Stand Your Neutral Ground But Voices Your Call For President Salva Kiir Resignation.

Bol Luak.


Salva Kiir Mayardiit(photo:file)
Salva Kiir Mayardiit(photo:file)

August 31, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I sometime hope commonsense can sink into conscience level of so called G-10 (Former detainees), so they can act quite decisively to help bring the peace. Their status of being SPLM seniors’ member and their neutralism hasn’t help influence the political arena of peace talk nor did it have any impact on the ground ever since. Their failure to come up with compelling statement, that state their objectives is a reason behind why regional and international partner acting like flip-flop with no clear sense of certainty on how they can derive a solution.

South Sudan political crises is not that complex, so mediators shouldn’t have any excuses on their failure to bring a political solution to the people of south Sudan. Resignation of President Salva Kiir is more than enough and is the only best possible solution.

There might have been some confusion created by G-10 on their behalf, but Ideally this politicians are known failure, opportunists and corrupt former officials whose embezzled country resources and never been held accountable, so these Scenario can explain some of sort of sympathy they had for President Salva Kiir to the point where they indorse him to remain as president for interim government on their recent statement.

It’s imperative for mediators to examine the interest of this folks, because this politicians are looking for a weak leadership where they can continue to indulge them self and still get away without being hold accountable as they previously did under the administration Salva kiir.

G-10 were genuinely serious about getting rid of Salva kiir as the party chairman in National Liberation Council (NLC) last year 2013, and of course if convention successfully went ahead at that time with no delay, salva kiir wouldn’t be a chairman of SPLM/A party as of today. Now what happen to G-10, why aren’t they calling for President to relinquish power? As they previously want to remove him as the chairman. They argue and convince the mass that, change in leadership should not come through bullets, but in democratic peaceful way which logically make sense, but still hopeless politicians underestimated their political influence and its impact on regional and international friends of south Sudan that can help call for kiir’s resignation. Instead of making confusions, G-10 should seize this golden opportunity of their status to call for president’s resignation to help restore hope and faith the people south Sudan has put on them the SPLM ever since the signing of golden CPA.

If former detainee are really genuine about peace and want to restore hope in this current state of despair, then they should embark on to establishing the following.

  • Call for Salva Kiir to resign

Under Salva Kiir’s weak administration for the almost 10 years, there never been development in both physical infrastructure and institutions, No respect to human right, only culture of impunity exist, nepotism and the country is notoriously known for its rampant corruption. Salva kiir has nothing left to offer and the best option for the people of south Sudan is to see president Kiir resigns or removed by crooks and hooks. His resignation will restore hope and will make reconciliation possible to achieve.

  • condemn the invasion of country by foreigners

Uganda president Yoweri Museveni should not be seen as an allied but a enemy to people of south Sudan, it’s shame to see Pagan Amum went to Uganda in July and have a meeting with president Museveni to lobby for interim government position. Museveni is the number one killer in Africa that has slowed progress of the whole continent, In 2005 the international criminal court of justice (ICJ) fined Uganda state $10 billion US dollars as reparation to DRC congo for killing civilians, torturing civilians, burning down the villages and plundering country resources in DRC Congo after the invasion of the Ituri province, DRC congo from 1996 – 2001.

The history behind Yoweri Museveni is not clean, the same thing he did to people of DRC Congo is now happening again to the people of south Sudan burning down towns like Mayom, bentiu, leer, Makal, Nasir and the bombardment of cattle camp in Uror county by UPDF fighters jets resemble what Uganda people defense forces did to Congolese.

Yoweri Museveni is manipulator that has no interest whatsoever for livelihood of people of south Sudan but only to exploit the weak leadership of Salva Kiir and to continue indulging himself with oil revenue under the pretext of protecting high value asset infrastructures installations which in turn deprive the people of south Sudan a much needed development. G-10 should start to request for the withdrawal of UPDF to leave South Sudan once and for all and condemn the damage and suffering UPDF caused to the people of south Sudan. They should continue requesting the withdrawal of UDPF, through IGAD, AU and United nation because South Sudan is sovereign state and that Uganda should not interfere to its domestic political issue. This act of conspiracy by Yoweri Museveni has emerge thick and fast to the eyes of Africa people and should not be allowed to continue.

In conclusion I would like to appeal to my compatriots to consider what is good for South Sudan. It’s a country that is bigger, better and far more important than Salva Kiir. Salva Kiir has made a coup to SPLM party and impose war on citizen of South Sudan, thousands of lives have perished under his command, under his leadership and by his action .We are better off without him in the helm, think about it and let’s burry our tribal trait, pride, superiority and dominant. Let’s work collectively and call with once voice for resignation of salva Kiir in order for us to embark on new journey of achieving reconciliation and to establish federal system of governance so that the power can eventually come back to us, the citizens.

Long live to freedom fighters
long live to the movement – change is certain

The author, Bol Koang Luak, is an electrical engineering student and also the chairman of SPLM/A youth League- Queensland chapter, Australia. He can be reached at Luak_bol@hotmail.com for further comments.

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