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Daniel Awet Akot tells President Kiir to hand over power to Nhial Deng Nhial

March 18, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — Daniel Awet Akot, a former adviser to President Kiir Mayardit has asked the president to step down and hand over power to the presidential affairs minister, Nhial Deng Nhial.

Former Presidential Advisor, Lt. Gen. Daniel Awet Akot, speaking in the past(Photo credit: courtesy image)
Former Presidential Advisor, Lt. Gen. Daniel Awet Akot, speaking in the past(Photo credit: courtesy image)

The senior member of the SPLM made these remarks while addressing a group of elders on Sunday.

The former presidential advisor described those currently leading the country as “mentally incapacitated and exhausted” to continue serving citizens.

Daniel Awet explained that when they go for leadership meetings, they address the issues of the ruling party, SPLM instead of addressing the issues affecting the country.

“When we call for the leadership meetings, we discuss nothing about development, about the vision of the SPLM. We discuss nothing about how to move this country forward. We discuss only our own affairs. We are always quarrelling and on our necks about small issues,” said Akot.

He added, “People look at us as the cause of their problem. Yes, we are the problem, and which is what I have always said that if we are the problem, let all of us step down, including comrade Salva and let someone with energy like Nhial Deng take over.”

He also accused some junior officers of allegedly sabotaging and undermining the efforts of senior party members.

He alleged that power should be handed over to presidential affairs minister, Nhial Deng Nhial to clean their image.

“I have always reiterated in our SPLM PB [Political Bureau] meetings that we are mentally incapacitated and exhausted; Let’s hand over the remaining part of our vision to Nhial Deng to clean our image internationally,” he stressed.

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