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South Sudan Government Seeks Military Intervention From China!

Updated at 6:25pm, Aug 31, 2014(PST).

Salva Kiir in China in 2012 on a trip to borrow loans from the Chinese government. China declined but referred Salva Kiir to a private company that was kicked out of Juba in January 2012(Photo: supllied)
Salva Kiir in China in 2012 on a trip to borrow loans from the Chinese government. China declined but referred Salva Kiir to a private company that was kicked out of Juba in January 2012(Photo: supllied)

August 31, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — An advanced government delegation from the war-torn South Sudan heads to Beijing to persuade the Chinese government to intervene militarily in the oil fields.

Reliable sources from Juba, narrated to Nyamilepedia that the delegation, headed by the country’s foreign affairs minister, Dr. Benjamin Marial, arrived in Beijing, China to seek military support.

“Yes, Marial is talking to Chinse government. This time the government decided to call for direct military intervention in the oil fields. The government said it can’t start the production in Unity state and Jonglei too because they fear rebel attacks. We will see what China can offer” said the delegate, who preferred to speak on condition of anonymity.

“Having a Chinese force will encourage the Chinese workers to drill oil from the ground. So the government is giving it a try. China is supportive of military means. you never know they may help” the delegate continued.

An advanced delegation, led by the country’s vice president, Wani Igga, visited China as Dr. Marial returned from Moscow, Russia, at the end of June. The visit discussed cooperation between the two countries, however, it later emerged that China is servicing both the peace and war in the devastated state.

China is internationally condemned for fueling the war with “big guns”, worth millions of dollars. China  also provides the country with high interest loans.

Reports from Bloomberg News indicates that South Sudan has spent more than one billion US dollars on weapons in the last eight months.

According to leaked documents submitted to Nyamilepedia, South Sudan has purchased weapons worth 38 million dollars from China in the recent past.

The recent visit to China came after South Sudan government failed to restore oil production in Jonglei and Unity states. Unity state oil fields were seized by the armed opposition at the beginning of the current civil war in December last year.

Juba planned to oust the rebels from the states and commence oil production in July, however, war remains at the heart of the capital, Bentiu. The two warring parties have continued to attack one another in Bentiu, Guit, Rubkoni and Mayom countyuntil last week.

A UN helicopter had met controversial crash near Bentiu last week, killing three Russians: one commander, flight engineer and flight attendant. The warring parties blame each other for the downing of the MI jet.

The Russian airline UTair reiterates that it was a deliberate ground-to-air missile from one of the notorious warring parties.

UTair, which has operated in the country since 1991 has shutdown flights to Unity state as the investigation are still on going, however, Juba believes that a full military intervention from the Chinese’s communist party regime would restore hopes and oil production would increase in the oil rich impoverished nation.

In May, the United State special envoy to the country confirmed that oil production has gone down by nearly 50%.

“The conflict at this point has resulted in a reduction by almost half of oil output from South Sudan,” Ambassador Donald Booth

By May, oil production dropped by nearly 160,000 barrels per day from its usual 245,000 barrels a day. The dropped in oil production has increased defections in the army as soldiers go unpaid for 3 to 6 months.

Before the war broke out, South Sudan’s populations depend nearly 98% on oil revenues. Today, the country anticipates one of the worst famines, as president Kiir acknowledges on BBC, however, very insignificant progresses have been registered to avert the catastrophes.

Whereas Sudan takes nearly 58% of the revenues for its pipelines and transport services, Chinese economy counts on 5% of the impoverished South’s oil. However, China tries to give back through expensive loans and peace mediation.

China has sent its 12th batch mission to support the UN peace keepers in the country, however, it is yet to be verified if China will send a different batch to the oil fields.

South Sudan government seek military support from Sudan, Egypt, Russia, Arab League, Zimbabwe, and any willing partners, to intervene in the oil fields, however, the international community and the United Nations call, contrarily,  for an arm embargo on the warring parties.

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Daniel Chakuoth August 31, 2014 at 7:54 pm

what south sudan thinking to called for another country to fight with rebel is not good respond for government of south sudan. i remember one thinning the want to seller Nuer out that is south sudan looking for help. the kill Nuer no one us them that why they want Chinese government to intervene militarily.I think chinese they are mart people no to intervene in south sudan war because the just make their business anyone win they can make business with them. Daniel Chakuoth

Gatwal Augustines September 1, 2014 at 1:05 am

Reblogged this on The Snoop Magazine .

Oroma Robert September 1, 2014 at 5:12 am

The President is only trying to prevent his fellows Dinka only and his sheet for presidency. as you see the government is already defeated by the rebel and as people mention early this war is tribal among Nuear and Dinka,but they themselves they can’t agreed on that statement.But to make it worst they are also using our people mostly from Equatoria,which is very wrong.This crisis would have stopped long a go if foreigner troop would have not intervene.


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