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The IGAD Led Peace Talk Should Be About The People of South Sudan Rather Than The Leaders

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The IGAD led Peace Talk should be about the people of South Sudan rather than the


Sept 1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — We appreciate the IGAD effort in bringing all concerned parties to discuss and to resolve eight month old conflict in the heart of east Africa, we do understand that how difficult it could be the negotiation process and bringing amicable solution for all.

Moreover the strategy and the center of such effort should be embryonic on the people of South Sudan rather than to meet the interest of the leaders. As we all know the long fight for freedom, justice, equality, prosperity, development, peace and tranquility shouldn’t turn chaos, misery, and hopelessness.

The peace talk is a prospect for South Sudanese to engage in peace and reconciliation to have a common understanding of nationhood, likewise this is a virtuous platform to have long lasting peace agreement framework and to take South Sudan in the road of transformation of Peace and Development for the people by the people.

To bring just, sustainable, permanent and lasting solution in South Sudan we have look the root cause of the very conflict; all involved parties in this peace process have to strain to address the root cause of the problem and they have to embed the explications in to the peace framework agreement by consulting all parties and specially the agreement should be people

Currently in the country one of the major challenge is to bringing about good governance, rule of law, justice, equality, and stability, which is a primary tool for socio-economic, and national security transformation.

We believe that one of the fundamental of this peace talks should be creating a sustainable development by considering the constitutional processes as a corner stone of the country, which gives a freedom for citizens. Equally important justice, accountability and healing process are among the key components.

Constitutionalism for South Sudan citizens willformulate and enforce fair, just and universal rules of social conduct; citizens will be able to live at peace with one another in positive and productive collaboration.
We call upon all parties of South Sudanese to look the national interest ahead of their immediate political ambitions. Correspondingly IGAD should look long-term solution rather than short-term fix.

Let us advance South Sudanese Aspiration of peaceful nationhood‼

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