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The Deplorable Condition of The Juba Teaching Hospital Mortuary

By Whistleblower John Lado*,

Relatives of slain journalist Peter Moi carry his coffin from the mortuary to a waiting car ...
Relatives of slain journalist Peter Moi carry his coffin from the mortuary to a waiting car …

Oct 28, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — With deep sorrow and profound shock, as a long serving civil servant of this country since early 80’s, I’m deeply sadden, shocked and dismayed by the way our departed and beloved brothers and sisters are being handled in our main referral hospital Mortuary.

I am duty bound to make this public so as to prepare myself for the D day. On the 3rd Instant, my brother ‘s son who worked with a motorbike to make ends meet for the family because his father who was an administrator in one the of weakest institutions in south sudan and did not get his pension was shot dead in Gudele by unknown gunmen as the serial killers are popularly known in Juba in the evening hours.

We actually know that our killers are our own armed personnel,whoever they may be.When we rushed to the Hospital in the morning to check on his remains to take it for a decent and cultural norms for burying our dead,it was really an uphill task to identify his dead body simple because the mortuary was filled with heaps of over a fifty or so decomposed corpses.

When we went to the administrative block to ask about why should a mortuary be left in such a situation as if the deads were at one time not living beings like us,the answer was categorically that there are at times power cuts.

I personally took the floor and asked that the Hon Minister of Health, soon after taking oath of office( swearing to God by placing his right hand on the Holy Bible), was heard as saying that the power is/will be constantly available and why is it now that it is never stable?I was accused of instigating the situation and inciting the public to become critical of the government which is in fact at its moribund stage.

The other intriquing thing we found out was that as the Hospital senior Overseer was overwhelmed by uninterrupted flow of dead people who died of gunshots, she could not keep a good record. The other issue of concern is that there are no preservatives to prevent the bodies from decaying and this being the case, some people quarreled over a dead body and the way out was to bring the prisoners with the authorization from the Prosecutor General to go and bury the dead in one grave behind the UNMISS camp because their bodies decayed beyond recognition.My dear south Sudanese, when we gained the independence, we thought we were now free but the opposite turned out to be the case.

We are being killed by physical elimination by people who should have been our protectors and economically by selling the dollars with a sky-rockected rate in South Sudanese Pounds.The whole attention is directed towards a tragic Maridi incident where a drunken SPLA soldier fired into the fuel tankers burning almost half of the residents with the death rate recorded higher. A contribution box to raise funds for the victims was put up and it was later heard on the streets that the money raised did not go to the victims but individuals.

Finally, Am calling up on the President of this to pay a visit to the mortuary in the hospital to see the condition first hand although the big men in Africa are not concerned so long as they breathe and rule by iron fist.

Am reacheable at lado2003@yahoo.com.

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All 64 tribes October 29, 2015 at 1:11 am

I realy respect your term used(president) but i have doubt South Sudan has so called president.


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