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Rokon County Commissioner Narrowly Survives An Ambush on Juba – Mundri Road

Juba, South Sudan.

Government troops ambushed 4 times in a single day by the armed opposition, dominated by the undermined white army. Generals and their body guards were instantly killed in these ambushes(Photo: Vice Videos)
Government troops ambushed 4 times in a single day by the armed opposition, dominated by the undermined white army. Generals and their body guards were instantly killed in these ambushes(Photo: Vice Videos)

Oct 23, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– A commissioner of a newly created Rokon County in South Sudan’s Jubek State has narrowly survived an ambush along the Juba – Mundri Highway in Jubek state on Friday morning.

Speaking to Nyamilepedia press over the phoned after his survival, Hon. Simon Mozie Noel, said he survived an ambush by unknown gunmen along the Juba- Mundri Highway on Friday.

“The attack took place in Nyamini village along Rokon County road in an area about fifteen miles from Juba Town,” Mozie said.

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Hon. Mozie added that he was in a convoy of two land cruisers ‘cars’ in which he was in one of them. The second car was carrying fifteen well armed security personnel as his escorts.

On the same issues Hon Mozie told Nyamilepedia Press that the “unknown gunmen shot at my own car in which and where I was travelling with my immediate bodyguards”.

He added that he left Juba on Friday morning, going back to his duty station in Rokon County Headquarter  but on his way he felt into ambush.

“I arrived at Nyamini area where we were attacked by armed Attackers.” He said.

“The armed Attackers were carrying on very heavy guns which were used shooting at our cars and some of parts of our cars were damaged in which my office Manager was injured,” Hon. Commissioner said.

He added that the first gunman begun “shooting at us using RPG rocket, in my owned observation the Attacker was wearing army uniform green in color”.

The poorly arranged return of Commissioner Mozie was a direct response to Governor’s call for all counties’ commissioners to go to their duty stations or headquarters as soon as relative calm resumes.

Hon. Gen. Agustino Jaddalla, Jubek state Governor,  has warned last week that all commissioners who fail to return to their headquarters could lose their jobs without further notice.

According to Daniel Lonywe, an eye witnessed from Nyamini trading centre who spoke to Nyamilepedia Press, the residence panicked on hearing the surprise attack.

“we are very surprised of this attacked at morning bright day time. They are many soldiers patrolling the road from Juba to Rokon County Headquarter, how comes armed gunmen come from nowhere and attacked Commissioner’s cars alone out of many commercial vehicles on road?” Daniel asked.

He added that up to now the community of Nyamini is very confused on these random attacks.

“we never suspect SPLA-IO here, otherwise Security personnel on the road patrolling should tell us how those Attackers came” He said.

While some residence believe that the attack was an inside job, headquarters in Juba has given assurance that the SPLA will be escorting government officials on major roads.

On Oct 15, Friday, The SPLA general headquarters says it will soon introduce security escort service very soon, however, no one knows how soon is soon.

This came after several incidents of attacks on government officials in Unity States and many parts of Equatoria. More than 10 government officials have been killed in these ambushes, specially in Equatoria.

In addition, there has been attack on goods and civilians along Juba- Nimule, Juba-Toritm Juba-Bor and Juba –Yei roads.

SPLA spokesperson Brigadier General Lul Ruai told the media at Bilpam on Friday that “the SPLA has taken the responsibility to protecting road travelers”.

Meanwhile, the army has confirmed that Lt Gen Bapiny Monytuil Wejang, former Deputy Chief of General Staff for Moral Orientation, has defected from SPLA.

In a press statement dated October 7, Gen Monytuil announced his resignation in Nairobi.

The defection of Deputy Chief of Staff has brought defections of senior government generals and officials to at least 10 following defection of two deputy governors, 5 MPs, Murle Cobra officials and Wau police and military officers, who declared their defection from Salva Kiir government within the last 3 months.

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