Press Release


Press Release,

By Dr. David De Chand

Ambassador/Professor David de Chand Ruai speaks to media in Khartoum, Sudan(Photo: file)
Ambassador/Professor David de Chand Ruai speaks to media in Khartoum, Sudan(Photo: file)

July 22, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — CMA I-O constitutes 10 bona fide states within South Sudan and its self-governance are the members of C.M.A. I-O’s agenda(s) for regime change by and through [t]he We the People choice for Dr. David de Chand the De Jure President of South Sudan in exile as their voice.

CMA I-O is the foundation of Citizens Militia Army I-O who opposes the present regime as criminals in action arguing among themselves to which family member to be appointed into a de facto governmental position not consented by the majority of We the People.

CMA I-O will fight for preservation of God given Humanity to the We the People.

CMA I-O makes Declaration that the present de facto government of purported South Sudan must vacate or alternatively suffer the consequence from the We the People regime change.

CMA I-O cause represents the We the People’s for humanity not genocide emanated from the Juba de facto government.

CMA I-O will succeed to take total control of de jure government and bring end of present sufferings that We the People had endured. 

CMA I-O by and through Dr. David de Chand as the de jure President of South Sudan will usher in economic relief and employment to its citizens resulting from ecological wealth.

CMA I-O President David de Chand choice as We the People’s Constitutional creature will formulate a regime change constituting the We the People voice of Constitutional Republic form of government.

I, Dr. David de Chand duly elected by way of We the People choice as the President of South Sudan declares Juba’s government is null and void for collective family of criminals don’t represent the 10 states of South Sudan where they committed genocides. Dr. David de Chand is now in control of the 10 states acquiesced as their President in federal jurisdiction and venue. The 10 states governors are in support of regime change under the direction of President David de Chand of South Sudan.

As the President of South Sudan, I ask the international communities to support my coalition of Constitutional Republic form of government to South Sudan to reach political harmony with the United Nation, United States, NATO and other International government(s) in achieving National and International governmental relationship.

Constitutionally yours

Dr. David de Chand, the President of CMA I-O, South Sudan.

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