement Wani (Photo credits: ST)
The Greater Equatoria governors, L to R- E. Eq governor Louis Lobong, w.Eq. Governor Joseph Bakosoro, and C. Eq. Clement Wani (Photo credits: ST)

Nov 13, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan Liberty News has received highly classified informations in regards to the events that precipitate the firing of former governors Clement Wani Konga and Joseph Bangasi Bakosoro, removed from their elected posts by Kiir.

One may recall the relationship between the Equatorian “Three Musketeers” governors, which grew more into maturity after the first Equatorian convention held in Nyakuron cultural center in 2011. After the the black December 2013 crisis, the three governors had several emergency conferences and meetings with an aim to keep their constituents, The Equatorians, from joining the conflict though the three governors respectively responded to the call to mobilize reserve forces in the beginning of 2014 when the Government Chief Whip, Tulio Odongi, said an estimated, 60 to 70 percent of SPLA soldiers had defected and joined the rebellion.

During the troops mobilization period, Kiir dispatched James Wani Igga, to tour all the ten states and during this process, Lobong played his card of loyalty by mobilizing 15000.00 Eastern Equatorian young lives, who most were poorly trained, hurriedly tossed to the frontline and since perished at the lines of fire, however his recruitment far surpassed his two counterparts in the numbers of mobilization requested by the president. This earned him a favorite spots in Kiirs heart at the expenses of the blood of Eastern Equatorian Youth.

The three Equatoria governors had made several joint trips to Ethiopia to represent the Equatorian position to IGAD mediation team. They also made several trips to Kenya including meeting with the former Kenyan President Daniel Arop Moi. The three further established Equatorian network aimed to boost frequent consultative meetings with senior Equatoria representatives in the SPLA-IO. This was to convince the Equatorian generals and politicians fighting for the forces of Riek Machar to abandon the rebellion and to rejoin the Juba led government. They had hopped to find non violent means to advocate for the cause of the Equatorian interest without bloodshed.In short the three musketeers were acting as agents of Kiir, and succeeded to prevent mass defections from Equatoria but yet this didn’t spare the two and most outspoken governors who ended up loosing their jobs and why is the question.

According to the leaked report, governor Lobong, who was the assigned spokesperson of the Equatorian governor forum, as the two former governors Wani and Bakosoro were advocating in good faith, unknown to them, governor Lobong had a direct communications, in their backs, reporting all the details of their meetings and conversations to President Kiir.

Lobong being the spokesperson, he has every documents and minutes of every meeting held both inside south Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya and Uganda, he therefore according the leaked information has twisted some of the statement in those minutes and handed them over to President Kiir which infuriate the president and ended using it against the two popular Equatorian governors labeling them as enemies of the state and a threat, as such, they cannot continue to serve and eat in the same bowl with the good statesmen.

It was not clear immediately what prompted Lobong to turn against and works from the back of his colleagues,it is not clear per the report what sort of reward he got from the President, however what is clear is governor Lobong is looking for praises so that in return he will maintain his job. And he not only did, but now he is rewarded by a state of his own should South Sudanese allows Kiir to get away with his tribally motivated 28 states scheme. Becoming the only two remaining of the 10 elected governors who are still holding to their posts, while 80% lost their people mandated jobs to Kiir. It also explains why Eastern Equatoria is the only states moving forward with the implementations of the 28 states while it is being challenged left and right including in the nations highest court.It shows how he is Kiirs puppet and favorite and why he survived kiirs firing fingers so far.

In the views of the Equatorians, Govenor Lobong ranks the worst, he fails to address basic tribal conflicts in EES between eg Ma’di and Acholi, his Toposa tribe and Dindinga and Buwe tribes and cattle wrestling in EES ranked second after Jonglei state.

The leaked information further revealed to this news site that governor Lobong falsely reported former governors Konga and Bakosoro of illegally mobilizing of funds to support and maintain the Equatorian officials in SPLA-IO. According to the leaked information, Lobong revealed to the president that the funds were taken directly from the states ministries of finance and some businessmen from Equatoria are recruited to help pay the traveling allowance and other bills such as medication and accommodation for the Equatorian officials in SPLA-IO residing in Nairobi and Addis Ababa. The leaked report further revealed that governor Lobong has accused the two former colleagues and his former allies in Equatorian governors’ forum of arming the youths from their regions and that his two colleagues are instigating violence by their choices of languages against the IDPs and that it is his believe the IDPs have nowhere to go than sharing the little resources with their brothers in Equatoria and that he hailing from a cattle keeping tribe understand Kirr and his kin’s need best.

He Lobong was quoted saying and advising president Kiir to immediately take action against the two governors before they could divert more resources to support the Equatorian in armed opposition group and he also advised Kiir to take action against Wani and Bakosoro for using inflammatory languages to instigate the Equatorian youth to rise against the government and if left unchecked according to Lobong, it will lead to the boiling situation in Equatoria explode as there is wide dissatisfactions among its youths and should this happen then kiir’s government will likely not withstand it. Kiir thus became Paranoid that the two governors would work to overthrow him or hurt his Jieng People. This concern of the president became urgent when Bakosoro and Konga made the following statements.

“You ran from danger in your areas and only to come and cause havoc in our state. You don’t like peaceful coexistence with other people. Your leaders need to look themselves in the eye and find out why you are not welcomed by anyone anywhere in South Sudan” Bakosoro.

“Those big tribes, the Dinka and the Nuer, the Dinka say after finishing with Nuer, they will turn to the Equatoria. The Nuer says you have left us alone, when you finish serving the Dinka they will turn against Equatoria. We have heard this and we are waiting for it. We are not afraid,” he said. “Nobody can sit on my head. Nobody can sit on the head of Equatoria. We are all equal. What goodness will you get by killing your brother in cold blood? Konga.

The above statements by the two former governors have been used against them by Lobong as instigating war and inflammatory and the rest is history with the only man left standing and rewarded by state of his own is Lobong the accuser and the puppet.

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Staff Writer


wedjuba November 13, 2015 at 3:50 am

This fool and puppet Lobong will one pay his dues in the new Equatoria. Where is your pride you idiot. If all these sums up to be true, Lobong you better hang yourself. The hate that will fall on you will surpass that of our Jieng enemies.

Such traitors derserve to be slaughtered with a blunt knife.

Equatoria will need to undergo some profound clean up work when the right time comes. Judas and pigs must squeal and learn their lessons.

Lobong is worthless, someone who spread ill minded rumours against his colleagues only to pave his way forward is not a governor but an ass wiper.

This says much about being married to a Dinka woman and long poisoned to reason with quality.

“Get out of my face”!!!.

Yeitop November 13, 2015 at 4:28 am

Equatorians are aware of the Dinkanization;
Now, CES governoer a Dinka from Bor, Lobong Lojore retained cos he married a Dinka, Nunu Nkumba untouchable cos of Dinka blood, Deputy mayor Juba city Dinka… and only 85 Dinka soldiers status changed to police recently ranked to lieutenant generals, of course Jiege council of elders called off Kiir’s 12th Nov 2015 speech, Dollars and Fuel under the management of jenge street children in Juba city……………

Margaret Juan November 13, 2015 at 10:15 am

Justin: please stop ur nonsense writings. U know better than that. The sad thing about u Equatoria men, is ur love for conspiracy theories. At the time, when real men are standing up and defending their land and women, the likes of u, worry about fighting each other. Ur women are being rape. Ur elderly are burn to grounds. Yet, I never seen anything on news media about the killing of innocent lives in Wondoruba, all u care about the dismissal of governora. At least these two governors sent a clear message, that they refused to sir back and watched their fellow human being being kill and mistreated.
When is equatoria going to understand the need of coming together. Our great grandparents (Anya Anya 1), we’re the pioneers of this country. It is sad that none of u guys carry their legacy.

Joi charles November 13, 2015 at 2:10 pm

Margaret Juan,
This is not nonsense but these are fact, we in Equatoria are not able to liberate ourselves and above all our women because of the likes of Lobong, who is self centered egoistic, how can we form rebellious when such idiot the likes of Lobong and Mamur are running quickly to Kiir with uncooked news, do you really remember how John Andruga Aka the Ambassador, Lobong and Mamar teamed up when the chief of Nimule was murdered, these fellows are not human being but they are monsters the deadly snake among us, let me remind you perhaps you do not remember how hard the traitors tried to work to deliver General Martin Kenya’ s head to Kiir in sack only to be rewarded with perishable money, so how can we in equatoria fight the jienge when the people who are supposed cover us are revealing our secret prematurely, we give credit to Martin kenyi, Losuba, and the arrow boys.
our comrades brothers from Nuer are able to do it because their leaders stood with them only a few heartless money minded people the like of speaker of the house, Riak Gai, Marial Barnbas sold the blood of their Nuer brothers.

Opiombira Kiiriendeazele November 13, 2015 at 3:02 pm

You are useless! It seems you are married to a Jieng or rather Lobongs Wife. look at your statement that ” Those two governors refuse to yes sir” Kiir. Precisely! Lobng yes sir every thing Kiir says. He Let his constituents be killed in Madi corridor and did he say anything? No He kisses Kiirs ARSS. Look now who is busy implementing the 28 states dare, not even in the Jieng lands people are preparing as Long is doing. he is a Devil and may he fall an break his neck!

Tolio November 13, 2015 at 5:59 pm

Tribalism is similar to racism. In western countries racism is a crime punishable and has no place in societies of those nations. South Sudanese must outlaw tribalism like western nations have done to racism.

Every a country in the world has its ethnic diversity and such composition neither creates obstacles for its inhabitants to get along with one another nor does it fail authorities to run the country.

As for the civil war,it is not a tribal conflict between Dinka tribe of President Salva Kiir and Nuer tribe of Dr Riek Machar. This is an absolute misrepresentation of the truth,because there are some Dinkas on the rebels’side and some Nuer people backing the government, hence making this war a political one in nature.

It is unfortunate indeed that some people try to overlook this fact in pursuit of sectarianism and the consequential violence nature attach to it.

With Governor Lobong, I think he has nothing to do with the firing of his other two fellow governors. His long term incumbency possibly drives from his hard work and happiness of his constituents with the good ways he runs his state’s affairs with them. It doesn’t mean he is a puppet of the president and by the way no citizens of the same country in the same government can be puppets to each others. It makes sense when such a reference is made against the ruler of a different nation who does everything a foreign country wants him to do,even though its own citizens don’t like it.

Hypothetically writing, if Governor Labong did in fact acted as an informer to the president about the wrong things which the other two were planning to encourage rebellion of Equatorians for tribally motivated prejudices against the Dinka led government but the rebellion was prevented as result of his information,then he should be appreciated for preventing the conflict spread to the peaceful Equatoria and claims more lives for no political or ideological reasons. Besides,it is not a popular thing to be an accomplice to tribal violence or be associated with it domestically and overseas.

I do believe that was not the case scenario though,as they would have been in a maximum military pit rather than just serving them with sacking letters alone.

Whatever it was that prompted the president to dismiss them from their public offices, possibly stemmed from their constituencies they were serving,not Governor Lobong.

The sacked duo are free citizens of South Sudan and they may one day tell the public in persons or in their memoirs reasons the president gave for their dismissal from their public service.

For now I conclude my comment by saying “enjoy peace,everyone.

motapthiodiit November 14, 2015 at 12:52 am

Barking dog are always given space to bark when really men are sleeping to relax, we are sure and watch activities in the country about you Equatorian but your treatment can only finished with in a day if we decide, i hope one day if Jieng Decide to destroyed this country it will be few hours, Louis Lobong have done nothing to be remove from his position, how can somebody sitting on wheel chair continue in Governor position if you have senses

Joi charles November 14, 2015 at 3:25 pm


If jienge with help of mighty UPDF equipped with sophisticated air power and modern conventional war armors can’t finish single Nuer tribe for the last 23 months, until Uganda called it enough and withdrew its forces, how can the idiot dogs of jienge wrestle with brave equatorian, I tell you with few handful brave men of Martin Kenyi, jienge soldiers deployed at pageri ran naked, some ran in civilian clothing to avoid being identify. if we need a war like you uncivilized Dinka want, we will extinct you from your habitual within days. But for the sake of saving humanity we chose not to devastate what have been built by hardworking and resilient people of south Sudan, you ugly looking jienge with your front tooth looking like rat, you have no moral…… to govern our nation anymore

okwajore November 14, 2015 at 2:05 am

Hi brothers and sister the more we keep on talking ill of others we will never develop. Even if God has blessed us with enough resources but yet with our continues behavior of nepotism, corruption,triblism and disrespect to International Laws and Humanitarian Law we are creating a disaster to the Nation. What we need as a nation we need to understand each other as brothers and sister. Let us be united to fight our common enemies poverty, illiteracy and other human common diseases which are affecting our daily life.
Please enjoy the peace and the live that God has given you. You are created in this world for a purpose not to kill and nor to be kill


Michael Hiriwo November 14, 2015 at 3:06 am

It’s not strange with the Toposa to act the way Lobong behaved. Late Dar John Garang de Mabior was enrouted from Kapoeta by Louis Lokipapa, a Toposa chief, who led the enemy Arab soldiers from Khartoum through no man’s land triangle between Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan. He led the Arab army against the SPLA yet Lobong and his Toposa betrayers are enjoying the fruit of Dar Garang’s struggle and sweat.
He will betray President Kiir one day you must believe this fact. Muir shouldn’t celebrate Lobong’s testimony coz his action awaits the next elections results if democracy prevails in the near future.

man of the people November 14, 2015 at 5:10 am

Power lies in the hands of those who rule by the barrel of the gun. For you Eguatorians, you have nothing militarily. Therefore, when you wake up, it will be too late. Gone are the days,when we Eguatorians dominated the decision making through our intellectual reasoning. Where are your foot soldiers, military commanders, military generals ? To sum it up, even after the peace implementation, the power does not lie with you the Equatorians. But rather with those who control the military,the money, the Executive power and the politics of the country.

Boboya Godfrey November 14, 2015 at 5:33 am

now lets not dwell on this one idiot, her mother mighty be a wrong woman because where do you think Lobong has got these gins from? let now isolate him and continue to battle the enemy, forget about lobong, he may be rewarded for the dirty work he had done to his fellow Equestrians, so for sure he may not prosper, you even heard about the story of Judas, did he reach to eat the money the whole plan that he revealed was premature,and for me i still say our real plan is still with us but, for us to proceed without confusions. we should have to castrate such a person, and my advice goes to all equatorians that falling down does not make you a looser but sitting down makes you a looser . which means in any strugle, persistances is the only hope if you fell down get up and continue the race until you get to your destination
nothing on this plannet can take the place of persistances. there may be many obstacles on the way but wolk through them, we should wake up in our usual sleeping and allowing our young men to be used by dinka in fighting zones of the countyr while leaving dinka to migrate all to equatoria.
simple mathematics be put up. Now is the time to team up with other tribes of this country to inform Mr kirr to quit this town, some one else can try being a nuer, shilluk, equatorians to enable the country move but dinka in juba is like a parasite that kill if an anti is not got
we should do it now before they become a virus with no cure

Otuhoni November 14, 2015 at 6:39 am

Take it or leave it………. As we are wait’n for our turn.

wedjuba November 14, 2015 at 6:44 pm

To motapthiodiit,

What destruction of the country do you else need mr? Your Jiengs have already destroyed everything that matters to South Sudan. Take the last 10 years and judge it for yourself, what have you done to the country? Nothing, other than promotion of fights, destructions, greed and tribalism.

I have met incompetent leaders in puplic offices who can’t even operate a simple computer. But because he is from your tribe, he deserves to be the director of that office. What a crap!! How do you expect to develop a country by installing a blind man to lead a team?

The problem with you people is, you always want to be leaders but don’t know how to lead.

Your general attitudes must change. Your people must learn how to behave and stop fighting other communities. Guns and violence will never bring you any safety in South Sudan. Put that in your heads!

And if you have problems with Equatorians, follow your cows, go back to Dinka land Bahr Al Gazal, sit down, then think about the words PEACE and DEVELOPMENT!!! Maybe then you will grow up wiser and be respected by the rest of the tribes.

Loberito November 14, 2015 at 8:38 pm

Dear south Sudanese people. For the sake of humanity, let us reflect and think critical why God has created us in the first place in South Sudan. God has created us equally. We have to all realize that there are only few cliques in Juba who confused the South Sudanese populations. It is up to us a people of South Sudan to control our emotions and think logically why we allow few individuals to put us in this big mess!

This civil war affects all ordinary South Sudanese people. Those who have been displaced are innocent. These are children, women, and elderly people who have nothing to do with the politics of South Sudan. Let us avoid pointing our fingers by all mean possible to minimize the problem. South Sudan belongs to all South Sudanese people. That is the fact. Let us not allow the politicians to ruin our country for their own greed. Let us stop discriminating each other in South Sudan. We cannot allow few South Sudanese who are using discrimination to their own advantage. One tribe will never rule South Sudan smoothly. There will always be trouble if one tribe tries to rule.

Eastern Equatoria November 16, 2015 at 12:19 am

Loberito, God created us not to be subjected to inhuman acts. Any resistance against oppressors will be blessed by God.

Thank you!

george lowi lotyam November 17, 2015 at 12:40 am

if the blame is true, then it is a bad act let him proves those two governors of being real rebels by giving evidence


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