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Lou Youth in Khartoum Vows To Remain Loyal to Rebellion Warning Defector Generals.

By Khor Nyang Mabor.

Major Gen. Reath Malual right with Lou Youth Chair person Yien Wal on satellite phone with General Chief of Staff, SPLA IO(Photo: file)
Major Gen. Reath Malual right with Lou Youth Chair person Yien Wal on satellite phone with General Chief of Staff, SPLA IO(Photo: file)

August 24, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Lou youth warned the current defector general saying that, they have nothing to do with who ever attempted to betray the soul of our innocent civilians who currently died in the hand of the tribal malitia men of salva kiir,

The chairperson of Lou youth in khartoum Yien Wal Lual on Friday brief the SPLA-IO chief of General staff on satellite phone during one day fund rising that was attended by the key rebels officials in Khartoum.

On a salite phone contact, rebel chief of Gen staff Major General Simon Gatwech Dual calls on his home yourth(lou youth) as well as the entire community to distant them selve from such a invidual who work for their selve gain.

The gathering was attended by the highly ranking Military officers, former  Members of parliament(MP),Former Directors General(DG), community leaders and religious leaders as well as others technical fields in various institutions

Gatwech calls on the entire youth to remain united and have one voice  that examine the cause of the current rebellion that was imposed on us by Salva Kiir dictatorial regime.“On a satellite phone call that was connected to the louder drivers, Gatwech told the audients to always carry their cross rally behind the leadership the visionary leadership of Dr. Machar who fought tirely to defeat the tribalist leader Salva Kiir. Gatwech  warning  those who  carries out confussion on various media saying that, they are the betrayal  but have got no bases on the ground’ he call on all youth to report back to their various deployments and observes all the necessarily military training of different units. The highly ranking officers who attended the training were:

Major Gen: David Reath Malual.

Brig Gen: Thoch Chany.

Col: Malual Biliew, Representative of SPLM/SPLA in Sudan.

HE: James Mawich Malual., Representative of the SPLM/SPLA-IO in the Republic of Brazil.

Hon Khot Martine.

Director Gen Yiel Yoack.

In such a occasion, various community leaders praised Lou Nuer for their stand and their victories various battle fields in the current conflict. Hon: Khot Martin in his speech assured youths and the community at large saying the current crisis is not a conflict between Nuer and Dinka but it’s a national issue.

The invited Hon: told the crowd that, when the fighting erupted in Juba, all of us started escaping  from the discriminating killing which was targeting Nuer ethnics and no matter whether a soldier, politician or any other status. Women and children also became victim of what they were not aware of, currently, the rebellion have spreaded all over the country “he continues. Martine was reffering to the present of the movement (rebel) in greater Bahr-Elgazal with Major Gen Daw Atur Jong and in greater Equatoria with Major Martin Kenyi. Brig Gen:Thoch Chany in the other hand have congratulated the Lou youth for so many victories in different parts of the regions. Thoch “said that, Lou Nuer in collaboration with Gawar were the first people who responded and striked back for the killing of innocent civilians in Juba by Kiir’s private malitias who murded morethan 20,000 an army citizens.

“He continued narrating that, Lou fought in both Upper Nile together with Jikany as well as in Khorfulus, Ganald, Dolep, phom-Zaraf, Ayod, Duk and beyond the capital city of Jonglei where they defeated the foreign troop Uganda People Defend Force (UPDF). The SPLM/SPLA representative of Republic of Brazil  HE: James Mawich Malual that was delegated by Machar to come and convey the message of peace to people of Khartoum has brief the gathering on the position of the movement on peace process. He said that,” Machar is conveying his peace message to all S.Sudanese and congratulate for standing behind the movement up to the last door. In his words, Mawich said that,” Machar signature to the IGAD’S proposal is a record to the world as well as the people of S.Sudan and that will remain as a big wound to Salva Kiir for the rest of his life. “The Hon: was referring to reference as Machar signed the peace deal which closed out the president who keeps saying that peace is around the corner but refused to sign it when the deal reached to its last door.

Mawich concluded his words saying,” the last proposal was brought to the house for debating by Machar before one hour of his signatory. Brig Gen: Reath Malual in a meeting warned the double agent saying this time, the movement shall strengthen all institutions including justice and who ever seen mobilizing the resources in the name of innocent citizens who suffer in the hand of dictator and tribal regime shall be punish and isolated for the rest his life. Brig Gen call on all youths in various communities to first take a wise decision saying that “our time is over and it your turn to reform what we have started.

Malual urged to youths not to listen in to accusation of illiterate Gen currently quite the movement for their selves gain. He calls them as a betrayal of the Souls of our blood.

The chairperson of Nuer community Simon Guet Pour told our source that “all the Nuer community in Khartoum will never be divided at any cost and instead will always carry their own cross into the cause of this rebellion.

Guet was added that” the fund rising that is organized by Lou youth is a series which is done by the entire nuer community in order to facilitate the rebellion.

The author is a professional journalist and could be reached at: Email: khorjames14@gmail.com.

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