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Rubkotna Community Rejects Order of Creating 28 States

An oil production facility in Unity State, part of the reasons that Salva Kiir divides the state into three states(Photo: file)
An oil production facility in Unity State, part of the reasons that Salva Kiir divides the state into three states(Photo: file)

Oct 29, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — We, the Rubkotna Community in the Diaspora would like to express our strong rejection to the Presidential establishment order No. 36/2015 for the creation of 28 states in the country. We believe that the logic behind that order is to annex part of our ancestral land to the newly created Ruweng state.

Based on the map released together with the establishment order number 36/2015, it became crystal clear that the following Rubkotna areas are to be annexed to Ruweng state.

Nyaboola, Baryok, Rotriaak, Kaiyluooy, Riaang Chieng Tutroal Thai Bany, Nor-lam-weal, Barkuor, Thaayang, Yaak or Panakuac, Luonyluony and GeneChirchir. All those areas are located in Northern part of Rubkotna County on the border with Southern Kordufan State, based on the colonial boundaries of 1956.

Furthermore, Chirchir, Nyamme, PitinChaar, Chotchara and Kuiyian Maloua, all these areas are located in North Western Part of Mayom County. Geographically and historically, Abiemnom County is on the border of Mayom County of Bul Nuer and Pariang County is bordering Rubkotna County of Leek Nuer and in between them lies Rubkotna and Mayom Counties. For that reason both counties can never become a state simply, because they do not share or have common borders that can link them together. The simple question is how can two different counties with no common boundaries be made one state?

Therefore, we are deeply concerned that the establishment order has adversely affected Rubkotna areas and boundaries which are adjacent to Pariang County, or the newly proposed Ruweng State.

Why creating more states without historical known boundaries? Our ancestral areas which were there since the time of our iconic great grandfather Nyuel Juol cannot be taken away, even an inch of this land should not be taken away. It is obvious that the sudden unilateral decision made by President Salva Kiir will not bring any peaceful coexistence in the state.

This attempt by the government of South Sudan by giving these areas away to Ruweng State will threaten peace and instability in the area. Indeed it is crystal clear that the order is bound to create conflict and direct confrontation between the two ethnics.

The people of Rubkotna County in Unity state are well known to be peaceful, loving, generous and hospitable. They have been good neighbours to Panaru people in the north, Bul in the west, Jikany, Jegei and Dok people in the southern counties of Unity State. They have never engaged in conflicts with their neighbours throughout the history.

Rubkotna community in the Diaspora, would like to state it clearly that it is our responsibility to protect and defend our land from whoever wants to grasps even an inch of it.

Also we would like to warn that we are one hundred percent ready to sacrifice and fight in defending our ancestral land by all means necessary, so that our people live in Dignity.

We reject and condemn in the strongest term possible that unilateral decision made by president Kiir, and demand revocation of this illegal and unconstitutional establishment order number 36/2015 and instead work on implementation of the peace agreement signed on 17/8/2015 and on 26/08/2015 respectively.

Signed by Rubkotna Community in

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Sweden
  • Sudan
  • Uganda
  • Kenya

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